Safe Auto Insurancedid not pay in timely manner and is delaying payment from gap insurance by not sending required forms

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My husband hit a deer and filed a claim with Safe Auto on 11/05/08. The car was deemed a total loss. Each time the agent handling the claim would ask for certain forms or other information we would immediately send it out. When we would make contact with him again because we had not heard from him, he would come up with some other information than he needed and did not have. This happened over and over. They came and got the car long before they ever paid on it. Payment was finally made in May 2009. However, they are being very slow in sending the needed information to our Gap Insurance. Without this info the Gap Insurance cannot pay. The car company is hounding us and threatening to write it off as a bad debt. We filed a complaint with the Insurance Board and the agent gave them false information.


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      Jan 16, 2010

    they lied and suck! had my sr-22 expired from mdv no longer needed! safe auto stated i still need my sr-22 and pay 3 months in advance. now thats some BS!right there! lucky i called my local mdv and got all the info needed and some tips on how to avoid stuff like this. i hate being lied to, thank god! no more safe auto for me!!

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      Jun 28, 2012

    Please file a complaint with the BBB of Central Ohio. Your complaint will be addressed and (hopefully) resolved.

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