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Ke Oct 07, 2019

I have already called and complained about this and was advised that someone would contact me for a resolution within 10 business days. It has been 3 weeks and I have still not been contacted. I do not have the original complaint file number that was given to me on the phone. I have also tried calling and been on hold much too long to have been able to wait before this.
I am a business woman, I came into Shoppers at the end of my work day with my government ID tags still on. I had a package in which the corner had been ripper open, I saw (with my own eyes) a roll of pakcing tape while an employee was stocking the milk. I asked him if I could have a piec of tape for the opened package. He replied that there was tape available for sale. I said that I was aware however I just needed a small piece to close the corner of the product. He replied that if he gave me a piece he would have to give everyone a piece. At this point I thought he was joking. Then he abruptly left saying "I'll go ask my manager". I waited (in view of this opened tape by the way...) for an inordinate period of time. He walked to the front of the store, then into the back, then came out another door to the "back". He proceeded to continue stocking milk and said (no eye contact) "my manager says we don't have tape". I politely said "excuse me?", he repeated himself. I said "well I appreciate if you had just said no but to lie to my face is rather degrading". He then looked at me and in a very loud, sharp halted speech said "my - manager - said - we - don't - have- tape!"
I walked away with my jaw open. I had never been treated with disrespect and dismissed quite like this since I was a child. Keep in mind that I am a 35yr old professional business woman.
I went to a cashier who was nearby with my purchases and she even expressed disbelief at what she had witnessed. I was just shocked. In hind sight I should have asked to speak to the manager however I was just shocked. I bought the tape by the way.

I would have happily accepted a "no we don't... or sorry but its not policy..." or anything but a blatant dismissive lie. I worked in retail, I work in the government, I understand policy and even when something simple must be declined due to process, but this was beyond reproachable. Seriously was flabberghasted!
When I called your complaint line (that day which was 19 September 2019), I was advised I would be contacted for resolution. This has not occurred.
You can contact me preferably by email at
Thank you.

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