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J Jul 20, 2019

I signed up to check my credit for $1.00 and I have been getting $29.95 for a year now, even after I explained and asked them to stop taking money from my account. I have been charged well over $500 and was charged this last time causing my account to overdraft and late fee charges. I don't know-how this happened even after for almost a year ago I asked them not to start a membership, that I only needed to check my credit that one day. I have proof that I checked it only one day and wasn't able to get back into that account afterward and that I didn't want the membership. I have emails and proof of phone calls in my records. I am ready to take this as far as I need to so that I can be made whole. I am not stopping here because this is a great injustice.

credit report/ score
credit report/ score

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