• Ca
    catb Dec 06, 2009

    I never ordered any coffee from Seattle Coffee Direct but did order from Euro Coffee, Los Angeles, CA. Evidently they are using various names as I have been charged $79.00 on 11/09 and $79.00 on 11/23 and another $79.00 on 11/30 by Seattle Coffee Direct, Evanston IL and The Valley, Alabama. My bank cannot reach anyone and neither can I. And here's another name I think they're using - Cafe Saporito PO Box 4004, Evanston, IL 60204. My bank is looking into this but is there a way the Federal Gov. could do something? CB

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  • Dm
    D M Stumbo Dec 04, 2009

    They have done the same thing to me.
    Please contact the Postal Inspection Service. Possibly they can help!

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  • Dm
    D M Stumbo Dec 04, 2009

    to contact Postal Inspectors:


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  • Dm
    D M Stumbo Dec 04, 2009

    Like many before me, I have been victimized by this company.
    I am filing a complaint with the U S Postal Inspection Service.
    Since these people are sending me mdse that I did not order, and then making unauthorized charges to my credit card, I am certain that the Postal Inspectors can help us.
    I don't know how else to stop these people. I thought I had resolved the problem back in September, but here we are in December and suddenly I have $160 of unauthorized charges again!
    These people must be stopped!

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  • Na
    Nathan D. Dec 04, 2009

    This company says their hours are 10-6PM EST and yet they never answer their phone no matter what time I have called (10 times so far).
    I canceled my account after getting the coffee because it was not what I expected. Two weeks later I $79.00 was debited from my checking account. I have never been able to contact them to get my money back. I chalked that up as money loss. It has been 9 months sine that fiasco. I check my account and there are 2 unauthorized charges of 79.00. I canceled my credit card now I travel the long journey of getting my money back.

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  • Ti
    Tim Sturgill Dec 03, 2009

    I was lured by a Facebook ad stating 5 patagonia shirts for signing up for two things. One being 5 for $5 for coffee and mugs. Turned out to be $5 for each thing. Once I received the order I sent it back and contacted and cancelled the account. Once I checked my account they had billed us for 2 months of a membership at 39 bucks a month. They kept promising us a return in the next "billing cycle" and now four months later they are saying 5-7 business days. Now today they say it will be posted by tomorrow.

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  • Pe
    PeninaD Dec 03, 2009

    Chicago area Better Business Bureau helped me get my money back within days. I tried the route of calling every week or two to Peel's (the mother corporation of this scammer) since the beginning of July with little results.
    I really, really recommend the BBB, they were swift.

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  • De
    Delories Dec 03, 2009

    I too was charged for coffee on my debit card...I had a total of $129.76 "STOLEN" out of my account within 5 top it off I had overdraft fee's totaling $140.00, working with my bank over several months they did not charge me the overdraft fee's but it was very stressful trying to get that resolved.
    Seattle Direct Coffee is nothing more than a scam..that causes a lot of grief for many people, and in these had times we all do not need this.
    I had to get a new bank card so insure no further charges. These scammers don't answer there phone, and if your lucky enough to get a "human" they are extremely rude and hang up on you.
    So sorry for everyone that has been through this.No one needs added stress especially with the holidays upon us.

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  • Bj
    BJca Dec 03, 2009

    seattle coffee direct has supposedly just redumped all their old customers and charging them. In my case, the charge on the CC was $79.00. I terminated business with this company in March, 2008. And now they are attempting a charge again.

    I spent almost 2 hours repeatedly calling [protected], leaving msgs since no one picked up. Finally on the 7th attempted, Pierre took the call. I have been sent a confirmation email stating the charge will be refunded but of course it will take 30-60 days.

    Stay away from this company.

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  • Gr
    GROVRAT Dec 03, 2009

    My credit card got hit 3 times in one month by these crooks: $79 on 11/10 and 11/21, and $38.90 on 10/27. The two $79 charges were Seattle Direct. The $38.90 was Ultimate Bean and the description on the charge was "soft goods." Really?

    Don't waste your time with them. File charges with the BBB, the Attorneys General in Illinois and your state of residence, and report your credit card lost to get a new number. They will NOT stop; they're making way too much money off us.

    BTW those of us, myself included, who was suckered on Mafia Wars etc should complain to FB and to Zynga.

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  • Me
    Megalith Dec 03, 2009

    Same here. I was looking at my credit card bill and saw the $79 charge. I tried to call them and got an advertisement for a completly different product. I immediately disputed the charge. Let my bank's legal department handle it.

