Shoppers Drug Martcustomer service

Gr Oct 01, 2019 AB

I got some email (with a present) saying that in my local store I can pick it up went I check online it give me others stores so I went to the downtown store. Where I always shop as well. After few minutes ladies finish their personal talk. I asked them. They told me that I have to go to the store where I always shop. I said that I shop here as well, and I have no time to go to other store. And I wanted get it here. So they kick me out kind of.
So if I want to buy something, I have to go to my local store. To buy it.??? Doesn't make any sense. And where the h.. Is customer service lol.
So I called customer service telling them that. The lady on the phone told me ridiculous stuff. That new store, promotions, lol at least be on the same page. Please, I need u will send me policy that saying that I cannot get it in downtown store. Thanks

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