Rue 21online order-received 5 of the 12 items and was charged for all 12


I placed an online order on 10/31/17 and received confirmation that all items were being shipped. When UPS delivered the bag 11/3/17 only 5 items were inside. The packing slip showed all 12 items were shipped. When I called customer service, the male rep acknowledged that they had some problems with this very thing and he would issue me a refund. I told him I'd rather have the items that I ordered. He said I could go back and reorder them and I replied that the prices were not the same since they had a 50% off with free shipping on Halloween. He said well if you reorder them and pay for them, we can issue a refund after. I was like are you kidding?

The kicker is I must wait 24-48 business hours for the investigating dept. to contact me to inquire about my missing items. So I'm not getting a refund right away after all. What's interesting is rue 21 shows my order should have weighed 10 lbs. but the UPS tracking site shows my package only weighed 4 lbs. What a racket and very deceptive. If I had not have called, they would have just charged me the full amount and never notified me.

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