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Roku Complaints & Reviews

RokuRoku steaming stick

I have spent so much time, trying to get this worked out. There is no help or proper videos. A person is non-existent. I moved my Tv from one side of my room to the other. I carefully disconnected all attachments. Including roku streaming stick. when replaced, only the streaming stick was having issues. iI followed all videos Ii could find. Cut power, changed batteries, reset button on device.. Nothing. he ROKU
The screen shows the Roku logo, then after a few seconds blanks out. Then comes on again. The blanks out. Remote has no control on settings and they do not even appear.
I reset my internet and all other products work, but roku remains off line. I tried to get into settings on my computer. cannot even find them. The videos only say to go to settings, when quiz about how. no such vided appears.

I have three roku devices, the other two are working, but I have not moved them.
Truly poor customer service to sell and disappear.

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    RokuCharged extra

    I recently received an email advising that I had somehow purchased an additional channel. It had to do with some kind of "free trial offer". I objected and asked for the charges to be reversed. $16.99 recurring charge each month.

    My appeal, which has been blown off, was the following:

    "It is tantamount to graft and deceit to have as a default, the automatic charge without first requiring a password or similar acknowledgment.

     Default should be a required password on any initial charge.  You have it backwards so as to capture revenue from people who are caught unaware by your so called free trials.

    I did not use this service. I didn't want it.  And if I pushed a button, accepting a trial service, your sham worked I guess. - at least so far.

    You should be ashamed at this tactic.

    However, I will not pay this charge.  I will initiate a fraud challenge through my credit card company if you do not reverse the charge.

    And I want to be assured by you, in response to this text  that I have NO ADDITIONAL RECURRING ROKU CHARGES STILL IN PLACE.

    I must add that your very slow response to my communication about this matter is reprehensible.

    Just reverse this charge.  Do the right thing."

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      RokuSubscription Services

      Please Buyer Beware of Roku. Roku has made unauthorized charges from my checking account and has been unwilling and acting in bad faith to credit my account. I have filed dispute and fraud activity with my savings institution and deactivated my card in attempt to keep Roku for further misuse of my funds. Unfortunately, I will no longer buy Roku branded items. I currently own three Roku devices. Roku showed no desire to assist me in recovering my funds and I will remember that the next time I open my wallet to buy streaming devices.

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        RokuBlocking FOX News!

        I own three Roku TV's. I have been having issues trying to open Fox News and it has come to my attention that this is intentional on the part of RoKU.

        Simply stated, return my Fox News or I will go out an buy three competitive streaming options and never use Roku again. Period!

        Are you kidding me. Who is going to write a 350 word complaint! This is simply an attempt to limit complaints!

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          RokuMovie Cheech & Chong " The Corsican Brothers"

          Your channel has a movie called Cheech & Chong "The Corsican Brothers"

          This movie has NO AUDIO TRACK . While I realize I can use the closed caption,

          I find it hard to believe your viewers would like this version .

          This movie has been available for over a month and during this time

          it has NO AUDIO TRACK . I would really enjoy viewing this movie However

          with no SOUND it is next to impossible Please address this problem at

          you earliest convenience



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            RokuWestinghouse#e 50" tv

            I have a hacker on my tv, my child is been traumatized now 7 time this week an over 45 times in last month actions from turning off the game he plays, to turning off the tv set, after I reset the ssid and password from centurylink it only takes a week before hacker is at it again, the fix would be a way to encrypt or delete the network ssid simply on settings, westinghouse cant do a thing its all roku.!!! An to add ethernet cable won't work due to centurylink. Already tried the tv will run all online channels like youtube etc. Without a wired connection so these tvs are easy to hack an malware is not removable

            Westinghouse#e 50" tv

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              RokuCustomer support

              I have tried to cancel this service several times, but when I try to sign in to my account, I get an error message, "either the email of the password is incorrect". So, when I try to reset the password, I receive the message, "if this is a valid email address a 24 hour password reset code will be sent".
              That code never arrives. There is no telephone support and the online support cannot be accessed without signing in to the account, which is impossible!!!

              This crap company continues to try to charge my cc every month, even after I have placed a block on their attempts. This has gone on for months now!

              Avoid these clowns/crooks.

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                RokuRoku services

                First of all, Roku does not have a customer support phone number. The only way to contact them is via email and they outright refuse to help.
                1) I recently purchased a Roku device and would like to return the device for a full refund, but I cannot get an answer from Roku in this regard.
                2) They charged my credit card with so many charges which are not authorized. Prior to adding these channels I was not given a warning of such charges and gave no indication I will charged for those channels.

                I wrote e-mails to Roku explaining, but they refuse to give any refunds.

                Thank you,

                Jiju Kuruvilla

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                  • Se
                    sepa Mar 31, 2021

                    similar complaint, unauthorized access of my checking account. they do offer online chat but it is not productive. they have no ability to take action.

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                  RokuSundance Now/ Roku unjustified "free" trial charge

                  On Wednesday 25 November 2020 we signed on for a 7-day free trial with the Sundance Now streaming channel.
                  Immediately after signing on, we tried to open the movie we wanted to watch, but we were unable to do so because every time we clicked on "Watch Now" we were sent back to the beginning of the sequence and the movie never opened.
                  So, after several unsuccessful attempts to open the movie, and within 30 minutes of signing on to a 7-day "free" trial, we cancelled our subscription (November 25, 2020 at 9:22 pm). Although Sundance Now immediately acknowledged our cancellation in an email (see below), they charged our credit card the following day (November 26 2020 at 8:56 pm) for the full year subscription amount and they have refused to issue a refund. They are quite open about the fact that they do not issue refunds, but they have no explanation for the fact they charged our credit card within a "free" trial period and one day after they had acknowledged that we had cancelled our free trial subscription.

