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Roku Complaints & Reviews

Roku / watching the lifetime channel

pam5387 on Oct 13, 2018

I am attempting to watch the series YOU on lifetime channel through my Roku device. Unfortunately after creating a profile, providing my provider, creating a password etc., etc, I am able to get to the channel, but when I click on the YOU page is says USER NOT AUTHENTICATED. I have tried...

Roku / scam artist

Fuckuroku on Aug 21, 2018

This company is a fucking scam artist. Every hour there is some kind of bullhorn error message stating that my connection is under performing, freezes glitches stops closes, just a total piece of shit! I demand my money back! We will be pursuing lawsuit. I have had nothing but problem...

Roku / roku stick

Mark Stanich on Jul 27, 2018

My Roku has stopped working. I am getting a notice, "no internet connection was found." I followed the steps listed on your website. That didn't fix it. I have tried all my other devices they do have internet connection. I have rebooted my server, and unplugged/plugged my Roku stick, nothing. Are there any other steps I can take to fix this? Thank you

Roku / having to buy a security program on my computer before stick would be activated

violet jerman on May 14, 2018

I bought a ruko stick for my other tv and it stated there were no charge for installing but when I went to install may 12 2018 was told by assioate I have to buy a security for my online before installing was told the stick would not be installed unless I payed 79.00 no choice pay the...

Roku / roku ultra remote & customer service

Yolie67 on Apr 7, 2018

I purchased the Roku Ultra about a week ago and I really like it. However, right away I discovered the remote's back button doesn't work. My first step was to contact Deal Time from whom I purchased it from via Amazon. They were no help. They suggested I contact the manufacturer. So I then...

Roku / movies on roku channelthe

Lisa Holdge on Apr 5, 2018

I went to the Classics movies and tried to watch an old black and white movie titled Penny Serenade. Every time it came to the commercial, after the commercial, it would go back to the beginning of the movie. I couldn't get passed it so I tried another movie Sherlock Holmes and the Secret...

Roku / roku business relationship with customers

Robert_123456789 on Feb 21, 2018

1) I am a roku lover... I have 2 roku 4's, 1 roku 3 and 1 roku 2. 2) never had any issue with them until the 2 roku 4 units seemed to have failed. 3) as a recap (as per the 3 request tickets #1378967, 1392691 and 1402172), the issue started as follows: A) roku 4 in living room was frozen on...

Roku / return authorization

Gett'n Even on Jan 24, 2018

I have been waiting and waiting for the authorization from roku which I have both submitted online and received automatic responses from, as well as discussed with roku support. Nothing back and I am tired. So I am going down and purchasing a new roku, which I will use for 28 days and then...

Roku / roku streamer

Sheila Kelly on Jan 22, 2018

I just cancelled my acorn account. I explained to the rep that in the 2 years i've had the streamer i've watched roughly 10 videos. The remaining time has been spent watching a purple screen, plugging and unplugging just about everything, and chatting with company service people who under...

Roku / the roku streaming device

Cheryl D Bonds on Jan 10, 2018

I purchased a roku streaming device for my living room television around the middle of october 2017, because it is an older model television and because roku makes a device for them. After purchasing it, I realized thathte shows that I wanted to watch, I couldn't, unless I already a...

Roku / roku ultra streaming device

Larry Truong on Jan 1, 2018

I have a failed products, and called Roku customer service to get help. The rep kept me on the phone for 1.5 hours going through all sort of troubleshooting that did not solve the problem. Up to one point I told him I had enough and he needed to give a decision as it was getting to 11:30PM...

Roku / a support technician

Jayah Kamara on Sep 8, 2017

Early this evening, I had problems with my Roku remote when it was not pairing with the system. On explain what I was going through, he made me to type On accessing my computers system, he reset Roku and as soon as he exited my computer, I started experiencing viruse...

Roku / roku lt

Deb1796 on Aug 22, 2017

My device is a little over 2 years old. When I contacted roku by phone, which by the way, was very difficult to search out, I got a recording stating that no customer service is available for devices purchased before 2015. Mine was purchased in Dec 2014. It stated online help is avialable...

Roku / directtv. now

Becky Muncy on Jul 23, 2017

If you purchase 2 months of of they will send you a free Roku streaming box, but when you go to activate the box with the code on the screen, it doesn't work, so they tell you to go to roku/link and when you do, and put the code in it doesn't work. then a phone number...

Roku / unauthorized credit card charges

Bob457 on Jul 7, 2017

Placed an order on the Roku website on 7/7/2017. When order was submitted, I got a message that it could not be processed, "try again". Tried again to submit it. Got the same message. The charge is now appearing twice on my credit card. And there is no way to contact Roku Customer Support...

Roku / unauthorized company posing as roku

jenkcool on Jul 3, 2017

As you requested, we are notifying you of an online, phone or mail order charge. A charge of ($usd) 69.99 was authorized at netpros llc on 07/03/2017 11:38:28 am edt. This is what I got after installing my new roku. I thought I was conducting business with roku. I did this from the roku...

Roku / free trial cancellation / cannot get access to my roku account

Beau Cox on Jun 23, 2017

I could not cancel the free trial subscription cause I could not access my roku acct. When I asked to change my password - roku sent the link to my emaik account,... Obviously I am registered. After submitting new password,... Could not log in and was messaged that the email or password...

Roku / customer service

37003Gma on Jun 14, 2017

June 14, 2017: when my husband and I signed up for sling tv, they made us sign up through our roku account. The email address that my husband used to open his roku account had to be changed because it was no longer good. He contacted roku and did this. However, it did not update to sling...

[Resolved] Rokuactivationcode /

Harry030984 on Jun 4, 2017

Rokuactivationcode website people are created with a website like information and they do activation services for roku. Roku itself has the support team who can assist their customer but these kind of website people charge you around 50 to 60 usd. These people asked customer credit card...

Roku / customer service lies

CIsanogle on Aug 12, 2016

I own a first generation roku, which I have been happy with. My boyfriend and I recently moved away from our hometown in the dc metro area and he didn't want to miss his redskins games. So we purchased an nfl game pass subscription. But he hated having to watch the game on our desktop...