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Plus Complaints & Reviews / never received my products

Amelia EBC. on May 3, 2018

I heard lots of mixed reviews about ShopMissA. Seemed 50/50 on whether or not a person would actually receive what they paid for. I ordered from ShopMissA despite all of this on April 18th, paid for expedited shipping even. It is now May 3rd 2018 and my order is still labeled a...

Shop Miss A / They don't deliver orders and there is no customer service

Pam on Apr 28, 2017

I made my order over two months ago and bought some jewelry from Shop Miss A as a present. I received a payment confirmation but unfortunately my order did not arrive. I was very disappointed and had to waste more money to buy another present. I asked Shop Miss A to give me a refund because I no...

Shop Miss A / I would not recommend shop miss a to anyone!

AnissieFox on Oct 5, 2016

I ordered only once from Shop Miss A and will never order from them again! This company is very hard to deal with, their support is absolutely useless and unhelpful. I bought two items from them and after I paid I received all the confirmations and a tracking number. When I tried to use the...

Shop Miss A / I still don't have my product and my money

XXMachine22 on Jul 14, 2016

I have received the incorrect product and wanted to return. Shop Miss A customer service offered me an exchange and I agreed. So I sent the wrong item back and was waiting for the correct one but it did not show up. Shop Miss A support claimed that they sent the correct one but week...

Shop Miss A / No payment confirmation and no tracking number

Junie on May 2, 2016

Recently I made and order with Shop Miss A and received no payment confirmation email and no tracking number! After all the terrible reviews that I found online I feel really frustrated and have no idea what to expect! I have no information about the status of my order and they never told... / don't waste your time

EletLet on Feb 19, 2016

I was reading the reviews about ShopMissa, and decided to give it a try. There are many positive reviews and many negative ones. I thought that nothing bad could happen since all of their stuff is $1. I made and order and received the tracking number. It's been over 2 weeks now and still... / I received broken item

TuxRacer on Jul 31, 2015

I was disappointed that I have ordered from the website I placed the order and the sum for the necklace was small. But when I received the parcel, I found out that the necklace have been broken already. I was so sad and wanted to send it back on the same day, but the... / Problems with information and delivery

kml on Jul 16, 2015

Avoid the website at all costs. I ordered two hats and got the email, where the seller informed me about the delivery time. It was mentioned that the delivery usually took about 5 days, but my order arrived after 2 weeks. When I tried to contact the seller, it turned out... / the seller hasn't sent my order on time

CrapShow on Jul 10, 2015

I ordered from the company It was written on the website that the delivery to Dallas would take 3-7 days. I received the confirmation email and the seller told that I could track the order from Tuesday. I checked the tracking number on Tuesday, but the order hasn’t... / They took different sum for the shipping and the delivery took a lot of time

Williamson on Jun 10, 2015

I bought necklace and ring from the website I placed the order 2 months ago, but these guys were really slow and unprofessional. They told me that the delivery would take 20 working days, but I waited longer. As well as they told me the international shipping would cost... / Seller stopped to communicate with me after I returned wrong order

x-only on Dec 24, 2014

I ordered two rings and bracelet from the company I got the order on time, but it was wrong. The bracelet wasn’t the same, which I ordered and the colour of earnings was fault. I returned it back, but after that the seller told me that my order was sold out and I... / Not full order and impossible to get refund

Brkk on Jun 29, 2014

I bought 4 bracelets from the website I got only 2 and one was normal, but another was torn and I threw it away. I contacted the seller and asked to provide my money back, if they didn’t send the whole order. The seller told me to wait and after that he simply...