Sedgwick Claims Managementunethical behaviour with adjuster rosemarie sedalis

A Nov 17, 2017

Good Morning,

I am writing you; because I have a claim that was only partially, and I have been faxing reconsiderations over to the adjuster for over a year on these unpaid bills. I called bill review, and was advised that they never received our reconsiderations, and these bills were not paid, and to call the adjuster. When I call Rosemarie she was very rude, loud, and hostile for no reason. She started yelling at the top of her lungs that the claim was closed and that she paid everything that needed to be paid. I explained to her that these bills are payable and they weren't paid. I was trying to go over them with her but she wouldn't even do that. She then kept on telling me to fax it over, I explained that I have already done this for over a year and still have not received payment or denial. She said "I don't know what to tell you this claim is closed" well I would like you to do your job and pay these bills before I have to get an attorney involved. I asked for Rosmarie Sedalis for her supervisor because she was just rude, loud, and very ignorant. She would not give me this information; I had to call around to find out it is Tom Constance. I did call him and left a voice message, but I would really like this to be resolved and I also don't want any other provider being attacked they way that she attacked me over the phone, over a few simple questions. This was unprofessional and very benighted of her to act in such a way. If my issue can be resolved that would great.

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