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Aug 24, 2019

SalesForce.com — Payday loans

I took out multiple loans with this company and beleive i will be due a redress. I took out the loans between...


29th May 2019
Account Name: The Leadership for Extraordinary Futures
Account Number: 4-823929
Contract Number: [protected]

We were (rather aggressively) sold a 12 month subscription. We asked if this could be added on to 30 day trial and then switched over seamlessly. We were told yes. The account manager tried to sell us Professional package but we said we wanted basic. After trial ended, we were unable to access the account despite paying for it 2 weeks earlier. We contacted salesforce and were given a name, email and number to contact. After being ignored for a day, we then received this email - apparently they were too busy to respond, he didn't have to deal with the problem but was doing it out of courtesy and it was our fault because we had registered with the 'wrong trial' - clearly a fault on behalf of Alex our Account Manager who since the sale was made has made no contact with us until today

From: Simon Daly
Date: 29 May 2019 at 18:01:56 BST
To: george may
Cc: Alex Copeland
Subject: Re: Account number 4-823929

Hi George,

Apologies, it has been a busy day and I have been working on resolving this issue with Alex, the AE who sold you these licenses.

It is currently sitting with the provisioning team so this matter should be resolved shortly but please realize that I should have nothing to do with resolving this issue and anything I am doing is out of courtesy to your account, so making threats about attrition or blog posts is not appreciated.

Also the reason this issue occurred was because you signed up for the wrong trial, and Alex had actually linked you the correct trial to sign up. You signed up for a professional edition trial while you should have been on essentials, as that is the license type you bought.

As I said, we have been working on this all day and it now sits with the provisioning team.

Any further questions, please reach out to Alex on cc.



On Wed 29 May 2019 at 17:55, george may wrote:
Dear Simon,
I am extremely disappointed in your lack of response to the problem with our account. We paid for our subscription as agreed on 16th May. then it was taken down last week. Despite numerous efforts, we are still no further than getting this resolved. My MD is pressing me to demand a refund and relating the whole experience on the company blog. Can you please get this matter resolved before this is taken out of my hands by my boss,
George May

Simon Daly
Account Executive | Salesforce
Mobile: +[protected]

I will now forward how the conversation has progressed since then.

Could you please be clearer as to what this means Alex and copy me in to whoever it is who will be dealing with this? You are causing significant delays to my business and I am expecting a resolution on this today.

Helen May
Director, Leadership for Extraordinary Futures

Add a subheading.png

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail
Leadership for Extraordinary Futures Ltd. is a limited company registered in England. Company number [protected].

The content of this message is confidential. If you have received it by mistake, please inform us by an email reply and then delete the message. It is forbidden to copy, forward, or in any way reveal the contents of this message to anyone. The integrity and security of this email cannot be guaranteed over the Internet. Therefore, the sender will not be held liable for any damage caused by the message.

On 30 May 2019, at 11:27, Alex Copeland wrote:

Hi Helen

I have done this for you, so there is a support case because you don't want to be a customer now.



On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 11:26 AM Alex Copeland wrote:
Hi Helen

I have all of the email here on your support case.



On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 9:36 AM Helen May wrote:

As per my previous email, please escalate this so I can discuss the future of my account with somebody else.


On 29 May 2019, at 21:42, Simon Daly wrote:


Apologies for this misunderstanding. I should have explained that an issue like this is usually resolved by the account manager who sold the initial licenses, but I still spent most of my day working to resolve this issue all day for you and your business. This is why I did not appreciate getting a negative email later in the day after working on it on your behalf for hours, as if I did not care about the problem.

I understand that things can get lost in translation over email so I apologize for that but please know that Alex and I have done and are still doing everything to get this resolved.

I was notified of this issue at 11:22 and rang you no more than 2 minutes later, and then spent the rest of the day working with Alex to get this sorted.

It now sits with the sales operations team.

Happy to take a call on this.


On Wed 29 May 2019 at 18:31, Helen May wrote:

The tone of your previous e-mail is categorically inappropriate to a client and I am shocked that you think this is acceptable. With regard to social media, given your attitude, we are entirely within our rights to publicise this extremely disappointing service.

I am requesting that this is escalated immediately to a senior manager, ensuring they receive all copies of correspondence and the following information.

- we did NOT register for the wrong anything. As our Account Manager, Alex, who quite frankly has made no contact since she secured the sale, should have noticed there was a problem and proactively informed us. I know that you record your telephone calls so I suggest you go back and listen to our last conversation with her, where she assured us that we would move seamlessly from the trial to the subscription. This did not happen and it is therefore Salesforce who are at fault.

- Our plan for the past week has been focused on building our contact list ahead of a marketing campaign. We had planned to work over the weekend, but this plan was thwarted given the neglect of Alex to ensure there was a seamless transition. We have received no information to help both account holders to access the site for which we have paid. This is very poor account management.

- I made a call this morning to report the problem and I was given your name and contact details, Simon. I didn't randomly choose to make you responsible for our problem - a colleague of yours did that. Once again, Salesforce is at fault. For you to declare that it isn't your issue to resolve is extremely damaging for your customer service brand.

