Shoppers Drug Martkevin huang pharmacy manager swore at me for no reason

Bu Sep 03, 2019

I'm Guninder Hundal [protected] [protected] Today Sep2, 19 my wife called to inquire availability & then I went to above pharmacy at SDM to order prescription for my son. Kevin Huang was at pharmacy counter & I gave him prescription & both extended coverage cards (mine & wife). He looked at it & asked for Care card, which I did not have. He said he needs it. So I asked if he could use extended cards & he said No. Of course I have to now make extra trip & I didn't like it. So I turned around without saying anything & as I took a step, I heard in Kevin Huang's voice "[censored]ing [censored]". So I turned around back & asked Kevin "excuse me, what did u say ?" Kevin didn't say anything but turned colourless. I said "I heard u say [censored]ing [censored]. Now if u have something to say, say on my face" Kevin says "No no hmmm I'm Sorry". I said "I don't see any sorry. U will be sorry when I bring it with your superiors. Who is manager here. Pl call manager". Kevin says"I'm manager. I apologize it happened Sorry I'm sorry ". I said "I'm hurt & im not stopping here. I'm taking it to your higher bosses" Before leaving I asked the name of guy who was at next till & he said his name is Omar who would be witness. Then I went to front till & asked for supervisor & told lady Kamal the whole episode who shrugged her shoulders & gave me an old receipt to find website & complain online. I went all the way to Langley to get prescription filled & this would be the last trip to Shoppers. I hope my complaint is taken seriously & request Mr Kevin Huang be fired since this is no way to treat a customer especially when I did not say any disrespectful word. Sure I left without thanking for which I'm not proud but still don't deserve swearing by someone in service industry. Pl feel free to contact me anytime & I would definitely like to know outcome of this complaint to secure my confidence back in your establishment.i have every intention to exhaust every option available to me. We can even discuss it on our local live radio show heard by 1/4M Surrey people to get opinion & outcome. Thx

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