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Saudi Post office in Jeddah say recipient unknown at PO Box 2223, Jeddah 21451, yet they deliver other items to us every day of the week. Website is hopeless unless you're fluent in Arabic and [protected] is a complete waste of time; speak English to them and they put down the phone on you. I gave them two tracking numbers and my cell phone number. Still they claim recipient unkown. The worst postal service in the world, bar none. Google the name and address on the label and it will take you directly to me. Utter rubbish Saudi Post. Even filling out this I feel will be a complete waste of time because they just don't give a damn.


  • Kh
    khushif May 18, 2016

    Totally agree.
    Saudi Post is the worst service I have experienced ever. I wonder if they can't communicate in an International language, then why do they deal with other countries of the world? And whatever you request, suggest or complaint; they wont even listen.
    I sincerely recommend, not to use Saudi Post service ever.

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  • Ab
    Abd Elrahman Hafez Sep 07, 2016

    Totally agree
    If your shipment is registered it is ok then, it will arrive
    but if not, then not, the said literally that they dont give a damn
    the people there say very different things about where the stuff goes
    in short their ### is too heavy to look after both registered and unregistered shipments
    never again
    worst post service in the world

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  • Bi
    bilalsohaib Mar 15, 2017

    hi man i have an item which as per the tracking has been delivered, but to the amazement, there was no delivery by the saudi post in the last 4 days. still hoping that it comes tomorrow. only thinking. some ### is making his KPIs meet by showing it delivered.

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