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ServicePlus Home Warranty review: Insurance claim not being paid!

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I have a claim# 770614 with Service Plus Home Warranty. They are refusing to pay my claim. It is for an air conditioner that had to have coil replaced due to ordinary wear and tear. At no place in the policy does it state that it will not pay for ordinary wear and tear. Just of it is rusted .It was not rusted as it is copper!

Copper does not rust! So then they said i needed pictures, At no place in the policy dos it say we needed pictures. I followed, all their rules I called first got authorization to have it fixed by a local contractor who put it in. I got authorization then the contractor called them. They did NOT tell him to take pictures! He ordered the part needed and fixed it , Now they refuse to pay for it! They offered me 3 months free insurance at $40.00 and & 75.00 fee .My bill was for $1231.47. and they wont send a check for that. I would have to keep that insurance for 3 months plus the fee! I so ok if you wont cover it, then send me a check. They will not do it. They have lied and said I did not follow rules , then changed it to not covered part. I read every line , it does not say that! PLEASE help me! They keep changing the story. They said i di not submit the picture which they never ask for in the beginning and now the part is gone. so I have nothing. I cannot afford to just pay that kind of money and i got the insurance and was told how easy it is to file a claim I have been at this for 3 weeks!This is a scam ! I am 81.I lost my husband and thought that this policy could help me with expenses, so far all i do is cry every time I call them. They do not know their policy! It states that coil not covered if rusty!

i have called my tech 3 times at his work place. This cannot keep going on!

I need to be paid at One point they offered me $200.00 ? but i guess that would just be in insurance premiums I will cancel this policy i have been lied to so much and they change their stories! Refuse to give me phone numbers etc!

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