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terrible customer service

Much like others on this site I am in the process of being taken advantage of by MerchNow.
I placed an pre-order for a "bundle" from them that included 2 T-shirts and an LP. When I received my invoice I noticed one of the shirts was the wrong size. I attempted to contact MerchNow via their phone number listed on their site. I phoned multiple times during their posted hours of operation, but no one ever answered the phone. I finally left a message with a call back number. I have not yet received an reply.
I then checked their FAQ page and discovered that I could not simply have the order modified, but needed to cancel the order and re-order the product. Not sure why that would be, but I again emailed (2x) and called hourly, and then (when no one answered the phone yet again?!) i left another call back message. Again no reply.
Fearing the worst I sent one more email to their support group informing them that if I did not hear back from them by 3pm the next day I would be filing a dispute claim with PayPal to have my funds returned. Less than 30 minutes later I received an email informing me my package has shipped (very coincidental timing IMHO!). This is amazing as this happened on 2/11/2020 and the album release date is 2/14/2020. Any music aficionados ever heard of a LP being released before it's official release date? I certainly haven't. This raised a lot of red flags so I checked the tracking information they sent me. My package has not been shipped. all they did was create a shipping label. Their website still shows a release date of 2/14/2020. Seems like they are puling a fast one.
I have filed my dispute with PayPal, hopefully I can recoup my funds.
I would not recommend purchasing from this vendor, this entire process has been a nightmare. Hopefully this review will help another unsuspecting buyer from the problems I have encountered dealing with MerchNow.
If I could give zero stars I would


Ordered beginning of December got December 24. Sizing super small, returned for exchanges they sent a previously unstated Holiday exchange policy with a January 15th 2019(type o)end date. I sent back items in an insured package via their policy on my dime. Got another email with a Holiday exchange policy that now had a 30th 2019(revised but still type o) cut of date. Confirmation they received on the 17th. No response via email They completely refuse to answer or return phone calls. I'm out over 60 total and no response...really...REPORT TO BBB!!! NEXT STOP FTC dept New York

preordered we came as roman's bundle

I ordered this bundle on 9/27 as preordered We Came As Roman's bundle. It said there was a ship date of 10/25 and I still have no merchandise, a bank charge for the missing bundle and no response from their customer service. This is ridiculous. I am going to be forced to dispute this with my bank if I dont hear anything. Their phones go straight to voicemail after a few rings and they dont ever get back to you.

Merch Nowa hoodie I ordered from a teenage youtuber and got scammed by u!

Hi... so I ordered this $50 dollar and I say $50 with no taxes. U hoes have not helped me at all I have emailed after email. Do not cancel my order u have took to long for it to get here I've waited 5 weeks for this hoodie to show up. Kiari and Tyler both don't know what they are doing they need to be fired Itmediately. I asked for a refund so that I can stay happy while I wait for this hoodie I've wanted for a year now and finally ordered it to find out they won't be sending it at all!!! Awful customer service they are a bad company I do not recommend having these people represent u. I want my hoodie sent to me. 1 day shipping like I paid for.

do not pre-order through merchnow

I have pre-ordered vinyl through merchnow at least 4 times now (if not more) and every time it is delayed by weeks, if not months. Sending constant emails is useless as they are all ignored. Filed a complaint with the BBB and finally got a response through them. But they basically placed the blame on the record labels and did not care at all about the negative experiences I have had every time I have ordered through them. They charge for 7 day shipping even if the product is received 60+ days after it was supposed to arrive. I will not be doing anymore business is them and urge others to do the same. They do not care about their customers.

