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Why is it, that Home and Away gets taken off Monday, and replaced with The Voice? First we lose Home and Away on Fridays, then half the time instead of 3 episodes on a Thursday it's cut to 1, and now you've taken it off Mondays?

Seems like any time you need to make time for something else then you just cut Home and Away, very annoying to people who enjoy the show and go to tune in at 7pm only to be disappointed.

Why do you even air The Voice anyway, no one wants to sit through an hour or more of randoms trying to become famous overnight with 4 idiot has-beens judging them, Keith Urban is so cringe I want to stab myself in the face when I have to see the ads with him on it. Does anyone even remember anyone who won this show previously, because I certainly don't.

The Voice is on par with being as bad as Dancing with the Stars.

Then you have SAS - promoting drug smugglers as stars.

Big brother - Yep, don't want to watch a bunch of strangers living together trying to outdo each other to gain social media status.

MAFS and the Bride and the Prejudice - Both just shows for women to wear next to nothing and try to become famous on social media once it's done.

Have you ever considered creating reality shows that aren't trash. That are interesting to watch. Channel 9 has Lego Masters and it's better than any reality show you have.

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