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Nielsen - Brandbank data images

Dear Neilsen, We are having huge difficulties with your subsidary Brandbank Ireland, they are acting very aggressively and in a market place where we have no option but to use them. We are a...

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Nielsen - Ripped off?

Neilson contacted me to engage in a phone survey in return for monetary compensation. After a considerable amount of time spent on their data mining, their rep asked me my preferences for radio/TV. She then asked about my ethnicity. She evidently did not agree with my answers, so she hung up on me.
Neilsen then sent me another letter again asking me to participate in their survey. When I called the number on their letter, they told me the case had been closed. So, not only my favored media was cheated on their ratings, but I was cheated on the monetary compensation I was promised.

Desired outcome: Do honest ratings. Pay my compensation.

Nielsen - TV ratings

My household has been taking part in the TV ratings for several months now. At first we thought it was going to be something fun to take part in because I am a stay at home wife due to some chronic...

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Nielsen - Survey

I participated in their survey because I thought it was useful for companies to know what people are watching and listening to. What I got was a survey asking about my product preferences and things like whether I'm looking to buy a new home. Then came the phone calls. I stopped counting the calls at 8. They come at 10:00 PM possibly because my area code is Arizona although I'm living on the east coast.

Desired outcome: Stop calling

Nielsen - TV Ratings

I worked in "The Field" for almost 15 years for this company. I chuckle when I read the many horror stories about the problems with the equipment installation and ongoing problems after. Each home thinks their installation was a unique problem for the company when the truth is every home was a problem for the company. This is not due to the dedication of the Field employees. The equipment never really worked to begin with outside a laboratory. The upper management kept their distance from the known ongoing problems maintaining a constant state of Plausible Denial. It was truly a daily nightmare for all involved. I could elaborate for weeks about the limitations, lack of quality and demographic manipulation I witnessed daily.

I also conducted quality audits with the E&Y accounting firm to gain market certification in more than 5 markets so I state the proceeding with great conviction.

Those responsible know who they are and should be ashamed of their behavior. If you ever have a chance to work for or with this company, you will be much further ahead if you choose not to get involved with them.

Desired outcome: Bankrupcy

Nielsen - Readings

It has been more than 2 years we have been providing readings for nielsen. Today, I called nielsen to add new equipment to their feed and guess what? After getting my house readings for two months without compensation they told me our household was no longer participating... Really?
No letter no phone calls? No notifications... Is this how you treat the participating households? The person who took my call indicated no readings were taken from our home, however, equipment was perfectly functioning and prompting us to comply with the requests.
We were told no reading were coming from our house...…really? And was nielsen planning to inform us we no longer were participating in the program... This is how you treat the participating households? Shame on you! Shame on you!!!

Desired outcome: Missing Compensation for the time we were complying with Nielsen's requirements and equipment was functioning.

Yes. The same thing happened to me. I agreed to continue the ratings because they said they didn’t want to take my equipment because of Covid, now they say I was uncompensated for the past few months because I am now out of the ratings. A Thank You letter with instructions for discontinuing the service would have been appreciated.

Nielsen - Research interviewer training

With the covid-19 pandemic training with nielsen has gone to work at home which includes remote training. This whole concept is new to nielsen and the trainers. This is all very understandable given...

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Nielsen - Why doesn't nielsen company fire a racist manager?

Why doesn't Nielsen Company fire a racist manager? Tanner William Tate's LinkedIn is If you take a look at today's society, there are several...

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Nielsen - nielsen tv ratings

Pay by Race: Racial Discrimination in the Nielsen TV Ratings The Nielsen Company (also known as the Nielsen TV Ratings) is an industry leader in measuring how many people watch traditional TV...

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Nielsen - nielsen tv ratings

Nielsen TV ratings pays homes by race as they have gift charts based on race. For example Black/African American homes are paid less than Hispanic homes that Speak more Spanish at home. Samoan and Native American homes are paid the least. Also their manager Tanner William Tate of the SWAT team for the Nielsen TV Ratings or Nielsen company is a racist. There is info at about his racism.

Nielsen - rogue collections email when I don't have an account with you!

To Whom This May Concern: I just received an email on my WORK email at that (oumari.[protected] indicating that I owed your company some money. I have NEVER had an account with you guy...