                  There was no justification for Sundance Now charging our credit card before the expiration of our free trial period, and we want the full amount to be returned to our credit card.

                  Below is a copy of the email we received on November 25 at 9:22 pm from Roku, acknowledging our cancellation. Contrary to what is stated in this email, we did not cancel a subscription to an "annual membership" but to a 7-day free trial membership, which started about 30 minutes before we cancelled.

                  Bernard Rochet
                  [protected] McDonald Park Road
                  North Saanich, BC V8L 5S7
                  Re: Roku Acct No. e12ee3ad-b5c6-11ea-90e5-0242ac110004
                  Dear Bernard Rochet:
                  We are writing to confirm your subscription to Sundance Now/Annual Membership (CA) has been cancelled.
                  You can manage your subscriptions from your Roku account or from your device.
                  Roku Customer Service
                  For more account help, visit go.roku.com/accounthelp

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                    RokuPremiere setting up in changed location

                    Roku Premiere unit purchased this year by my daughter worked fine when set up at her house. We wanted then to switch to another address/location (my house) and have continually encountered problems connecting wirelessly. Even done a factory reset but same problem.
                    Have checked and checked again network / WiFi working fine and correct password. My daughter has also removed unit from her account etc.

                    Have tried to get help from Roku and Roku Community etc but not forthcoming and it appears virtually impossible to speak to a real person at Roku, UK.

                    Now lost patience having wasted a lot of time going around in circles!

                    Please advise what to do and how to return unit.

                    Thank you
                    Mike Dams

                    Premiere setting up in changed location

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                      Oct 25, 2020

                      Roku — Billing

                      My name is Pamela and I try to get the free trial from fubo on Roku the other evening and I push the button...

                      RokuRoku ultra

                      Roku apparently blocks certain channels in Australia. In my case, Amazon Prime. Note that I can watch Amazon Prime in Australia on my Laptop or on the Telstra version of Roku, but not on my Roku Ultra. Despite adding Prime in my Roku account it does not appear in the menu on my Roku Ultra and neither do many apps displayed on the Roku box. Roku's response to other people suffering the same problem is to refer them to their content provider. But, Amazon doesn't block my content, Roku does and it is not honest in its replies to its customers. I would not have bought the Roku Prime device if I had known that it would block Amazon Prime.
                      My advice to anyone in Australia is DO NOT BUY a Roku.

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                        Sep 29, 2020

                        Roku — Charged me for the ufc fight after it had ended

                        I was charged by roku for the most recent ufc fight that occurred last on 09/26/2020 on espn plus. I went to...

                        Sep 22, 2020

                        Roku — Free channels should not need a pin - a pin is for charging fees

                        After being erroneously charged for a channel that never stated a fee, nor did it even load I was told by...


                        Roku blocking BigFilm TV service. Before we use this server, but after 3 mounts Roku block it. My review for Roku is -2. A lat of people from Brooklyn have same problem, but Roku customer service ignore it. I call to customer service, they ask money for helping and checking problem, I never buy more Roku products, and tell all my friends about Roku service

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                          RokuReturning a device

                          I recently purchased a Roku Express but now I want to return it. I'm well within the 30-day return policy. I've scrubbed their web site looking for directions for returns; however, my order (apparently) doesn't exist in their system. I do, in fact, have the product AND the charge is on my credit card statement. So, when they ask for an Order #, I'm unable to give one. I clicked on ROKU SUPPORT > ACCOUNT, BILLING, AND ORDERS, etc., but still cannot get past it. I called a few Roku phone numbers and when they answer with an automatic voice message system, they tell me that they are no longer receiving phone calls.

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                            Aug 28, 2020

                            Roku — Ultra issues

                            I have problem with Roku customer service. My Roku Ultra doesn't work properly: video and audio...

                            RokuNot carrying hbo max or peacock

                            When I purchased three Roku devices (and recommended many, many more) I expected to be able to access streaming services. Roku has become a Gatekeeper, not carrying HBO Max or Peacock. If one can't access streaming services, a streaming device is basically useless, Roku is treating its customers like pawns or products. I am beyond furious. I expected much better after being a loyal customer and evangelist for years.

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                              RokuI was charged $19.98 for no reason. I did not ask or want this and they refuse to take it off when my bank account shows they took it from me

                              They told me they have no record of this but they took it from my account. I have asked for a refund and NO one will give me one. I have told them I want nothing more and NO more charges that I will not authorize anything more for them to collect form me EVER. I only had my TV for abojut 9 days when this charge came up. Worst of the worst in businesses. DO NOT EVER order anything FROM them or buy any products of theirs:
                              My screen name is memacarter, here is the copy from my credit union which it was taken from: The Roku Channel [protected] DE Date 05/22/20 1 [protected] 0 4899

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                                May 17, 2020

                                Roku — Subscription to CBS all access

                                [Roku support: ticket updated] Re:3536490 - Questions about my account or billing Inbox x Roku...

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