Shoppers Drug Martcustomer service

Am Sep 14, 2019

I went into the shoppers drug mart for hair dye at around 930pm on September 14, 2019 with a friend and we were being followed around in the store since we walked in the door by the lady working in cosmetics didn't think much of it and carried on with our shopping we were looking at the colognes and perfumes that were on sale and trying to decide on which one to purchase and I had picked one and had it in my hand with the intent to buy it along with the other items I came into the store for then the cosmetics lady and the guy working denis had stopped me and my friend and accusing us of stealing wanting to check our pockets and her purse I have never felt so disrespected or humiliated in my life I gave them no reason to think this or to treat me this way I have been a loyal paying customer for years and when I asked them what makes them feel the need to harass and treat people this way she responded with it's my job! I'm pretty sure treating people with such disrespect is not one of her job descriptions I am very upset and hurt by this experience and I pray no one else has to experience what I had to this evening

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