Presale item: protest the hero

I placed an order back in October 6, 2016 for a presale bundle Protest the Hero was offering through Merchnow. The item was to ship and arrive mid-November. There was a slight issue with the address. The order shipped fast enough, but I entered a friend's address due to the fact I hadn't made the my move to the area yet. The package couldn't be delivered by USPS, so they sent it back. That was my fault. I should've never placed the order in the midst of moving. I reached out to customer care to see if once the warehouse receives the order, if they can send it back out to my new address. This is where things get horrific, ... From what I've read from reviews of this company's customer service, basically if there is ANY problem at all with the order, .. your s### out of luck. None of their customer service reps will even make the mildest attempts to help you. I've contacted them on 4 separate occasions. I've been speaking with Olivia. Mind you, she takes at least 5 days to respond. She mentioned she notified the sender's of my address update several times. Then made an excuse that because of the holidays, many orders get returned. Fine, understandable, ... So last reply I let her know to message me with an update. We are now in the new year. 2 months after this was suppose to arrive. She never responded after my last message 3 weeks ago. They pretty much just stole my money. It seems like my order is lost, but she's being incredibly vague and just saying eventually they'll get to it, .. but they offer nothing as far as help. They don't offer any store credit, or refunds. It's honestly the worst customer service experience ever. As I mentioned, if there's no problem with your order, everything works out fine. They ship promptly. Otherwise, good luck getting any help. I won't order from them ever again, but they don't care. They stole $50 from me. I guess at this point, it's whatever. It's unfortunate because Protest the Hero is my favorite band, and many bands use sites like this to get their merch out. Your better off buying merch in person at a show because dealing with these websites is a horrific process.

Presale scam

Bought a presale of pretty reckless record as a surprise for my daughter. Actual global release for the album was october 21, 2016. Called them today on october 24 and was told it...


I ordered a one shirt from MerchNOW on January 6, 2010. It is now January 15, 2010, and my shirt has just now shipped today.

9 days of processing? Horrible.

I also contacted their customer service department on the matter, only to recieve absolutely no correspondence back at all.

This is the second unfavorable transaction that I've had with MerchNOW, and I will never be ordering from them again.

Terrible processing

I placed an order on December 23, 2009. It's now January 18, 2010. That's almost a month.

And guess what? It's STILL in "Processing" stage.

And I didn't order 50 shirts or something. I ordered a deal that came with 2 shirts. TWO shirts have taken almost a month to get out of processing stage!

I'll try them again, but if they take this long next time, never again.

Horrible customer service

All of their clothing merchandise sizing is very strange to begin with, i ordered a zip up hoodie in my size of medium. when i recieved the item it was too tight on my stomach, to short in the arms and yet very very baggy in the arms, such as the chest and stomach area were for a small but the arms/sleeves were for a 500 pound midget. this wouldn't be a problem despite if returning for my money back, i did not want an exchange, wouldnt make me lose money in the end. the customer has to pay for the shipping back and they do not reimburst for the shipping (this is true in returns for clothing due to size, which the size wouldnt fit anyone properly as described earlyer). so thats 12 dollars for shipping and then a 2 dollar restocking fee (which isnt much however it seems to me to be airing on the side of dishonosty). not to mention the shipping cost to me originally. so on and so forth; in the end i would only be getting be around 7 of my original dollars which is not worth the time and trouble.

Takes forever

It was in stock they said, and still says it is in stock so thats not the issue...

Ordered a poster Aug 20, i got an email Aug 31 saying that it shipped out of their warehouse... takes them 11days to get it out of their warehouse? let alone shipping days... It could be close to 3 weeks after you order before you see the thing you ordered... very poor business style if you ask me.

Almost everyone had issues with them

I ordered a tshirt 6 years ago. I received an email 3 weeks after the order that they no longer held it in stock but if I was willing to wait they would mail it to me. Two months later I get a different tshirt in a wrong size.

I ordered again (silly me)in April. I received the same email on may 20th, then june 20th, asking me to wait. I canceled the order.

After talking with others most everyone had issues with them. Some even said that they are in trouble for copyright infringement.

Scammers and liars

I orderd 4 shirts 2 months and 1 day ago, and they have still not arrived, I called there customer service many times and each time they say " your order will be shipped either today or the next day" I am calling shinanigans on these claims as I have yet to recieve my shirts, sure they shirts are cheap, but so is there service.

Crap company

Purchase arrived promptly but in terrible condition. It is my belief they took note of the fact that i was an international customer (therefore unlikely to return it) and decided to unload one of their damaged products on me. The packaging it came in is in very good condition unlike the purchase so it wasnt damaged in transit. Crap company.