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SENTRY PRO XFCChemical Poisoning


My two dogs also fell victim to this product. Obviously all online posts and complaints have not gotten this product off the shelves. The EPA did put this product under severe scrutiny in April, 2009.
Come on plaintiff attorneys, where is the class action lawsuit for this product?


  • Fr
    Franz Hostalka Mar 08, 2014
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    Verified customer

    The same thing is happening to my dog... IT's the middle of the night friday night and I'm freaking out!!! I wish I had read about this product... I'm so scared!!!

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  • Ra
    rachelnormington May 05, 2013

    This product should be taken off the shelves immediately! Its just insane that people are still selling this product!!! does anyone care about the innocent dogs being poisoned??!! not to mention this poison is going down our drains back into our earth! My dog is now having muscle spasms and looks intoxicated, he doesn't hear me or see strait. After all these other similar symptoms people are posting why hasn't this product been banned yet, what the hell is wrong with these people!!! If my dog doesn't get better there will be hell to pay sentry!!

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  • Jo
    Joshm Apr 04, 2012

    Gave SentryPro XFC to our two puggles, Fletcher & Walter. About an hour later I found Walter foaming from the mouth. Called the # on the box, the lady was nice, but that doesn't make up for the fact that now I'm up monitoring both of my dogs as they continually throw up, itch uncontrollably and moan/cry.

    Not only will I never buy SentryPro XFC, but I'm going to do everything I can to get this product banned.


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  • Ag
    Againstsentry Dec 29, 2010

    I recently purchased Sentry Pro XFC from Pet Co. I normally use Advantage, and thought I'd save money and try Sentry Pro XFC instead. What a mistake! 2 days after using this product my mixed terrier developed a horrible burn on her skin about 2"inches in diameter! I was in shock and immediately rinsed the area on her back, and put neo-sporin on her. I felt like how could a product like this be on the market??? I immediately called Sentry at the number listed on the box and the spokeswoman just calmly (or routinely) said to wash my dog with a mild soap like"Dawn" dish soap and put vitamin E oil on her. ??? I ended up having to give my dog antibiotics so she would not get an infection, and it's been 3 weeks, and she is still healing. Whoever reads this, I sure hope it helps you. Don't use this product ever!

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  • Ic
    icelus72 Dec 09, 2010

    I have been using Sentry flea control products on my 40 lb. Corgi for some time and have had excellent results! As a competent and responsible pet owner I did research on many flea control products. I researched the active ingredient in Sentry, permethrin, and concluded it to be a SAFE and EFFECTIVE flea control product. It is also inexpensive compared to other remedies (Frontline and Advantage, which both work EXCEPTIONALLY well but are incredibly expensive!) I care for my dog more than I do a child. She is EXTREMELY sensitive to flea bites and breaks out terribly when bitten. She is also sensitive to harsh flea dips and shampoos. Permethrin is a safe and WIDELY available pesticide. That being said, it is VERY toxic to CATS and FISH. To sum up: READ THE PACKAGE PEOPLE!!! Do some research!!! Weigh the pros and cons (this applies to using ANY product on your beloved pets) As reported, less than 1% of animals have had a reaction to Sentry (permethrin) and I am willing to bet that percentage would be less if people read the directions and used the product as specifically directed!!! Don't let companion dogs lick it off each other!! Don't use a dose meant for a 20 lb dog on an 8 lb ankle biter! NO PRODUCT IS SAFE FOR EVERY ANIMAL! But is the 1% worth the risk as opposed to my dog being completely miserable infested with fleas? My happy dog and myself think so!

