Sherwin-Williamscustomer service


Exton, PA (Eagleview Blvd.) store 3814
Trans # 3407-6 @ 1pm
10.23.17 a woman employee at store took order over phone. My wife explicitly gave her 6126 for paint number and gave color name as Navajo White. When calling back, I spoke to man who said the other employee said we gave wrong number. Ok that was annoying. I told them it was not our mistake. The store replaced the paint for the correct color. When I came into the store the woman snippily said my wife gave wrong # and she needs to be more careful. Then she said "It's my fault for not asking for the color name." My wife even gave her the color name off of the web site.
I do not appreciate this nasty behavior and not admitting fault. She even intimated we were lucky to get the new paint switched out free of charge.
I have to use my valuable time to exchange her mess-up and really don't appreciate attitude when I have other things I could be doing. Customer service score: 0 out of 10

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