Santander Consumer USA / Auto Loanauto loan

W Aug 16, 2018

I took out a loan with Santander in 2013; it was a 5-year loan. When I called Santander in March 2018 to inquire about the number of payments I had pending, I was informed that I still have 24 payments left to pay off the loan. This means that I would have had a 7-year loan... that is unheard of!

I found out that very little of my monthly payment goes towards the principal balance. Most of my monthly payment has been going to pay interest and other fees. My car was once repossessed (sometime in late 2017). I paid about $2, 000.00 and acquired my vehicle back. When I learned in March 2018 that I still had 24 more payments, I stopped making my payments. I need help in filing a lawsuit against this company and its unlaw practices. Please advise where I go from here. Thank you for your assistance!

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