Santander Consumer USAadding illegal and unknown interest

B Sep 26, 2019

I got a loan from Santander three years ago I had missed all together maybe 5 to 6 payments I have paid more than $16, 000 towards the car and they're telling me that I still owe 19, 000 to pay off the car which is more than my original loan was for plus what the interest was they have called me nonstop and harassed me to the point where it was 15 to calls a day they have left nonstop messages and when I was told that I was behind two months in owed over $2000 I agreed and gave them $1600 and they refused to take it away because I was short $400 when my loan payments are only 561 a month Santander is an extremely corrupt business and they have now put it on my credit so that I owe them $20, 000 and I want to sue them and get rid of this Loan through them. My car is only worth $7000 I've paid 16, 000 for it and they're still saying that I owe almost $19, 000 which would make it $35, 000 I'm supposed to pay for a car that was originally only 15, 000 and now only worth 7000. Please somebody help me get them out of my life.

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