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Sana Movers is a useless and totally unprofessional team.
First, they were late to the previously fixed time.
Second, they were slowly and lazy moving like turtles. My wife and parents moved items faster and more efficient.
Third, when they brought all items from my old apartment to the truck they simply disappeared for 3 hours. My wife was waiting for them at the new apartment. And when I called them they said they went for lunch and after that got in traffic jam because of some fire. However my father went from JBR to Palm in 10 minutes without any traffic jam. I checked myself on google maps and there was a small jam only for 15 minutes. They didn't even tell me that they were supposed to go for lunch.
Four, when I spoke with manager he interrupted me all the time, didn't even try to manage the situation, he just laughed at me and threatened me if I don't pay for their poor service they know how to get money from me.
Unbelievable and unacceptable service.
Never select this company. You will be totally unsatisfied.

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  • Z
      Apr 27, 2018

    SANA Movers - the worst moving excellence ever. All the listed complaints as for others, about being late, heavy traffic, not being professional, disorganised, excuses after excuse, and so the list goes on.
    The Manager wasn't even interested I the story.
    I took the business away from them, transferred to a different moving company, although I'd had to pay for their poor service.
    It was worth the extra cost just to have the peace of mind.
    Do not recommend them at all.

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