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  • Le
    leeessaahh Sep 22, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I blame myself for not researching this product before putting it on my shih tzu Benji. Immediately, he started twitching, panting, whimpering and scratching the infected area. At first, I thought it might be the medication he was taking for his ear infection but he had no problems before. It was right after I put the Sentry Pro XFC on him that he starting acting weird. A visit to the vet cleared all suspicions that it was in fact the over the counter flea control that was the true culprit. I called the medical hotline number I found on this thread and they instructed me to bath him in palmolive dishwashing soap and rub vitamin E on the area. It better work or all hell will break loose! Okay well, I just want my dog to feel better and let the company know that using their product result to this mess!! After reading other pet owner experiences with the product, I am furious that this product is still available for purchase in stores. We all need to speak up and complain about this bad product. Our dogs health is on the line!

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  • Li
    lindseyg Jun 26, 2010
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    i agree my dog is haveing symptoms still we applyed it last night at about 10 pm 15 mins later my long hair chiwawa mix was iching biting the air couldent get comfert we took her to the emergency vet and they wanted to keep her overnight bu it would be wround 500 we said no the syptoms where not sever enouph so she just gave us some muscle relaxer and that still did now help we calles sergeants costumer service line and they said put vitamin e oil on the applied area shes still is in pain dogs should not have to go through this and there company will sure be paying the vet bill and a refund plus get there piosones product of the market i here a lawsuit in there future!!!

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  • Go
    GOTHYGIRL Jun 02, 2010


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  • Mn
    mnscootergal May 08, 2010
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    I also did an internet search for this product an hour too late. I have now given my dogs two baths and a Benedryl each. They are suffering from itchy chemical burns from this product and are clearly uncomfortable. I have left a terrible review of the product on PetCo (where I bought this product). I will tell everyone I know that has dogs, thinks about dogs, has seen a dog, etc about how absolutely horrible this product is. I also will be writing to my US senators to see if they can help do something about regulating this industry since these companies clearly need some guidance.

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  • Jb
    Jbrian Apr 06, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I honestly can not believe what I am reading this! I was hoping this was an isolated incident. So I googled the brand. Little to my surprise this is what I have come across. I recently purchased this product at Petsmart because they recommended it for the price since it was marked down to half price. Now I know why! My dog is going insane, will not stop barking and walking around. He can not get comfortable. We called poison control and they recommend dawn dish soap with a few bathes and vitamin E. We have done this several times and nothing is working. How can they have such a product for innocent animals. We cant even touch his neck where the product is because it is sensitive or burned. I can not wait to make a scene in my Marlton NJ Petsmart tomorrow. How can a conglomerate super pet store not know this ### is killing animals? Money is not more important then the health of any animal! Please if someone has a recommendation please let me know. [email protected] Please help.

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  • Ch
    CHUI Apr 05, 2010

    I used this product on my 9-pound Pomeranian-Poodle mix. Within 2 hrs or less he became very restless and began to scratch incessently in the same spot to the point that some of his hair began to fall out. I immediately suspected the flea and tic product and gave my dog a bath. After the bath, this strange behavior continued. I went online and came across a multitude of complaints regarding this product. If I had only known the dangers beforehand, I would never have applied this product. I proceeded to give him 2 baths with dish detergent and applied vitamin E as recommended. This didn't alleviate his symptoms. 8 hours later, and my dog was still in a state of distress. In fact, his symptoms progressed. He began to breathe through his mouth and lightly pant. I took him to the vet, but the only suggestion they had was to give the dog yet another bath, and they assured me that the dog's vital signs were normal. I stayed up most of the night with my dog, massaging his back lightly which seemed to ease his discomfort and help him to calm down. Two days have passed, and I have noticed that my dog's personality has changed a bit. He is suddenly barking at every little noise and not as playful. I can only hope that this will pass with time and lots of TLC.

