Shoppers Drug Martlife brand vitamin d3 1000 iu

78 Sep 15, 2019

!!!Have the worst Customer Experience with pharmacy department!!!. Talked with pharmacy 403 272 2848. Asked if tje medicine has any meat products? A common question thousands of vegetarian question asked from their pharmacist. I had contacted many other pharmacies and received helped except Shoppers Drug Mart. I had been told they do not know it ask the manufacturer there is a phone number on bottle. There is no manufacturer number on it. Was shocked how come Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacists do not know what they are selling. At first thought am speaking to a person who don't know about it Requested to speak with supervisor was been told already speaking to it. The female representative told me that she had customers so she can't help me. Her English listening skills are very low not only she misunderstood had to explain multiple times. She hang up on me. After a long wait almost half an hour call received no help and rude customer experience. I cannot forget for rest of life and will think twice before using Shoppers Drug Mart. Please hire or have educated and professional service providers. If this is the standard of pharmacy supervisor I don't expect much from the company. In the end if you do not want to help that is fine but you have no right to be rude.

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