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Serveco International review: Total protection plan

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Purchased a Servco Total protection plan from Lazyboy for an expensive couch. ServeCo is a fricken scam of a company. Lazyboy should be sued for selling such a crappy and worthless service. My furniture broke from failed manufacturing. The metal in the leg extenders was faulty and bent. Servco put me thru a big hassle repeatedly asking for "more pictures of the affected area" and finally denied my case citing "Items not covered". WTF is a total protection plan for if it doesn't totally protect? They wouldnt even fix the staples that are now stabbing hazards from the material coming out from the leg rest. Also, the stuffing has gone remarkably flat very fast. They wont add more stuffing. The left seat is buckling from basic use and they wont fix that. If you're reading this and you're offered a full warranty total protection plan from anyone representing Servco, turn tail and run hard and far away. You will be out the hundreds of dollars for a completly worthless plan and be very upset at the company who sold you such crap. Guess i can't even get good durable furniture at lazyboy. I still have 2 years on my warranty.

Claimed loss: $500

Desired outcome: I would like an apology and refund.

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