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  • Ag
    aggiepuppy Mar 28, 2010

    I used Sentry pro XFC on my 6 month old daschund/beagle mix last night. he woke me up this morning by sitting on me and pawing at me until i woke up. He proceeded to sprint all around my house, running into just about everything. He has been shaking like he is wet, nipping at the air, trying to dig at anything and everything (couches, wood floors, brick fireplace etc). He is scratching almost uncontrollably. He literally hasn't sat still for more than about 10 seconds since he woke up. I bathed him (very difficult given his twitching and irritation) but it hasn't really seemed to help. He is just as irritated and now seems to have increased loss of coordination. I am extremely upset that this product is available for purchase as it is POISON. I used Frontline in the past (given to me by a vet) but i'm a poor college student and thought I'd save a little money by going off brand. Bad idea. I applied the medicine exactly as directed, a 21-30 lb dose to my 25lb puppy, from the base of his neck to halfway down his back. He did not ingest the medication, he couldn't reach it. Kelly from Seargants, you can suck it. I didn't apply it incorrectly, everything was performed exactly as the box instructed and your poison is hurting my baby. Shame on you.

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  • Ab
    Abigail H Mar 04, 2010

    I am disgusted that this product has been allowed to remain on the shelves. I used this on my beagle last night, to find him twitching, shaking uncontrollably, and incredibly agitated today. I did research, albiet too late, to find out that this product has thousands of similar complaints.

    Sergants should be ashamed of themselves, and carriers like Petsmart should be ashamed for selling it.

    I can only hope my beagle will recover.

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  • Do
    Don't use Sentry Pro XFC! Jan 13, 2010

    I applied Seargent's Sentry Pro XFC topical flea medication onto my dog last night. He is a two year old Siberian Husky and has never had a medical problem before this. He immediately began to act strange and after a couple of hours, he was trembling all over and could no longer stand up. I washed the medication from his back, but the damage was already done! I called the emergency vet (it was12:30 am) and too him in. They told my that the medicine had poisoned my dog and he had to be re-bathed and put on an IV to distribute de-toxification medicine and muscle relaxers. He is doing better now and is currently under observation at my regular vet. So far my bill is $443. I am in the process of trying to be reimbursed for my medical expenses through Sergeant's, but this should have never happened. I purchased this product at Petsmart and mistakenly believed that it would be safe. Please stay away from this and all Sergeant's products so that your pet does not need to needlessly suffer as mine did!

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  • Tl
    TLF Lane Jan 03, 2010

    We used this product on my 13 pound [censored]zu last night. She is having a very hard time. We have shampooed her with Dawn and she is still suffering. I know she isn't going to die, but she is terribly uncomfortable. That should not happen with a preventative treatment. We need to fight this and tell every pet store who carries it, that they will be named in any and all complaints and lawsuits filed concerning this product. It is appalling to me that these stores and companies promote dog health and safety, yet continue to endorse a product that brings pain to our pets.

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  • K1
    K1089 Dec 22, 2009

    I use and recommend Frontline. My dog also had seizures from low quality flea and tick meds like Sentry and it took years to diagnose that this may have been the problem. I have used Frontline on her for 5 years and she has not had a single seizure since. Also do not use flea and tick shampoos or flea dips. These can kill your dogs and cats if it gets into their eyes, ears or mouth. I suggest using a tea tree based shampoo on dogs as a natural method (but do not use this on cats as it can be fatal to them). For cats I suggest purchasing a flea comb to comb out all of the eggs and fleas and applying Frontline for cats. Use the flea comb at least daily until you dont see anymore. Most fleas will be found at the hind area of your dog or cat because it is the warmest area.

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  • Ap
    april walp Nov 01, 2009

    hello i to bought this crappy product lastnight at a pet store and didnt put it on my dogs till today then i went away i came back to my dogs whining scratching lickin themselves vomitin and stumbling i am so mad i immediatley bathed them i have 1 mini dachsund and a mini maltese i feel so bad for my dogs right now they are extremely uncomfortable i have bathed them like 3 times with dawn dishsoap and gave them a benadryl i pray and hope they feel better i wont be sleeping till i no my babies are ok but this product needs to be off the market someone needs to put this product on the people who made it and see how it makes them feel i wish i knew who it was because id put it on them im so mad right now i called the number ont he back they were no help except wash them in dishsoap i will be visitin this pet store tomorrow and throwin this stuff back at them and asking them why are they selling this product when all it does is hurts the dogs i want to kill the fleas not the dogs the idiots

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  • Tn
    tngirlnla Oct 26, 2009

    I put this flea medicine on my dog for 1 hour.He started going crazy trying to rub it off.I washed it off an noticed where i had put the medicine he now had a burn mark.WTF!Your lucky this company isn't anywhere near my house.My poor baby later on into the night started having seizures and heavy panting.I plan on going to petco today and causing a damn scene.This product is lethal to all dogs!I plan on finding a lawyer to deal with sergeants!As for Kelly..who works there...would you put this ### on your dog...i doubt it!

