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My wife and I bought a 2007 Hyundai Entourage Minivan from Carmax out of Dallas and the only finance company that would take it (from the rep at Carmax) was Santander. When we got it, it had 108, 000 miles on it and was listed at $9, 995. We barely had it a year and I got injured on the job in June of 2016 and was wrongfully terminated from this job. I got behind and couldn't make the payments for a few months and I told them that. They deferred it twice and said that that was all that they could defer it for. I got it repo'ed but was able to borrow money from family to get it back. My injury caused me to get behind twice and both times as soon as I was 12 hours late with a payment, Santander would start the harassing phone calls (4-5 per day if not more). The phone calls got so bad that I had to put my phone on silent just to get any peace and quiet, after the first few calls that I told different employees (which absolutely are rude and vulgar with you) that I was injured and was already fighting with Workers Comp over my injury and not working but yet the phone calls continued a few hours later. A year after we got this van, the a/c went out. Then the whole dashboard computer needed to be replaced due to an undisclosed service recall. Then I had to replace the brakes, the starter. All the repairs cost me to have to get help from my aunt who paid it (which ran around $4-5, 000) To keep it running within two months. I recently found out that these Santander was charging me 24% interest. And I had this van for 4 years out of the 6 year term and at the time that I let it go back (when they sent another repo company to come get it (but not before they CLOSED my account after promising me that after I got caught up with the very first repo and falling behind that they would open it back up. We'll they never did and that was back in 2018, which totally screwed up my credit as well as my wife's to where we can't get another vehicle at all!) I had to borrow another $2, 400 to get a cash car to get my wife and kids back and forth between work and school!). Before I let them have this vehicle, I checked my account with them (online) and it shows that all the money that I paid for 4 years ($265 X 12 months = $3, 168 per year that I paid and times that by 4 years = $12, 672. Which means that this vehicle should have already been paid for. But when I checked their website, it said that we still owed $9, 000 on a loan that was for only $11, 000 after taxes and fees!!!)

And then yesterday (10-07-2019) I get a letter in the mail saying that they sold the vehicle for $800 and that i still have to pay $9200, which also says that I have to pay for them selling it ($222 for them to sell it)! I then get a call from these [censored]s after I haven't had the van for two months and they tell me that I have to make a $9, 200 payment today but that they can "work" with me. I told them that I will be contacting a lawyer and will be taking them to court and suing them and then hung up while the employee was still talking.

This company is absolutely horrendous. I can't believe that the government hasn't closed these [censored] down or done some kind of investigation into them, they have to be laundering money for someone or some other kind of criminal activity. This company is crooked as hell! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

Oct 09, 2019

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