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I am a 77 year disabled veteran – mainly due to Covid-19 and a head injury (this is only background) and I would like to tell you about a local business, Binson's and the wheelchair manufacturer, Drive, whose wheelchair had been falling apart although it’s less than a year old. Because I essentially have no assistance, I can’t bring the chair to their store and if they send someone out to my home, they say they will charge me an exorbitant fee (which they refuse to state. The Drive Corp told me that once the chair leaves the factory, they don’t take any responsibility for the product. Even though both companies have multiple outstanding Customer Ratings,

I have to be so careful with this chair, that since the handbrake doesn’t engage properly, I could fall and end up in the local hospital with a serious

head injury. NONE OF THIS IS AN EXAGERATION! I’VE NOW REACHED OUT TO THE VA FOR HELP, again because the situation has changed..

The reason I didn't go to the VA for a wheelchair, was that they had already given me a roller.

Stephen L. Lent, MAJ, AGR, US Army retired

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