Secure HorizonsUnsolicited calls to cell phone!


I have been receiving calls daily since around 12-15-2007. I have called Secure Horizons on three occasions to get them to stop the calls to my cell phone. I have been told it takes six to eight weeks to process my request, which is absurd. I was told it was because of the size of their database. My cell is in the national 'do not call' list and Secure Horizons has been advised of this all three times I contacted them. I have even e-mailed their corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, MN to no avail. I have filed a complaint form for each incident at and at the websites and will continue to do so until these abusers of privacy and ignorer's of requests stop the harassment. Secure Horizons bills itself as the only AARP-authorized provider of Medicare Advantage plans and Part-D drug coverage. I am not a member of AARP nor will I ever be now. I guess they endorse this kind of abuse on a sixty year old widowed man with a heart condition and severe neurological dysfunction. My cell phone is my only voice communications device, and it has been sabotaged by Secure Horizons and apparently endorsed by AARP. I even have the Secure Horizons number, [protected] on my phones 'auto-reject' list, which they have managed to compromise.


  • Ml
    M. Laughlin Feb 15, 2008

    Just a side note about your complaint here... AARP does endorse Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage insurance because of the 8.5 Million members of AARP, a lot of them were asking for more options. So AARp decided to go with the least expensive company with the most options, Secure Horizons. When you are on the National "do not call" list, is one thing. When you request information, or contact a company and provide your phone number, you essentially remove yourself from that list with that particular company. You provided your phone number to Secure Horizons, and when they entered that number into their database, it is mass produced to every computer system in the company to update the records. Hence the reason why it can take 6-8 weeks to process your request. Normally, it takes 2 weeks, but just in case it takes longer, they have to cover their butts so people don't start calling back, yelling at them for something that is not their faults. And for someone to feel that an insurance company is "picking on them" because they are disabled, is a joke.

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  • Su
    Sue Mar 05, 2008

    Uh... it cannot take 6-8 weeks! It takes one day for them to START calling you after you request info. How is it that it takes at least 2 weeks to GET OFF their call list. This is absolutely the MOST AGGRESSIVE MARKETER I have erver encountered. The program must be A REAL MONEYMAKER for them!

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  • Mi
    Michelle Mar 05, 2008

    How long does it take for Secure Horizons to send an ID card to a member? I switched to Secure Horizons from another plan six weeks ago but still haven't gotten my card. I made four requests already.

    Also, is Secure Horizons the same as Oxford?

    My plan is Secure Horizons Complete Plan 1 but it's marketed as AARP.

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  • Ji
    Jim T May 04, 2008

    Change your cellphone number

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  • Sh
    Shaun Jun 01, 2008

    It always takes time for companies to remove you from a mailing list.

    Secure Horizons has the following subsidiaries:
    - Oxford
    - Pacificare
    - John Deere
    - Sierra
    - And most plans have the AARP name on them (a name only, AARP has nothing to do with the actual plan)

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  • Dc
    D. Campbell Jul 09, 2008

    At year end I dropped the Plan D because it blocked me from getting patient assistance program help with drugs that run from $18, 000 to $20, 000 per year retail. One of them is $690/mo for the Brand which is absolutely required for me. Therefore, it cost me more to be on Plan D than to be without it. After dropping the Plan D, I kept getting information for the other plan I'd had for 6 years. It took 3 months to get a card with the correct information. Now I have no idea who is ultimately reponsible for my insurance — AARP, Secure Horizons, Pacificare and/or North Texas Specialty Physicians which appears to be a very limited few doctors that I can use out of 82 pages of providers. When I talk to them they just tell me I have to be in the 'physicians group' my primary care doctor is in. Always before, I could go see anyone listed with Secure Horizons. I can't figure out why I am so limited by Secure Horizons. It's seems to be a mystery to everyone I talk to. I can't get a list of physicians in the group with name, specialties, phone #'s or addresses that is anywhere up to date. I'm at a loss to understand the underworkings of all this craziness. I've even read that North Texas Specialty Physicians have been sued by FDA or F something for 'price fixing'. It seems there is no 'truth' about anything anymore and no place to get unbiased explanations as to why my Medicare Complete has become so complicated and no doctors are in my home town.

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  • Ra
    Randy Aug 08, 2008

    You can contact this company (Secure Horizon by United Healthcare) directly and have a person contact you at click on the "contact us" and enter your phone number. I always give them an earful and request being removed from their list. This does not happen of course.

    Next, file a complaint with the "Do not Call Registry" at I do it for each and ever call now.

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  • Su
    Susie Sep 24, 2008

    If you picked up Secure Horizons as your insurance plan, you are in for a rude awakening. Good luck if you actually need any services. Long story short, my mother in law is in the hospital and needs to be placed into a Long Term Care facilities. They have no options in our area that the doctor and nurses accept their insurance (even though we are private paying, the hospital staff still needs to be paid). We called both Medicare and SecureHorizons for a disenrollment, which she is entitled to.
    Well it's a month and after daily phone calls, she is STILL not disenrolled. Did you know it takes the 4 business days just to tell you they received a fax? I can understand why it takes 6-8 weeks to remove you from a mailing list. Also, if you want to keep records of who you spoke to, good luck! They won't give you their names. Reputable place huh??? I have NEVER in my life dealt with a Customer Service Department that has been so UNHELPFUL!! I have a friend with a similar experience with them. She needs knee surgery and noone takes the SecureHorizons insurance. I was told by several places that it's not because they don't want to work with SecureHorizons, it's simply that SecureHorizons won't work with them.