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Nielsen - constant calling, and last night called at 9:53 pm

Usually ignore their call due to caller ID. But last night the phone rings at 9:53PM. Looked at caller ID and saw it was Scarborough again. This time I picked up, and asked if this person if he knew...

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Oct 31, 2015

Nielsen - survey

First - this survey is a BIG BS. If companies trying improve quality, service etc - they shouldn't hire Scarborough Research. Just open complains about Comcast, Verizon, GM, Ford, food suppliers, TV...

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Oct 22, 2015

Nielsen - This company stated that my songs weren't published in the Internet and they didn't make sales

The company tracks the sales of music and other media in the Internet. I have published my songs in the Internet and asked this company to provide the sales report. However, the company informed me that they couldn’t find my songs at all. I have tried different approaches and sound scan, but the company refuses to give any details about the sales and tried to persuade me that my songs weren’t in the Internet. People, please help to change the opinion of this company and get reports.

Oct 19, 2015

Nielsen - Research Survey

I have stopped scammers like this by NOT HANGING UP. Please be advised that the scammers are paying for the air time on the telephones. When I receive an unwanted call, I simply place the receiver on...

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Nielsen - Rude repeated phone calls

Scarborough Research calls our home no less than 8 times a week, sometimes 4 times a day despite multiple pleas to stop calling us. Their phone people do not/will not listen and continue to call and ask for us to do a survey. Since when has the word NO become confusing? Where - please tell me, is their DO NOT CALL list. It is ridiculous. We have stopped answering our home phone line because of them and other telemarketers.

Nielsen - phone survey bait and switch

I want to pass along an experience I had with Arbitron (remember them? The tv-ratings people?)


I get so many computer-assisted telemarketing calls, so my machine is always on. These companies cut off the call when they sense at 2 rings that there is a machine, but I got so sick of seeing Arbitron on the Caller ID that I finally decided to take the darn survey. It'll be 5 minutes of tv questions, right?

It took close to an hour. Lovely African A woman in Dallas----------I learned in general chit chat that they do not get paid if someone decides not to finish the survey, so I stuck with it.

Only the first questions were about radio stations (how many hours a day for each one) and tv viewing.

The litany of "survey" questions morphed into age categories, education, money, banking, Do you plan to buy a car in the next six months? Major appliance? Take a trip? How many times did you travel to a resort in the past 6 months? Who do you bank with in your area? Which sports games do you attend? What kind of magazines do you subscribe to? etc...

And on and on. They strayed far afield of Which local news do you watch? These are questions about how much money you spend, what you spend your money on, and what you might spend your money on.

I suggest that you don't give a real response. I ended up saying Refuse or No to most all of those questions because Arbitron is clearly collecting information that will be sold and used for multiple clients----questions that have nothing to do with tv or radio program ratings.

NOTE: Making up an "opinion" answer is not a good idea. You might get on the wrong lists and your neighbors will find out that you are a member of Soldiers of Fortune or the Sexual Aid Appliance of the Month Club and plan to do some nude body building at a Mexican resort after you finance the new mortgage and pick out the perfect truck. (But then again, maybe you will get a whole new set of prison penpals. )

I'm telling you this in case you get called, because I doubt that you would want to knowingly spread information about you all over the web or cause the call center person to lose $ because you got fed up part way through. I am hoping that they throw my name out.

It's all about nameless companies getting tons of info and causing us to be inundated with more calls, junk emails, and junk mail.
We give them the data for free because we remember tv program surveys from decades ago and think that Arbitron is our pal!!!
(Meanwhile, we get no compensation for our time and they make clients happy and get well compensated.)
You're welcome.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Nielsen - Whole company, data mining for Obama/Democratic Party

Haven't all you people figured all this stuff out yet? Scarborough ISN'T a survey company, they are a data miner for the ultra-radical left extremist end of the American Democratic Party, and Obama...

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Nielsen - There is no possibility to get a refund

I had the unfortunate opportunity to meet with The Nielsen Company representative searching for people who would be interested in becoming a "Nielsen Household". After a brief explanation of what...

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Nielsen - You will find yourself paying more for this BS than if you had robbed a bank

I received a check in the mail for $2, 400.00 from Nielsen Research Group, along with a Western Union Survey. On the back of the form it says that this is a paid survey and that if I participate I...

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