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I am sharing this to help others take caution. My story seems to follow many of the other poor reviews. Got to 80 day mark of this process and was told that it had been to long and I need to start over in sorts. At first it was smooth, I got my paper work to them in 1-2 days only because I had started this with another company and had it allllll ready! They did tell me it would be a couple weeks and probally no communication. Finally I e-mail after 3 1/2 weeks and I was told oh sorry we have been so so swamp with loans its December. I got them a couple more things they asked for in a couple days and then nothing again for a couple weeks. Finally they asked for something that took me 19 days to get, 4 of which were weekend days, when they aren't even available, but hey I will count them. They said great! Another week went by, OK its been 80 days what is going on? Oh all is fine! I asked several times all terms are the same nothing is wrong? YES YES then, THE next day I was told, sorry its been to long we have to start over and you need to pick a new rate????? What????? My rate went up/ I lost my $800 Lender rebate/ and that No FEES was now $140 that they could roll into my loan! MY loan officer was awesome he truly tried and made every effort to make this work. But I was planning on paying a $375 appraisal fee and using that $800 rebate to pay my $920 title company fees, that I found to keep costs down . Costing me $495 total.
The new terms would of cost me nearly $1500 and a higher rate on my loan. That is a lot of money for a single mom. So I passed. I made it very clear from the beginning I stopped a previous process, because of fee changes and rate hikes. What a waste of time! But I will not take something just because I have been dealing for to long! I have great credit, great debt ratio, and actually would of been good for there business. So Sorry RoundPoint your loss. To top it off when I said sorry you lost a good customer and gained another bad review. I was told sorry you saw some bad reviews, but we do thousands of loans and a small amount of bad ones is to be expected! I get he was upset but come one every business should care about poor reviews they will add up and even if you loose one person because of it isn't that BAD!!!


  • La
    Lauren Liberto Mar 24, 2014

    Client- I am the Customer Advocate Manager at RoundPoint Mortgage. I have read your review and I am very concerned regarding your feedback. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you directly regarding your experience. I can be reached directly at 704-839-5089 or at [email protected] Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you soon.
    Sincerely- Lauren Liberto- Customer Advocate Manager

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  • Re
    reginal johnson Jun 12, 2014

    I had the exact same experience. I swear the exact same experience. Maybe this is what they are trained to do Same delays, same additional fees. No return calls. Told on numerous occasions everything was moving along fine and 70 days later told I needed to clear something up and it would take me over my rate lock. Very misleading company who could care less that you have spent appraisal money and invested time. I beg anyone who reads this please use another lending. I do not care what they are promising you. Don't believe it. It is not worth your time or trouble.

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  • Ry
    Ryan Xiong Nov 17, 2016

    Same issue I had. I got sold on their credits but I never got any. I was figure to pay between $300-500 for my refinance due to divorce. It ended costing me $1200 for close and I made an extra payment to my previous lender, no skip of first payment.

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