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  • Ch
    Chris Moran Dec 03, 2009

    Seattle coffee direct had a ad on face book for 2 packs of coffee and 2 mugs for $2.00 ..So I order that, next thing I knew I was looking at my credit card statement and I had more charge on there from seattle coffee direct...The order I placed was om my card for 9/4/2009 for $2.00.. And then another charged appaired on 9/08/2009 for $39.70 <br />
    I did not order that so I called them and they told me that when you order form the you are put on auto delivery... I told them I did not want to be on auto delivery.. I want to try their product first and If I liked it I would reorder..There was not on the add about put you on auto delivery when I read it..So the said the would refund my money and stop the auto delivery..Then on 9/11/2009 another payment for $39.70 was added on my credit card again.. So I called them again and the girl told me she would also refund that amount to..She told me it would be refund on my card with in a few days so I watched for it and a week went by and no refund yet..<br />
    So I called again and they told me now it could take up to 2 billing statements..So that came and went I called again and they told me that they would do an emergency refund and it will be on my card with in 72 hours..That was on11/23/2009 and still no refund.. and now when you call them you get their voice mail and they tell you they will call you back but the don't ...How can these people get away with this.. I know now I'm not the only one with this problem, what can we do about this company!

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  • Ja
    Jacob D. Dec 03, 2009

    As I posted elsewhere, they shill a lot of BS. This company is the same as the one that I ordered from called "Tea Francais."

    My wife ordered some sample tea from Tea Francais September 1, 2009 and immediately canceled after realizing she had inadvertently signed up to continue receiving shipments. We proceeded to get two charges of $38.95 each. We never even recieved any additional tea beyond the promotion samples, so I figured we were just duped for $80 and moved on ...

    Until Yesterday! Dec. 2, 2009 (three months after cancel) we noticed we had been charged, not once - but twice, $79 from Seattle Coffee Direct. After spending an hour dialing them over and over until I reached a person, I was told that there computer crashed and they had to re-enter everyone's orders.

    I'm supposed to believe that, after this "computer crash, " you (very conveniently!) still have my information AND CREDIT CARD NUMBER, but lost the note that said I wanted to cancel? BS.

    BTW, the tea sucked. For those incredibly high prices, I can name half a dozen reputable companies with twice the quality.

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  • Ja
    Jacob D. Dec 03, 2009

    They charged me $160 out of the blue, several months after my last dealing with them. I got the same story about a computer crash. Apparently a computer crash means they start everyone's orders up again?

    So what they're trying to say is that they (conveniently) still have my information and credit card number, but lost the note that said I wanted to cancel everything? BS.

    The tea kind of sucked, too. For the high cost they charge, there are lots of reputable dealers with a much better product.

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  • Bl
    Bloosum Dec 03, 2009

    It's the same thing with me, I have been trying for 2 days to get them to call me back, always the same message, either all represts are busy or just leave a message. They charged me $79-which I really don't have. I'm also going to call the BBB. I ordered their 3-$5.00 samples-I turned out to be $5 for each one, oh, plus a free mug. AT RIP OFF IF THERE EVER WAS ONE. EVERYONE-BEWARE!!!

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  • La
    Lateria Plaster Dec 02, 2009

    Once I got home tonight and checked the mail I had a letter from my bank telling me that I was $171.87 over drawn. This so called company that I haven't received crappy coffee from in a year just charged my account $79.00. I alone have $105.00 in fees for NONSUFFICIENT FUNDS. When my bank and I both called we instantly got voice mail, saying to leave a message and someone will be getting back you as soon as possible. My bank is investigating the theft and has change all of my banking information. After seeing this web site I believe that I will be trying to press charges against them.

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  • Ri
    RippedoffinMO Dec 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am right there with you. I am up to $158 in fraudulent charges and $79 with their "sister" company ( which shows they are a big scam. Check out "" and you will see the same complaints. I have cancelled my debit card and do not anticipate seeing any refund and I have contacted the police.

    Not doing business anymore with any online commodity seller like that...ever

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  • Kl
    klmar44 Dec 02, 2009

    unable to reach by telephone unauthorized charges on bank never ordered merchandise from this company never rec'd any merchandise from this company. No fax number to send complaint.