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  • Ke
    kevin hanzel Sep 03, 2009

    someone tell kelly from sergeants that next time she wants to opens her mouth that she should put a dick in it... what a ###ed ### reply what about my 13 lb dog that used your product for 9-20lb dogs?????? what about my dog lil preston puppy????? he went into seizures and vomitting and the emergency vet said who knows if he'll make it???? what about him????? what about my emergency room bills????? hhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm KELLY????? go back to work for your ### co. enjoy rotting in hell for your support of the WORST co. ever. they claim they've been caring for pet since 1868... ok so how long have they been killing our family members????????????? hmmmmmmmmmmmm kelly? where is your response to how long you've been killing family pets????????????? you're a joke and will burn for your defense of sergeants.

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  • Lo
    Lorraine Sergeant Sufferer Jul 26, 2009

    Sergeant knows that they are causing suffering. They are making a profit from hurting innocent pets and creating financial hardships (emergency vet bills) for Good People during a bad time in our economy.
    Stop asking us to look at the label and start reading all the countless cases of sufferings caused by your company.

    See the below 4 News Reports!!!

    Read these EPA meeting minutes:
    Please everyone read this PDF file. Sergeant knows the pain they are causing!

    More Web Sites to show the record of suffering:

    Sergeant Stop the Suffering or be Stopped,

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  • Ni
    nikums Jul 14, 2009

    I justed posted about this product as well. Hey Kelly from Sergeants...YOUR COMPANY COULD HAVE KILLED OUT PETS!!! And yes, I called and talked to your company...THREE TIMES. The people were apologetic, yet made several statements to me incinuating it was my fault. BS! Read my post about Sentry Pro XFC - nervous system reaction. Look it up on your little computer database at work. All your packaging says is if sensitivity occurs, bathe the dog in mild soap and rinse thoroughly. If signs continue, contact a vet. Frothing at the mouth, seizures, loss of muscle control are NOT signs of sensitivity...they are signs of POISONING!
    Go defend your product somewhere else. We're all posting on here because we have seen first hand what this product does. Apparently, it's not an isolated incident.
    I just wonder, what "nice little letter" would you have send to my children (4 & 8 yrs old) had your product killed my dog?


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  • Ja
    Jackie in Mattawan, MI Jul 12, 2009

    I just applied doses of Sentry Pro XFC to my 6 month old Great Pyrenese/Sheppard mix who is 55 lbs. and my Chow/Spaniel mix which is 35 lbs. They both had a terrible reaction, ears became warm, excessive drooling, nervousness, whimpering, itching. I called my vet and she told me to bathe them in dawn dish soap twice and give them benadryl, if it doesn't help she will see them tonight, it is 10pm. I will never use this product again and will be a voice to make sure that it is not sold locally at the pet stores. This should be taken off the market immediately before any other tragedies happen. Shame on you Sergeant's!!!

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  • Ke
    [email protected] Jun 23, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Amy,

    My name is Kelly and I work for Sergeant’s Pet Care Products. My own dachshund, Kirby, means the world to me so I completely understand how difficult it is to see your Chihuahua having a reaction. It is difficult to know that even one pet has endured a reaction from any of our products, whatever the cause. I hope things with your dogs have returned to normal and that both of them are feeling well now.
    I did check our system to see if you’d already reported your reaction to our Consumer Affairs department. I did not find any information matching your post. If you have not already done so, please contact us as soon as possible at our Consumer Affairs hotline, [protected]. We strongly encourage any pet parent whose pet has had a reaction to report this to us. Doing so starts an investigation into your individual situation and also helps us to evaluate how our products can be improved.

