Shoppers Drug Marthajeva baqui - owner of pharmacy #2255/unwilling to refund for prescription filled without request

Li Aug 27, 2019

On August 15, 2019, my husband dropped off two prescriptions for me and picked up three prescription. One prescription was apparently on auto refill and i hadn't picked it up. I had never asked for it to be on auto refill and wondered why it was. the owner, Hajeva, insisted that i must have requested it and that they never put anybodies' prescription on auto refill unless they have the patient's permission and ID. I told her that I had never done so for this particular meds as first, it was too expensive, and second, I was just in the process of trying it out. Then I checked my text and found that on the day my husband dropped off the two prescriptions, they had sent me a text saying that these new prescriptions were to be on auto refill. So, it seems that what the owner claims that they strictly follow was nonsense, and sounds more like they will try to fill as many prescriptions as possible and hopefully the patients' insurance will cover it.

The total price for the medicine was 309.02 of which BCE would pay 247.22 and we paid 61.80.

I am demanding that they refund my money and the insurance company.
there is something really fishy going on here.

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