    [email protected]

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  • Sh
    Sheila Jones Dec 02, 2009

    I tried Seattle Coffee Direct in sept. 18, 2009. Cancelled membership on Sept. 21, 2009. Was told that my bank account would be refunded $79.40 within 4-6 weeks. as of now I have not received my refund. Now after 3 months an unauthorized charge of $79.00 from, which I have never heard of and $79.00 from Seattle Coffee Direct has been charged to my account. Have tried to contact customer service with out any success. Have not talked to a person, just a machine and left 3 messages to return my call. Haven't heard from either company. Maybe the BBB should be notified immediately.

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  • Za
    zalaisha Dec 02, 2009

    I never give this company any authorization what so ever to charge my credit card for any coffee. i opened my statement only to find they took out $79.00 cash for an order that i never placed. And every time i call they dont return my call to let me know who authorize them. please have this company checked out. If i dont get my money i will sue...

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  • Za
    zalaisha Dec 02, 2009

    I opened my credit card statement only to find out they charged my credit card $79.00, i never give the authorization. and they will not return my call.

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  • Jh
    J. Hamielec Dec 01, 2009

    This is disgusting--I actually had, of course, my own version of the same issues all of you are describing about 6 or 7 months ago. They refunded my money quickly, which was rather shocking, and I thought it was over. Yesterday, I see a pending charge on my account for $79 for Seattle Coffee Direct. Today, when it posted to my account, the description was for I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THAT SITE. I called and the are affiliated with Seattle Coffee, so you need to watch out for this too people! Just because you don't see Seattle Coffee's name doesn't mean they're not screwing you for more money under a different business. Their excuse for charging me again after so long was that I didn't 'opt out' over the phone (which I most certainly DID do), so they changed the frequency of my coffee shipments. SOMEBODY PRESS SOME CHARGES AND I'M IN!

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  • Ha
    Harri Dec 01, 2009

    I was charged $79.00 on my debit card from Seattle Coffee Direct, I never ordered coffee from tbis company.Called the Co # [protected] and was told all operators are busy helping others, please stay on the line for the next representative. Call was disconneced. No surprise there!!! I am filing a fraud claim through my bank. These Scams are rediculous!!! Times are hard for everyone out there and to have something like this to have to worry about, sickens me!! I had to cancel my debit card through my bank. I was also charged $79.00 from and called that number too and was told all circuits are busy, please try your call later!! surprise again!!! Being unemployed at this time of year is depressing enough!!!

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  • Fa
    FAndersen Dec 01, 2009

    That's the best idea. I had to do the same with another outfit that was ripping me off, contacted the AG in Arizona, who got things straightened out very quickly -- and my money back in the bank!

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  • Bl
    Blackdog8 Dec 01, 2009

    I contacted the Attorney General in Illinois (yes Seattle Coffee is not in Washington state).
    I filed a complaint online by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab, and then "E-mail the Consumer Protection Division".
    Hope everyone does the same.


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  • Bi
    Billymac Dec 01, 2009

    Within a week we have had two charges of $79.00 on our bank account. Neither of us had ever heard of Seattle Coffee Direct. We have received NOT received any coffee, just the charges. We were already struggling with our bills in this economy, and this is rreally going to cost us. Until I found this site, we did not even have a phone number for them. We also have not gotten through now that we have the supposed phone. I also looked at the Chicago BBB site and they had no record of this company. We are going to our Bank to resolve this.

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  • Gi
    ginab65 Dec 01, 2009

    I tried Seattle Coffee Direct back on June 23, 2009. The deal was a

    $2.00 package to try their coffee and was to come with 2 thermal coffee

    cups. I though this seemed great. I decided, after reading further,

    cancel. I even received an email with a confirmation number stating that

    it had been canceled.

    Even after this, I found another charge on my card for $38.95, just 2

    days later. I immediately called the company and complained that a trial

    isn't a trial unless you can actually experience the product before

    deciding you want more. By the end of the call they agreed to refund my

    card and directed me to refuse the package coming.

    The refund didn't show up on my card so I called them back about 2 weeks

    later. At first the rep said they hadn't received the package back, then

    a little later said they did. He also told me it would take around 4-6

    weeks to get my credit, so I waited. Nothing was ever refunded.

    Okay, so to top all of this off, just this past week (11/24/2009, a

    $79.00 charge shows up on my Paypal account. Imagine my surprise when I

    saw this. The great thing is that I had kept the original cancellation

    email and disputed the charge with Paypal. I also had to pay a $34.00

    stop payment fee with my bank. It did get reversed by Paypal and I had

    to hot card my debit card.

    This type of thing should never happen, and I'm amazed that a company

    such as this is allowed to continue on stealing people's money.

    So, now with the $38.95 charge in June and the cost of a stop payment

    fee of $34.00, I am out $72.95.