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  • Sh
    Shaun Oct 25, 2008

    She is entitled to disenroll? You can only disenroll from a plan from 11/15 - 12/31 unless you move out of the service area (maybe the county or even the state depending on the plan), have Medicare AND Medicaid, had a Medigap policy within last year, or one of a couple other rarely used SEP's. In your case it sounds like you don't qualify to disenroll.

    Long-term care is not a Medicare covered benefit, you would need Long-Term Care insurance for that.

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  • Ka
    Kathleen Feb 10, 2009

    My father who is a WWII Vet and a Teamster had a fall in Dec of 2007. His insurance company is Secure Horizons. After what he has been through I now call this greedy insurance company UNSECURE HORIZONS. Every week while he was in Heartland Nursing Home in Dayton Ohio UNSECURE HORIZONS would call and threaten to cut him off of his therapy and coverage. We had to push push, threaten and then push some more so that he could continue getting therapy. He then went to an assisted living facility and just recently found himself in a nursing home in Trotwood Ohio called Maria Josephs. His agreement shows that he should get the first 90 days from UNSECURE HORIZONS of coverage and therapy. They call weekly and threaten to cut off therapy and we have found out that he was cut off of coverage three weeks into his nursing home stay.


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  • Mo
    MOS Mar 13, 2009

    Kathleen, It is great thing that you are looking out for your father in-laws best interest. You should look over what Medicare covers as well as what the plan covers for nursing homes, hospital stays and assisted living, etc...

    Having my father in-law live with us has forced us to become familar with Medicare, Medicaid and providers of Medicare Advantage plans and supplements.

    So I feel your pain... role reversal... now it is our turn, our parents (in-laws) watched out for our best interest when we were children now we need to take the time and make an effort to watch out for theirs. ( even if their own children don't ) There is a special reward in heaven for those that care for elderly parents, in-laws, aunts or uncles.

    When you bought your house, or car, you needed to become the expert. You have to have a working knowledge to ensure that his ever changing health needs will be met. This is something that you need to be on top of, like your bank statement to ensure that as his health declines, that the policy is there with him and to adjust accordingly.

    Go to the Medicare website or call them and see where that gets you. Their customer service should at least be well versed in Medicare. Shine is an organization, as well as senior centers in your area may be of some help but their knowledge is limited " Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services, you can find more information.

    As Shaun states" Long-term care is not a Medicare covered benefit, you would need Long-Term Care insurance for that.

    To my knowledge you still have an opportunity to change to a "like plan" until March 31, but you will need to review the new coverage to see if they meet your expectations. Also review when it states that it covers only what Medicare covers, it is ambiguous (Medicare). So for that you need the booklet Medicare Made Clear or Made Easy.

    SEP is short for Special Election Period, it can only used if you have moved out of the service area that the plan services, i.e. the county, or state. This may be an option if the health of the individual changes and they qualify as a chronic illness: Diabetes, COPD, Arthritis, Asthma, Hypertension, and several others. You can chose another plan.

    By the why my husband and I became agents for a Medicare Advantage Plan and supplement company. I hope this helps you. Find an agent you can trust and is credible by referal from a friend or acquintance. Although the company is credible, the agent can put the person in a plan that he is not suited for. For the most part, at least the top companies are closely monitored by CMS for ethics, etc...

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  • Mo
    Montgomery1 May 06, 2010

    My mother is 88 and has been in three emergency rooms and stayed in two hospitals for three days--all during one month. She then was moved to a convalescent home and Secure Horizons told my sister and me that we had no say in where she would be moved, not the facility or even the city. My mom is now being moved to and elder care home as the convalescent was going to release her in less than a week because Secure Horizons would not let her stay longer. She needs assistance dressing herself, going to the bathroom, walking with a walker, and other things she used to do all the time. Now, as if the family hasn't been through enough stress and worry, Secure Horizons has told me that even though I have the legal power of attorney signed by a notary that it will take 3 to 4 weeks for their legal department to assess whether it is valid; during these 3 to 4 weeks my mother will be without any health insurance (except maybe medicare). My mother finally talked to a representative from the convalescent home, and because my borther-in-law was present, she gave him verbal permission to make medical decisions with Secore Horizons; however, no one else can. In addition, Secure Horizons told my brother-in-law that she had to wait until June 1 to see a physcian and that physcian was chosen for her by Secure Horizons. If she becomes ill again, they told us "Take her to emergency."
    Unbelievable! My sis and I have become so stressed over the ineptitude and rudeness of the customer service representatives and the limits Secure Horizonson has placed my mother's health care needs, that we don't know where to go or what to do. Any suggestions?? T.Peralta

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  • To
    Toniamartinez Jan 14, 2011

    My mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer and it is curable with a hysterectomy. We tried specialist close to family but were told they dropped secure horizon contracts because of billing issues and non payment to providers. We are forced to an area where we have to make a big down payment before being seen or scheduled for surgery plus now we have cost of hotel stay and meals to add because its a provider 5 hours away and no family around. I have to keep my mother in a hotel to recover. A 5-hr trip would be agonizing pain. More money and we need to come back for follow up. My next question is being diagnosed with cancer can we switch her to another plan since now she has a pre-existing condition. Medicare used to be great back when it was only one ins. Elderly people are being taken advantage of and its a disgr

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  • Me
    Medicare Patient Jan 18, 2012

    Secure Horizon has the worst CUSTOMER SERVICE. The representatives are not only RUDE, but RACIST. Because I have a minority last name, the representative was very impatient when I asked a legitimate question. She is so rude that she kept on asking me if I understand what APPLICATION is? Medicare should just shut them down and sign contracts with other medical insurance companies.

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