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Unfortunately, this has been the worst buying experience we have ever encountered. We were mislead and...

Service Fraud

Every time I take the car back for warranty repairs I have to return a few days later because the problem comes back. Took the car in for a sound coming from the suspension and the receipt and service desk claimed they replaced a tie rod end- well I jacked the car up a few days later and the tie rod end had not been replaced. The service desk personel lie, cut corners, perform unauthorized repairs, and can be insulting especially to females. Serpentini does not deserve to be in business. Took the car to Pat O'Brien Chevy in Westlake even though its alot further, but the staff was so much better and they earn every dollar they charge you.

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    Tom needs new rug Jul 08, 2011

    Serpentini Chevrolet Service and parts are really run by Ganley, this is a little known fact and believe me Ganley has the worst service departments anywhere. They love to sell you things you don't need and will screw you anytime they can. It all comes from the top at Ganley AKA Ali-Baba and his 40 thieves.

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Bad Business

We'll here we go! I went in wanting to see a new Impala on October 26, 2008. I probally would have bought it if the salesman wouldn't have played a game. First of all he told me he would be right back after we found the car I wanted and he never came back. So I went inside, I asked for a sales manager. The attitude from some guy sitting around some desk was so horrible I just left . He told me "we'll I have no idea who is helping just walking and see if you can find him, if ya can't come back and if I have a salesman available he will then help ya out"! What the hell is this they had a total of four salesman standing around some car inside not doing anything. So I left and went to another dealership yesterday and bought a new Impala just the way I wanted to.. Walked in, test drove, talked about figures I wrote a check. Walked out completely happy as the way I was treated was the opposite of that other place.

Being a part of a large corportation within the Strongsville community you would think that business in Strongsville would like to keep money withing the community. We'll sometimes to get the hospitality that is honorable you have to buy outside of the community!



I went in there thinking that they were the best dealership and after 7 hours of all the games I started to doubt whats is going on. After said and done I bough the car, understanding I don't have the best credit.

Yet I was never approved they lead me to believe that I had the loan no one told me that I needed a co signer. I had the car for 4 weeks all they did for several weeks is just call me and asked me to get a co signer with a better score. So I wondered what now? I am a gm employee and had an approval through GMAC for some first time buyer program. But for some odd reason they wanted to play games and ask me for more money down that what I really needed. So what I did was call my mother whom works at GMAC and find out what was going on. She stated its looks like they are trying to get advance they can not get through GMAC. I was pissed at this point and took the 2009 chevrolet Malibu back. Number one what the heck is a bank fee and why is the price over the sticker price. Anyways good luck trying to rip off someone else. I bought my 2008 chev malibu and at gms with no bank fee with 2500.00 down with no co signer. They stated that is wasn't bad credit it was just limited!

Before you buy from this place make sure you know what is going on!

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    jessica williams Oct 29, 2008

    Its me again! This place its nuts to say the least, being a women and young its almost like they tried to take advantage of that fact... SERPENTINI IS HORRIBLE DO NOT BUY HERE!

    I bought my 2008 chevrolet Malibu 2LT at Pat O brian chevrolet they were the best. No games, no over sticker, up front and honest!

    Jessica Williams

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Auto finance fraud

Issue #1 illegal finance tactic, fraud?

Recently they have increasing their consumers income. They have been raising their income so their debt isnt more than what banks allow for the customer to buy the car! This is highly illegal! They have been having the customer sign a blank credit application. The finance managers are a huge part of this activity.

So if a customers income is only $2200. A month but they score well and their debt is more than whatever the percent can not be over. They will raise the income to get it to balance. Then if the bank asks for proof of income they will try to get this waived holy, , , , , , , illegal.

Issue #2

The have been using a long time illegal form to help customer buy a car. This this form isn't helping anyone.

Straw deals- they have a customer for whatver reason whethr it be bad credit, lack of credit, score, income, whatever it is. They can not buy a car, so they press for a co signer which is ok, but when they find out that the only way they can make this deal is to kick off the original buyer,

(The one that came in wanting to buy the car)

They kick off the original buyer and sell the car to someone that is not making the payments nor do they live at the same address and most of the time have no relation to one another. This a pattern imagine if they are increasing the income and pulling a straw deal.

Wow...Double whammy here- common practice for this dealership

Eventually they are going to get caught and audited by the ftc, fbi and the ohio states attorney general. We wonder why our economy is so bad?

