Secunda Mallgame secunda mall customer service received from sales manager wilson ntyingila and the appliances department

D Nov 27, 2017

Game Secunda Mall HORRIBLE customer service : A similar Experience I recently had -
I paid for a Russell Hobbs dishwashing machine which was on stock on 17 November and because I preferred to transport it myself due to the horrible transportation services the shop offers I was to collect it within the next week. Upon arrival at the shop on Saturday 24 November my transport provider had to return without the machine because it was sold out, they informed him. I called the shop talked to the line manager of the the sales assistant named Friendly Tholo and he said he would follow up on how my item was sold and he would get back to me. By Monday 27 November end of business day no call from Game Secunda had come through. I physically went to the shop and I was told there is stock and I must collect it and I explained that I do not have transport and since it was the shop's fault that my hired transport (which already charged me) had to return they needed to deliver for me and I could not pay transport charges because I have already paid transport charges.
The Sales manager of the day Wilson Ntyingila who treated me with complete disrespect in front of the appliances employee told me that free delivery would never happen. I told him to refund my money with interest and once again he told me that the shop does not do that. I went ahead and got my refund back which has been processed. I was really treated with disrespect and no dignity at all as a customer at this shop.

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