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M Jul 14, 2019

My wife and I went for dinner in the garden city location, where we have eaten a dozens of times, I actually buy thousand of dollars of gift cards that I give to my employees and customers, well that is going to stop immeditely!!!
We ordered dinner, the calmari with the the tai sauce to start, well that came out completely wrong all we got was calamari plain we we told the server she said she knows and is having a new dish completely made for us because of the mistake,
So we waited, a server came by with a bowl of the sauce to dip, the server lied about making the new dish unacceptable and it tasted horrible!!! We told her to just take it away, when the server came with our calamari a second later the server was giving us our salad at the same time??? Did ruth chris forget to train the staff??? Who brings over a hot dish and then gives a salad the next minute we said take the salad back, when we are finished with our appertiser then bring us the salad!!!
So we gave the calamari back now only to wait 20 minutes now for our salad
Again unacceptableeeeeeeee
We ordered for the main meal the ny strip strip steak with the bone,
Meal came once again late, we had to wait, if the restaurant was busy I would understand the wait time, but there were plenty of empty tables???

Steak comes, I said to my wife it doesnt really taste right, we told the server she said would you like us to slice it, now we are thinking what is she talking about, I had 2 slices and said this steak is not really good, I order it all the time, she aplologized,
She said do you want desert, we said no thank you, check comes, and we notice that the steak was more expensive and it said it was a filet with a bone who the hell ordered that???
No wonder the steak didnt taste right, so we call the server only and she said that what we ordered, I said read what you wrote, and of course she made the mistake!!!
We said just subtract the difference so we can get out of this restaurant, she then tells us she needs to get the ok from a manager, that we sat there and again waited another 10 minutes for her to return.

After reading all these reveiws, you need to retrain your staff and management

This is completely unacceptable in every way, just the fact that the manager didnt come over and say something to us tells me I am never walking into your establishment in garden city again, for what we paid in dinners and gift cards truly is a mistake.

I need stress when we go to dinner???
I want my meal completely refunded, I was there sat july 13 with a 7 oclock reservation under mark

And to make things worse, my wife and I are sick today with diarehha!!!

Mark hecht
3370 ovcean ave
Oceanside ny 11572

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