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Es Sep 03, 2019 Welland, ON

Its been a year that im a loyal customer of drug shopper mart (seawaymall) since we lived in welland 5 yrs ago we get a good customer service..until last sat (aug 31) i had bad experienced with the cashier named "charlene" (old white lady)..Im a couponer and i used coupon to save..As a full time mom, not working i need to spend money wisely..I used my coupon in that store without problem and hassle..but that night..when me and my husband ready to check out she only allowed me to use 1 coupon in 1 transaction..Then i told her when was that policy start then she bring me somewhere to show that policy..but it is not sHowing that they only accept 1 coupon per transaction..Its says that they have right to refuse etc etc..Ok i understand that but the problem is why she need to refused my coupon without explanation? because she want it? she never told me anything it just she want it!! i really accept that if she noticed that i use photocopied coupon or expired coupon or i did illegal things about couponing but its not..I also thought maybe she was lazy to do transaction with coupons..But that was 9-10pm not too much customer to make her busy!!!and the worst the 1st time she told us that i only allowed 1 coupon she told us in a sarcastic way just like i felt like a thief and get somerhing with them..I felt shes a racist too..the way she talked to us in the front of my little girl..because im asian and shes white?!?! i think there policy that "they have the right to refuse etc.etc." she take advantage of it..Shes lazy to do transactiin with coupon...I hope you give immediate response..And pls to the store give specific policy about couponing!!! you need to help your customer not humiliate them because all they want is to save a little amount of money!!! To the cashier i will not ruin your life if i used coupon and fyi there is nothing to lose to the store too if we used coupon especially if i do it in a right way and not againts the law of canada!!!

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