Scarborough Researchsurvey


First - this survey is a BIG BS. If companies trying improve quality, service etc - they shouldn't hire Scarborough Research. Just open complains about Comcast, Verizon, GM, Ford, food suppliers, TV or radio etc - and this is a 100% EVALUATION . Why I need to spend my time to respond for $ 2 or $ 5 (45 min-1 hr) or talk with somebody on the phone. If you want my survey - please pay minimum $ 50 -75 and people will spend time to answer smart and stupid questions. $ 5.00 ?????????????? This is a MINIMUM WAGE according to US Gov.????? WOW - Scarborough Research - call McDonald employee - they make $ 10-15 per. hr. How far - WE THE PEOPLE - can take this anymore. WOW AMericans - time to wake up.

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