Shoppers Drug Martpharmacy

Ac Oct 15, 2019 ON

I have received extremely rude customer service at the pharmacy here. I take prescription narcotics and have multiple chronic illnesses and a ton of pain. I have been treated like a prescription abuser and drug addict many times by these people and just treated overall extremely rudely. The head pharmacist here is by far the rudest person I have come across in customer service, and I have received this complaint by many people over the year i was with this pharmacy (thank God I have moved, and can now go to another one). If this happens with another shoppers drugmart though, which is partially has to my cousin, I will not be going to shoppers drugmart anymore for any of my supplies or my prescription drugs. Just because there is an opioid crisis and some people have an illness and disease of drug addiction, does not mean that others that are getting a prescription for it, do. And even if they did, they should never be treated the way I have been treated in a million years. No one deserves to be treated that way. Especially a customer who is minding their own business and which the pharmacists have no clue on their life story, pain levels, and so on. Nor have they bothered to ask, nor do they need to know.

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