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I bought 11k of furniture in February 2023. It wasn’t delivered until April and it was delivered broken. it took a few months or so to address the chair being broken. I know it’s having a horrible life with other situations going on. My sofa seat was not fixed until probably the end of August, but it really wasn’t fixed I waited a few months because as I mentioned previously had a lot of physical problems and I was trying to sell my house and buying a house and everything was going wrong.

I felt like I had no control over my life, and I decided well maybe I could win the battle of the sofa. So I called up lazy boy. Comfort care again. This time was more fortunate and within a few weeks I had someone come out order the parts.,etc. When the parts came in, I called pup comfort care again. While I had her on the phone, I asked about scratches on the sofa, could not tell one it happened. She said no worries I would contact Serveco Internationa and I called them up. They sent me to place online to fill out some forms and some pictures. I have to admit I did not read the fine print what I did read was I had five years of warranty for my sofa and scratches and bites and under pet care I did not read the fine print . Online, I was to fill out the form and take pictures. Which I did. I got stumped when it asked me when the incident occurred. I had no idea it could’ve happened 3 weeks ago. , right before I reported it or it could’ve happened back in the summer. Truthfully, I just picked a date. I decide to go with them date near my birthday so I can remember it. I tried to leave it blank since I really didn’t know, but it did not let me. So I got my self fixed by comfort care . I tried to follow up on the . Serveco Internationa Complaint and called up. They claimed they sent me email two weeks ago which I did not get because I never deleted anything. They told me they were missing two pics that they needed and I immediately took them and sent it to them. A few minutes later I got a whole thing that I don’t fit the criteria of getting the work done, but if I would’ve read the first actually says that you have to report the scratches immediately and the latest you could do so in a month. It’s hard to argue this, but I will say they need to change their presentation as it is not a five year warranty at all it is a one month warranty. I do think that the furnace should take responsible And should not push this but rather steer you away from it . The pet care does not upset me as much as the idea that after one year which will be February even though I did not receive my sofa until April, and in fact, it didn’t work until three weeks ago I move onto a new Warranty and no longer have Lazyboy but rather Serveco Internationa for all my furniture. That’s frightens me terribly. I read some horrible reports on this company and I paid a lot more money for that. Ashley happened December 28 or 29 2023, I am not sure my brother died, and my dog is sick. The plumbing in my house is absolutely messed up and I had so much going on and still do the only thing I thought I might have control over was the scratches on my sofa.Ha, not going to happen. It sounds like a scam., it seems they say no to everyone or they give their $24 back. I don’t qualify for either and I worry that I might have furniture trouble in the future and they will ignore me completely .Something could be breaking r

Right now and I wouldn’t realize it for a month and a day. And once again it won’t be covered. this is not accepting the pictures.

Desired outcome: Make people aware that itis not a 5 yr warranty but 1 month at a time for 5 years She is only good for a month at a time. Fix the wording and I really would like to have my furniture fixed. call back when they say they will

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Feb 05, 2024 12:37 pm EST
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Hello, The consumer submitted a claim on her 3-seat sofa on 12/8/2023 and reported dog nail scratches on the cushion, arm rest, and the middle upper cushion was chewed. The consumer was prompted when the damage occurred, and the answer was 9/7/2023. Referring to the service contract the consumer purchased there are a couple of key points that resulted in the non-coverage of the consumer’s claim. Listed under “Requirements for requesting service” the 3rd bullet down it states: Any stain or damage must be reported to SCS within thirty (30) days of the date that the stain or damage occurred. Notify SCS by calling [protected]. Also listed on the front of the service contract under the “What is not covered” section the fourth bullet listed states: Any accumulation of stains or damage or soil build up that occurs from repeated use rather than from a particular incident. The damage reported were scratches to the seat, arm, and the back cushion, three different areas of damage and not within the 30-day timeframe. The consumer requested a refund of her furniture, but ServeCo explained to the consumer the service contract does work that way. ServeCo would participate in the prorated refund of the service contract only as we are the service warranty company. ServeCo collaborated with the store from which the consumer made the purchase to facilitate the service contract prorated refund process. The consumer will receive a prorated refund for their warranty which is $1146.89. ServeCo notified the consumer and oversaw the entire process to ensure a prompt and efficient resolution.

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