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I bought 3 tickets through seatwave oct. 30th 2010 which cost £276.00 - yes a ridiculous amount but my teenage daughter had been told she would have to endure her 3rd scoliosis operation. my daughter adores lee evans so I splashed out to cheer her up and it was her last year xmas present. she is a mature 16yr old and understood that I couldnt afford much else for her presents so she has looked forward to her xmas present for the last 9 months. I chased seatwave the previous week I as was growing concerned we still hadnt had the tickets. I had paid for postage and insurance which was included in the amount. I had an email from them to give me a tracking order for the post office. when I tracked, seatwave had posted the tickets out on the monday 7th at 5.29pm (the concert was on the wed 9th as they I assume were fully aware). my daughter had her surgery in the summer, I have been having treatment for 2 other illnesses. I normally work full time but have been unable to due to my ill health. as our household work, if we ever get a package we are given the option to collect from the post office after 48hrs which is never a problem - but on this occasion, it was. on the wed 9th, I attended hospital for blood tests, when I came back, a card had been left by the post office to state I had been out so the packet couldnt be left as a signature was needed - the card stated I had to wait another 48 hrs to collect the parcel so we all ended up missing the concert because our tickets were at the royal mail whilst the concert took place - I was broken hearted for my daughter. so not only did it ruin my daughter's year, it ruined mine too, this had been the worst year of my life and this was the final straw. seatwave and their insurance company will not accept they were in the wrong and want proof I was at hospital on that day of delivery. I was not told the tickets were being delivered that day or I would have waited in. I cannot beleive seatwave sent the tickets out on the last minute leaving no time should the recipient be out and therefore no 48 hrs between missed delivery and collection. I have never spent this much money on tickets in my life but it was for a special reason. the tickets have ticketmaster at the top so someone has bought each ticket for £35.00 and sold them on legally to seatwave who have had my £276.00 for 13 months and left it so late to send them out. I will never use this company again and I have and will continue telling everyone I know of my experience. the insurance company have asked for proof where I was on that day (like I am at fault) so the hospital are sending proof. lets see what excuse they come up with to get out of giving me my full refund.


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    Seatwave Team Nov 17, 2011

    Hi Julie,
    Our main priority at Seatwave is to help get people to events and so can of course understand that it must have been very disappointing to miss the show.
    We know people have busy lives and we know how frustrating it is to miss a delivery, this is why when purchasing tickets with us you are given the option of selecting a different delivery address to your home address. We also ensure that an email notification is sent to you along with a tracking number once the Seller has shipped your tickets. We ask our Sellers to send the tickets as soon as possible after the order confirmation and we do specify that tickets should be shipped at the very least two working days before the event for reasons such as you have mentioned. It is a rare occurrence that tickets are delivered the day before and we appreciate the disappointment that this situation has caused you and your daughter.

    As we are a fan to fan ticket exchange we ensure that we provide face value, marketing pricing and seat information at the time of purchase so our buyers can make an informed choice. The Ticket Cover available works in the same way as any other insurance and as such if a claim is made, appropriate documentation is required.

    We will be in contact with you shortly as we would like to make up for the disappointment you both experienced. In the meantime, we appreciate the feedback and use it to make Seatwave a better marketplace for the buying and selling of tickets.

    Seatwave Team

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