    From the information you provided, a couple of items caught my attention. I’d like to address them so that if other pet parents come across similar situations, they will be well-informed. You mentioned that you split the vial of Sentry Pro XFC between your two Chihuahuas. Our package labeling does instruct users to apply the entire contents to the dog within the specified weight class on the package. While it may seem logical to simply split a vial meant for a 9-20 pound dog for two smaller dogs, this is very dangerous. The formula is not meant for dogs that are under the weight range, even in self-administered smaller doses. If your Chihuahuas are under 9 pounds each, this could be one reason they experienced a strong reaction to the product.

    You also mentioned that one dog had frothing at the mouth. Again, the package label indicates that this is a likely reaction to ingestion of the product. Pets should be separated when treated until the product dries completely. When left together, they have the opportunity to groom each other and lick the product. As it is a pesticide, this is not safe. Again, I am addressing these issues so that all pet parents who might research this issue can be aware of the dangers of misapplication. All spot-on flea and tick treatments are products that must be handled carefully and only as indicated on the label. A lot of useful information and tips in this regard are available at

    I also want you to know that just as with human medications and treatments, all flea and tick products are subject to approval and oversight by regulatory agencies. They undergo extensive independent testing before they are ever available in stores. Over-the-counter products and products sold by veterinarians must meet exactly the same criteria. While the EPA is currently reviewing a large number of spot-on flea and tick medications because of reports of reactions, these reactions represent less than 1% of the pets using the products. We certainly want to do everything we can to reduce even that small number and we fully support the EPA’s review of these products. You may be interested to read what the ASPCA has said about this issue. I found this article very insightful -

    A quick note to Nan, who authored the original post of this thread. I checked with Consumer Affairs, and your documents were received. The last portion of the investigation is being done and Consumer Affairs will contact you when that is complete. Thank you so much for calling to report your reaction. Again, this is exactly what we encourage all pet owners whose pets have had a reaction to do.


    Sergeant’s Pet Care Products

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  • Va
    Vane065 Jun 23, 2009

    It is a shame this product is being sold off the shelves from Pet Stores. Both are on fault, one for mass producing a highly poisonous product and the other for selling it. I applied the treatment to my Bischon last night. This morning I'm taking him to the vet. He's been vomiting and trying to take the medicine off by scratching against the carpet and floors. I just bathed him and when I picked him up with the towel, the section where the treatment was applied was burning hot. I can see how this will affect him in a couple days when the blisters appear.

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  • Am
    Amy Jun 16, 2009

    Yesterday I used Sentry Pro on my Chihuahua's (a half vial on each). Within two hours my female was frothing at the mouth and was having a seizure. I rushed her to the emergency vet and there they gave her an IV, and valium and kept her over night. My male is showing signs of allergic reaction as well. Both are home now and are on Benadryl. They are very uncomfortable, they are scratching and have involuntary leg twitches. My female is a show dog and I am going to have to pull her out of upcoming shows because they had to shave her leg where the inserted the IV. My vet bills (so far) are $476, but I have to take the dogs back in. This product MUST be pulled from the shelves. The vet said they have seen several cases like this. Why is there such little control over a product for our pets?

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  • Ma
    Maureen King Jun 15, 2009

    Shame on seargeantS they should be shut down...FOR EVER!! A company that promotes protection and care for america's animal population...What A CROCK OF CRAP!!!

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  • He
    Helen Reid May 28, 2009

    I have been waiting to hear that the EPA is stepping
    up. I used this Sentry Pro XFC 2 years ago and my
    [censored]zu suffered tremendously. Vet bills were over
    $700. Sergeant's Co. offered $267 to be quiet and
    never say any dissparaging words against them.
    Bring on the lawyers!

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