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    jzee- Oct 24, 2008


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    jzee- Oct 24, 2008


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    JUST HAPPY Oct 24, 2008

    I ain'ts no rockit siontist but it seems likes use needs to finds a news place to works.

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    CHEESE LINE Oct 28, 2008


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    NICE TRY Oct 28, 2008


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Financial Law Tactics Fraud

By Ohio law you must disclose to the customer their exact payment before going into finance department. No ranges can be given for this exact reason. They use what is called a bridge or legging the customer. Their from for doing so is called a Purchase Summary form and if you pulled every single deal that they have eve written you will see this form and every form has this tactic! This form has some basic information including name, date, stock number ?, type of car, down payment, rebate, or any incentive, this also included three major things one a Manager signature, the customer signature and what is illegal a payment line.

Now by the Sate of Ohio's Law on this line must represent and exact payment.

It doesn't its says example one $233-$242 or example two $233.87-$266.97

These ranges allows the manager at the desk to structure a deal with numerous items that have to be disclosed in the finance department and sold upfront not included in their monthly payment.

When they go back to the finance department the customer are told that we are able to included in your monthly payment these items at no additional cost, if the finance manager has any issue with concealing this bridge they generally do one of two things. One is removing some of these items and rolling the difference into the rate, what happens then is the payment goes down so the customer thinks they are getting a great deal. But they are not There are items that are still in the deal that they do not want. Then the finance manager will try to not disclose the items that they know they do not want and pull what is called a line close or elbow close. Only disclosing minor areas of the contract that pretain to nothing like a signature line. Some cash deals in include GAP insurance, now now come on plain sense is what do you need GAP insurance for if you are paying cash? At least 60% of the customer return to complain about these issues? Many complaints but no action until now. Can you say higly illegal if you were to pull all their deals and look into the deal you will see everything. Oh not to mention the menu that they have to use but even the menu reflects the margin and allows them to even add more item for maybe 5-10 dollars more does seem much more huh? But it is when you started with $30-$60 in the payment of leg. Thats near 2k of items packed into the deal not including the difference of the interest you doo the math...

This dealership
has four and they all sell in between 250-350 a month how many people actually know how many don't?

north royalton, Ohio


  • Da
    David Oct 20, 2008

    The person that wrote this cannot even compose a proper sentence nor spell correctly, yet they are quoting legal statutes as if they are an attorney.

    The statements made by this person are slanderous. I would encourage them to speak to the dealer or the General Manager about the allegations if anything close to that happened to them. My guess is it never did...

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  • Kr
    Kristine Knapp Mar 05, 2017

    @David You, David, are an ###! Just because you can't see the wind doesn't mean it doesn't BLOW!

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  • R2
    r2d2 Jan 28, 2009

    I worked for this dealership, and there are very few ethical practices utilized. I had sold cars for another dealer and never ever was REQUIRED to stoop as low as this "car sales super center" expcted me to. I was also never expected to sell minus any real tools or support from the smart ### managers. The original poster may not be able to spell, however I am completing a legal education and all I can say is Serpentini more than bends the rules. Hopefully one of the issues that will soon be addressed in this country are issues such as this where large entities such as car dealerships, home improvement companies, banks, and more will have to begin practicing their business with some scruples and accountability.

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  • Mi
    Michael Feb 03, 2009

    I bought a new car from Serpentini Strongsville just over a year ago and it was a most unpleasant experience. On television Bob Serpentini claims credit approval in 30 minutes or less and I was there over 5 hours before I drove away in my new car. They have this trick of asking for your drivers license in order to check your credit but it is merely a ploy to keep you in the showroom as long as necessary. If I wasn't in dire need of a vehicle and my credit had been better I would have asked for my license and walked out. I also have to wonder what sort of working agreements they have with predatory lenders such as Capital One Auto Finance. I'm guessing that good, ol' Trader Bob and his lackies probably have more than their share of shady dealings.

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  • Sc
    scootr Mar 23, 2009

    They are very shady. I bought an 09 vehicle from them and was told I needed to bring it back 4 days later. Apparently the financing did not go through. They even tried taking my income from a job I was laid off from to use for financing purposes. The finance manager even mentioned to me that there were some more shady things going on there that he could not tell me about. Stay far away from Serpentini in Tallmadge or better yet any dealership they own. Bob should be ashamed of his slogan "American and proud of it" seeing as he and his people are screwing fellow Americans like me. Go to a reputable Chevy dealer that doesn't pimp commercials every 5 minutes on the TV. They are every bit as bad as Fred Martin. As the above poster approval in 30 minutes, what a farce!