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  • Ka
    KarenD. Dec 01, 2009

    I'm just disgusted that they are ripping so many people off (including me!)... I actually contacted my local FBI office and they told me that unauthorized charges to your credit card IS CREDIT CARD FRAUD and is handled by the United States Secret Service Agency! I've already left a message with them and I will be filing a complaint and making them aware of Peel, Inc. Please do the same... Together we can expose this company!

    Also, here is the form to file a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General's Office:

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  • Le
    leo Todd Nov 30, 2009

    I got sucked into five for five dollars coffee . They charged me 25.00 and then charged me 38.00 more for what I don't know. I canceled as soon as I saw them taking money out. I have repeatedly tried to get my money back to no avail. They tell me a line and do nothing.

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  • Ro
    Rob Helms Nov 30, 2009

    Ditto. In a week, my debit card had been charged $39.00 six times. We returned the boxes, and six weeks later no credit.
    In the last week, our account has been hit $79.00 TWO TIMES!!!
    They won't answer our calls, and they don't return messages left.

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  • Je
    Jez Lawson Nov 30, 2009

    Scam - I have cancelled the subscription, received a confirmation number and yet they still continue to ship and charge. The affiliated company is Tea Francais but the charges come up as Seattle Coffee. Cancelling my credit card today as now I can't even get through to their customer service.

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  • Sb
    Sbassey Nov 30, 2009

    I just had 79.00 taken from my bank account from this company. I didn't order anything from them. I did not authorize them to use my credit card.

    I didn't order anything. And you cannot get them by phone.

    Sherry Basasey

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  • Lu
    luck97 Nov 30, 2009

    I was charged $79.00 today and didn't order anything. I went through the same thing others are going through back in February when I ordered some coffee - tasted terrible and was charged for two shipments within a week. It took about two weeks to get my money back and that was after filling fraud charges with my bank. This time I didn't order anything and got charges $79 dollars. Still trying to get a through to someone to find out what is going on!

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  • Pe
    PeninaD Nov 30, 2009

    Using the Chicago BBB website, I FINALLY got the last of my refunds. I had been banging my head since the beginning of July with Seattle Direct, and in just over a week, I had my money in the bank.
    I heartily recommend going the route, it seems that the Chicago BBB is well aware of Peel's Inc. (the Mother Company behind this, and many coffee and tea scams)
    Good luck to you all!

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  • Sk
    skippious Nov 30, 2009

    Wow this is the place for me. I have been charged $117.50 from this piece of crap scam artist of a company. I did order a trial offer and cancelled the same day due to the lack of positive feedback from this company. I am going to the bank this morning to dispute my newest charge of $79.00. To put it kindly the people in charge of this company will rot in HELL for all eternity for the things they are doing in this life to all us hardworking people that got taken advantage of.

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  • Ma
    Mad coffee customer Nov 29, 2009

    I just had the same thing happen to me! While waiting for a credit of over $200 from them (they were shipping we coffee almost daily and charging $39/shipment), I checked my card balance on line to see I've been charged a "miscellaneous" charge of $79.00!

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  • Pu
    Punkspop Nov 29, 2009

    Six months after cancelling (because I received coffee every day for 4 days) I get a charge to my credit card! i WANT MY CARD # DELETED FROM YOUR DATABASE. I just filed fraud charges against them. I am living in Germany and don't want to spent time with them. They can fight with my credit card company.

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  • Na
    Navybrat Nov 28, 2009

    BEWARE, BEWARE... I cancelled from this company years ago and just found another unauthorized billing to my credit card for $78... This company and their counterpart World Tea Direct are both the biggest rip-off companies on the internet... I heard of them by via a Wal-Mart prize giveaway "pop-up" and figured they would be safe and boy was I wrong.. they are one nightmare after another... I agreeded to a $2 sample and they have cost me over $150 and have never credited my account with the returns... talk about a band of thieves...

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  • Up
    upset in Darien Center Nov 28, 2009

    We have called and cancelled our membership twice and they sead they will, and refund are money, and to my disbaleaf they pulled again. Next time I will asked for a superviser and see if we can get this problem resolved.

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  • Ca
    carner Nov 25, 2009

    After calling literally 100 times I finally got a hold of a person who said the $79 charge was because I didnt cancel my membership. I never even signed up! They said the money would be refunded in 1-2 business days and gave me a cancellation number. The number I called was [protected]. I also cancelled the card that was charged so they can't randomly charge it again. Good Luck.

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