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T Dec 03, 2018

I was injured at work 3/13/18 and was deemed unable to work in April due to new restrictions resulting from that injury. It was determined that I had a torn labrum that needed surgery and I would not be able to return to work until that happened. I eventually had surgery on 9/27/18 with Beacon Orthopaedics. From April until September, multiple attempts to contact my case handler were ignored and I had no idea what was going on with my case, until I was sent to see a physician in Lexington, KY in August, followed by approval for surgery that happened on 9/27. Over 5 months elapsed from when I was removed from work until I had surgery; over 6 months since the injury occurred. Since I've had surgery, my situation has not gotten any better with Sedgwick: I quickly used the approved 12 physical therapy visits (orthopaedist ordered 24). I had a routine follow-up with the surgeon on 11/13 and he ordered 6 more weeks of physical therapy- 12 more visits. It is now December and I am still waiting for approval from Sedgwick to have more physical therapy so my recovery is actively being hindered by this company's inability to communicate with me and with Beacon Orthopaedics. Additionally, due to the extreme amount of time it has taken to get approval to proceed with treatment, I have now lost my work benefits and must either purchase COBRA or go without insurance until I can return to work. COBRA is very difficult to afford when I have not had a real paycheck since April. This whole situation is ridiculous and has been excrutiating. I do not understand why I have been treated this way and feel like I have no advocacy or help anywhere in this process. Please, Sedgwick, explain yourself to me and why you have allowed me to suffer and now impede my recovery from a workplace injury.

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