Round Table Pizzadelivery order

Ma Oct 11, 2019

I called and placed my order, I provided the representative my full order, delivery address and credit card information. The order was placed but I was advised it was a 90 minute delivery time so I told the representative that I would ask my husband if he can pick up the order and I would call her right back.

I called back within 5 minutes and advised to keep the order as delivery. The representative then said your order did not go through and asked for all my information again. I checked my account online and seen that my credit card was charged. The representative proceeded to tell me she needed to charge me again because I was not in their system.

I asked for a manager and spoke with Cynthia, who also told me that I would have to place my order again and pay again and the money that was taken would be placed back in my account in 3-5 business days.

This is unacceptable customer service and I was on the phone for 45 minutes and still no pizza! Will have to order pizza from mountain mikes tonight!

Mary Vigil

Round Table Pizza

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