- the issue is STILL not resolved, which means that despite making a payment for a 12 month subscription on 16th May, we have not been able to access the site for 5 days.

- In addition, the payment for our subscription should NOT have been taken before the trial expired. As it happens it was taken a week earlier.

Simon, can I make a suggestion? In future, step away from the keyboard and go for a walk before you send out a defensive e-mail to a client. In the meantime, as requested, please refer me to a senior manager who can help me resolve this issue and who can perhaps explain why Salesforce thinks that this is appropriate service.

Please also let it be noted that I no longer wish to deal with you or Alex.

We are currently exploring other options for CRM as I am doubting the integrity of Salesforce.

I trust this will be dealt with promptly and I expect to be contacted regarding our situation as soon as possible.

Helen May
We paid the invoice on 16th May as per email below:

Dear Helen May,

Please find attached a detailed invoice on your account that was due on 13/05/2019. salesforce.com will attempt to charge your credit card on 13/05/2019. Please do not send another payment at this time. If there has been a problem with your payment, you will be contacted by email. You can check the status of your payment online by clicking the link below for Checkout (currently Checkout is only available for Service Cloud and Sales Cloud). If you do not have access to Checkout please click the link below to our billing FAQ which show you the steps to obtain access.

The invoice summary is as follows:

Account Name: The Leadership for Extraordinary Futures
Account Number: 4-823929
Contract Number: [protected]
Invoice Date: 13/05/2019
Invoice Due Date: 13/05/2019
Invoice Number: [protected]
Invoice Amount: GBP 576.00

If your payment information has changed, please provide us an update by either logging onto Checkout, or by calling customer service at +[protected].

We would now like a full refund as this is an unacceptable level of service and I now doubt the integrity of a brand that aggressively sells and then clearly has no interest in the client.

Please respond asap as I no longer wish to deal with the account managers I have been dealing with thus far.

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    May 29, 2019

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    SalesForce.comsalesforce iq errors, paid license not registering, api app store dysfunctional

    Mutliple errors since joining up - DAY1.

    Some of the issue may have been easily explained or fixed, but customer service was unable to pin point the cause of the issue and offer a FIX.

    6 weeks after sign up and reporting multiple issues not of the originally reported issues have been resolved to satisfactory level with more issues and bugs present as of today.

    Salesforce INBOX suddenly stopped working displaying USER DOES NOT HAVE A LICENSE (but we do), APP STORE apps being taken to expired links, or error code upon attempt to install with in the sales force account webinterface.

    Salesforce INBOX in GMAIL logging out each time the browser is closed.

    Freezing of Salesforce INBOX in GMAIL.

    The most frustrating part is that all of above problems have been reported multiple times and also video had been sent, but customer support always call fro more INFO with absolutely not clarity on the reason why its happening - Seems they have no clue and are not trained sufficiently to understand, identify and resolve the issues.

    Response time or time to reach resolution is yet to be determined but I have had issues since proir to PAYING for the service that is DAY1 - to now, which is 1-2 months. Minimum 4 weeks with salesforce still asking to view the issues, over and over.

    No significant movement on original issues, and now experiencing new issues, such as not being able to simple LOGIN to INBOX.

    I have salesforce Lightning pro.

    I did not expect this level of poor customer service and such as high level of system glitches and errors from SALESDFORCE but honestly, I can tell you, its almost as bad as TELSTRA - and 4 major unresolved glitches in a month from day 1 isnt really that great for a SaaS service.

    salesforce iq errors, paid license not registering, api app store dysfunctional
    salesforce iq errors, paid license not registering, api app store dysfunctional
    salesforce iq errors, paid license not registering, api app store dysfunctional
    salesforce iq errors, paid license not registering, api app store dysfunctional
    salesforce iq errors, paid license not registering, api app store dysfunctional

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      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      SalesForce.com — salesforce.com inc, san francisco, jason michael mills

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      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Salesforce — renewal

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      SalesForce.cominvestors before customers

      Are ability to purchase software through Salesforce.com is not dictated by our needs as a customer but by their investors.

      We have repeatedly attempted to upgrade editions for additional functionality but have been told 'no' and that we have to wait until the next renewal date as it would negatively affect current contract values which the accounting department will not allow. This has nothing to do with the need of the customer and everything to do with their stock price. This is not customer service but customer disservice.

      If a company treats you poorly for reasons of greed with the little things, imagine what kind of business partner they will be with the big things.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        SalesForce.com — inept acount executive

        Our Account Executive's first line of defense is to tell us that our requests are not possible, in...

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        SalesForce.comunfair contract

        Salesforce.com lured me into a 3 year contract with promises of what the product would do to integrate the customer data for my business. It does not perform as I was promised. I was told by my salesman that I could cancel at any time and pay the regular price for the months I used. After a few months with the product, it was not doing what I was promised. In addition, the response time of this web based CRM was too slow to be of any use to me. I have a 10 MB/sec high speed cable connection to the internet, so it was not my connection speed but their servers that was slowing me down.

        I tried to cancel my contract but they refuse to negotiate or provide any kind of relief. I am a disable veteran. I was too sick to work much last year and made 0 dollars after expenses in my small business. Yet this greedy company continues to force payment on a contract even when they aren't upholding their end of the bargain.

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