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I had an insurance claim with your company which is (Sedgwick). While was filed through a claim on home depot of Alexandria, Louisiana. My claim was investigated (poorly) I might add. However after several weeks and after being told I would be contacted within (24-48 hrs) from the date my claim was filed which was 04/24/2018. However I was not contacted no were near this that time fact after almost two weeks with no word from any agent. And countless phone calls both home depot and Sedgwick. Finally we were connected with one of your agents. Who although seemed like a newbie was actually a nice lady. But just being a nice lady was not getting all the blue paint up out the back of my Lincoln Navigator. Which is why the claim was made in the first place. Cause the associate in the paint depart whom mixed the gallon of paint I had ordered. Did not securely tighten the lid on the can of paint. Causing it to come open and spill throughout the back of my SUV. With that being said the reason am writing this to your department. Is because after all the dead end phone calls and waiting countless days and hours. Not to mention having to ride around with my bumper and the interior of the back of my SUV. Looking like a smurf. I finally received a check in the mail a day late I might add. Yes I know only 1 day late but hey after weeks of dealing with the claim and damage's to my SUV. Even hours less long days seemed to be forever. So please understand my dissatisfaction and after today now my anger. Why angered now? Well let's see could it be after going to almost every check cashing location in city of Alexandria. I was not able to cash the check. For reasons I was told it was fake! Yes you heard me correctly it not a typo. I say again so that it's clear as a beautiful Sunday morning in the middle of spring. I was told the check was fake! F.A.K.E. FAKE!. And the most common rejection was that the check could not be verified cause it was not showing up in there verification system. And these were big box check cashing locations. Such as Walmart and Ace check cashing. So after a day of rejections. I now still have paint all over the back OF my SUV cause I personally don't have the founds to have the extensive detail work that has to be done to remove the paint. So the funds from this check I still have was to have this done and restore my SUV to its previous state before I purchased the gallon of carelessly tightened paint. So that pretty much concludes this content of frustration. Which I have been vigorously typing with high hopes that this reaches someone of high status in the Sedgwick cooperation. Not mention the fact that it's now very late and it was after hours of operation for me to make contact with a live agent. And after searching for answers on our world wide web I came across this blog are whatever so decided to take some frustration out in a message to the Sedgwick form as I said with hopes that someone of a higher status than what I have been in contact with through out this claim. And maybe just maybe that person has higher expectations of the service and comfort that a client receives. Especially when that person life was altered in manor not pleasing but with extreme prejudice of dissatisfaction. And by being so see's to it that some sort of gratification of apology bestowed upon me and my wife for the discomfort brought into our lives due to what am sure was a mistake on the associates at home depot part. Nevertheless it happen but to make matters worse it was the service and lack of attentiveness not granted to me and my wife on behalf of both home depot and Sedgwick. Honestly after today's slap in the face which has left me feeling as though it may yet be another week of waiting as the paint continuously gets dryer and harder to come of. Which could cause the fee for cleaning to become even higher now. Not to mention the fact that my scheduled appointment tomorrow which would be 05/08/2018 to have my vehicle took in by the detailer whom I trust and have a level of comfort that suffices me in knowing that a JOB well done will be performed on my vehicle. This trust and comfort is bestowed upon the detailer I speak of. By many people cause of his service. So along with this comfort for him has created a waiting list. Which by chance I was able to secure an opening with him. That would have been a couple days after the promised arrival of the check but as I been stated that promised arrival was not met. So by the grace of God it came the day before. But it came with a lot of rejections, wasted gas and time. To top it off a bundle of stresses which has led to the migraine I can now feel creeping it's way into my head. Cause I suffer with them and have all my life so stress is something I know is not good for me. WHY? Cause as for me like indulging in spicy foods. Stressing its not a smart thing for me to do cause it's a big trigger to pull on that can cause me to be to be stuck in the bed in a dark room with no light period and the urge to want to scream cause my whole face even the bones within seem to pierce with pain u wouldn't think existed. But as I said the urge to scream but always find myself having extreme lack for words cause talking less long screaming seem to make my brain vibrate causing the little tiny men in my head to swing there tiny sledge hammers harder and harder increasing the pounding that continues to pound for hours even days. All this has been the repercussions from a mistake made by the nice lady in the paint department that night. But as I have said nice can't change what has became the outcome. And hell pretty much nice ended there. Cause even with the kind but not knowing what she doing lady from Sedgwick. Acts of niceness she showed. After the fact that one if the main things my wife inquired about before accepting the sum of amount which was $2,045. Inwiched also lacked grievance for my expensive yes! expensive cause I love fashion and dressing I n nice clothing and shoes. The shirt which my wife had recently purchased for our recent anniversary of 7 yrs. A pair of $120 shoes. (all white) Now blue and white destroyed. Even most of the groceries were diped n blue. But I received no compensation for these items although told to send pictures of the items showing the damages. Which I did along with pics of the damage to the vehicle. But compensation was not granted and not because I was not suppose to. Causes I was suppose to. I did not receive it cause the agent forgot to include it in the sum. And at the time my wife herself was tired and frustrated with the whole matter. And even so she remind kind to the home depot staff and the agent from Sedgwick. But at the point and time of accepting the offer. She did realize the agent did not mention the damaged items when making her offer. She only spoke of compensation for these vehicle and there cleaning fee. Which again I state that not only have I lost my schedule appointment for the detailing. But being that it will not be detailed in time to drop it to apostery people on Wednesday. Not sure if that spot is still available. I don't live in a big major city so there are limitations on choices of service round fact we only have maybe 2 places that do that line of work. Just like we don't have an Bank of America inwich I was saying my wife showed great concern to the agent if being that Sedgwick banks with that bank. We there be a problem cashing the checking at like Walmart are check cashing around here which is Limited. Really Walmart is the choice for check cashing for these majority of the cenla community that don't have a bank account. So I end this content but saying I sincerely hope and pray this content reaches someone with high rank but most of all compassion for the discomfort caused in the life of me and my wife. We can be reached at [protected] or [protected]. email: [protected] please use the info provided A.S. A.P. cause at this point we are honestly devastated by the lack of care for us and our vehicle. We already worried if it would be a problem getting it cashed. But to have to also suffer the humiliation of being told I was trying to cash a fake check. And being encouraged with belief after not one, not two, but several places could not find the type of check are its orientation to be verified in any system. So imagine how we must feel right now after standing in lines for long periods of time talking and sharing fishing stories showing off pictures of children just simply have decent Convo with those u shared your wait in line with. Only to get to the counter and be told your trying to cash a fake check by loud mouthed women. So u business went from being your own to what seem like the paper boy on the corner shouting the headline from Sundays paper to attract a buyer. Only the headline reads Brian Trys to cash a fake check. So that what's being shouted from the paperboys lips. So again put your self in our shoes how would u have felt at that moment Infront of all those people. And I admit I made it no better because I know for certain were the check came from. So of course I got defensive and pledged the the differ. Denying the allegations brought against me but to no avail did I stand. One lady just continued to spew from her lips "it a fake check please step to the side and allow the next customer up". I know leave you with that but again ask yourself how would u feel. AS of now now I feel like maybe I should not attempt to get it cashed not one more time. But instead pursue future legal action against the Sedgwick firm. For very poor service, public humiliation for the slandering of my name, just plain outright otter disregard for the discomfort cause by both home depot and Sedgwick. Forgot to mention before now but u know we have not received not one apology from either entity. Maybe it good thing it didn't cash today cause the more I think about what has transpired here the more am convinced that the settlement is not settled and further legal action should be taken with extreme prejudice

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