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  • Pi
    pissedoffatserpentini Dec 01, 2009

    I purchased a vehicle from Serpentini at the end of October 2009 and four days later started having problems. It was a 2008 model and the ignition would lock up on me for no reason at all. I was unable to turn the key. When I tried calling Serpentini, they gave me the run around and refused to let me speak to a supervisor. The situation happened again 31 days after the purchase date and right now, I am without a working vehicle. They are shady and speak to you in a condescending tone when you are calling for help. I have reported them to the BBB and filed a lemon law complaint. They lied and said they would fix the car free of charge so I had it towed from my repair shop to them, only to have them tell me there is a $99 charge just to look at it?!!! They are full of BS and I would like nothing better than to return the car and buy one from someone else. This is the one in Strongsville, Ohio by the way.

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  • Ja
    Jack Dempsey Dec 28, 2009

    Serpentini is a crook who keeps very interesting company. Read this article about his private club:

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  • Su
    susie396 Dec 15, 2010

    yes i also wasnt approved in 30 minutes or less! it was more like 5 or more hours and i was exhausted and worried what i was going to be driving the next day to keep my job. well i ended up with a VERY large car payment that i should have said NO to, but i was desparate and they knew it, so now, i am stuck with a $427.00 car payment for years!

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  • No
    nos4ot216 Mar 14, 2011

    I sued Serpentini Chevrolet of Tallmadge and WON in 2010 citing a Lemon Law statute and a rental car disclosure form that was missing when I purchased my 2004 Pontiac. They have paid for all of my repairs plus other fees that have been dumped into the car. The judge in my county scolded their attorneys, saying mediation could have been easily reached, since my car was under warranty still. I will never buy a car from them again either- and they do NOT deserve their "A+" BBB rating! They sold their Service Department to Montrose Chevrolet, Inc., which is also a corrupt company! After continued problems with them, I got a personal call at home from Bob Serpentini himself- at least now they are trying to better my service experience! By my attorneys order, I am still to go to their service department while I have this vehicle for engine, cooling system, and axle problems (all have been replaced since I purchased the car several times). They put 3 faulty head gaskets into my car. They used non-GM/refurbished parts, which were taken out and replaced at my own expense after the court case.

    I LOVE the car they sold me, HATE their Service Dept and salesmen. Andre in the Service Department is the only one I'll talk to!

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  • St
    Steve Pin Dec 22, 2014

    Steven P. says : I took car in for free coupon check over and what did they do? They scratched the trunk real bad as if they dragged a cat across it. I complained and they polished it out. Problem is it is not as good as when I took it in. Mother earth and father time take its toll on all cars but why let a dealership get away with dirty work when they should take care of every car as if it just drove off the lot in Detroit or Tokyo Japan! The worker who scratched my car wasted my time and the dealerships too! I spent 6 years polishing the car until it is near mint on paint and thank only companies from Florida for helping me keep my wits. I have never had anyone at a garage do any scratching to my cars in all thiry years I have been driving. Avoid Bob Serpentini and go to a professional garage.

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  • Ja
    James E. Dempsey Jul 29, 2016

    GINA'S STORY-A single Mom who works full time receives her tax refund, a substantial sum because of a government program that is meant to help low income people with children. Gina wanted to use the money to purchase safe transportation for herself and her two small children. At Serpentini, Gina found a car she wanted. The price was more than the Four Thousand she had but it would make a down payment. This is where things go array. Gina's credit is not good. Serpentini can not finance her without a co-signer. Gina wants to do this on her own. She is sent to a high risk financier by Serpentini. Serpentini gets the Four Thousand dollars. The high risk financier gives her a loan at 19+% interest. Gina is a day late with the first payment, which by contract should incur a $25.00 late fee, however the car is repossessed after one day late. The finance company refused to accept payment, even turns down family members' offer to pay multiple months in advance. Four Hundred dollars spent by family for a lawyer to send letters to Serpentini and the financier does no good. This car will now be sold at auction and Gina will have no car, no Four thousnad dollars and she will be responsible for the balance on a Nine Thousnad dollar loan, putting her deeper in the hole. Better guidance could have been used by Serpentini and their representatives IE: a less expensive car OR just turning her down.

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