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I was charged $19.98 for no reason. I did not ask or want this and they refuse to take it off when my bank account shows they took it from me

They told me they have no record of this but they took it from my account. I have asked for a refund and NO one will give me one. I have told them I want nothing more and NO more charges that I will not authorize anything more for them to collect form me EVER. I only had my TV for abojut 9 days when this charge came up. Worst of the worst in businesses. DO NOT EVER order anything FROM them or buy any products of theirs:
My screen name is memacarter, here is the copy from my credit union which it was taken from: The Roku Channel [protected] DE Date 05/22/20 1 [protected] 0 4899

Subscription to CBS all access

[Roku support: ticket updated] Re:3536490 - Questions about my account or billing Inbox x Roku...

did not realize I would be billed for a subscription unless I opted out

I bought a small Roku device as a gift for my daughter in law and helped set it up. I use my email account to set it up but did not realize I would be billed for a subscription unless I opted out. I have been been billed for several months for a ‘Disney' subscription I did not order, nor do not use. Now I can't even find my Roku account online to stop Roku from dipping their thieving hands into my credit card account to steal money from me each month.

Trying to get thru to a human customer service rep is a pitiful joke. I have been forced to cancel a credit card and have a new one issued to prevent Roku's monthly thievery.

I am not a happy camper and will diss on anything labeled ‘Roku' now and forevermore.

purchased streaming channel "hallmark movies now"

I purchased an entire year of streaming from ROKU on Dec. 9, 2019. The channel stopped working on Jan. 7, 2020. Sent several emails and they refused to help. According to ROKU there is no refunds once purchased.
I paid for a service that failed and yet they don't seem to care. Once they get your money they no longer want to hear about any problems you may have.
I will no longer purchase any streaming channels through ROKU.
Beware by being informed.

roku ultra replacement charge

2/24/20 Purchased the Roku Ultra and in 14 days it had an issue, voice narrative automatically came on and...

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roku premiere

This is a very bad experience with Roku since I catch there are no filter to block sexual contains. Please add a new options in parameters to block all these. This is very shocking that Roku is mixing religious and sexual contains / wallpaper and screensaver. It's need also to add more separation between selected contain and leave the users arrange it how they like.

activation for my tv

My name is rob Anderson ([protected] I called the activation number the man named James at [protected] he then said to activate my tv I had to pay 99 dollars or 179 dollars to activate my tv. They did get my tv to turn on but My son has the same tv and didn't have to pay anything. I got scammed 199 dollars. Can you please help. The number the technician called is [protected].
Please help get my money back. I'm disabled and got scammed

activation for my tv

  • Sa
    SandyKS Feb 24, 2020

    Rob, the same thing happened to me just yesterday 2/24/20! It was a case of blackmail because if I didn't pay either the $59.00 or $79.00 fee, I was not going to be able to use the roku service.
    This is an unacceptable business practice and we are owed a refund and the right to continue the programming!

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  • Sa
    SandyKS Feb 24, 2020

    @SandyKS Rob, the same thing happened to me just yesterday 2/24/20! It was a case of blackmail because if I didn't pay either the $59.00 or $79.00 fee, I was not going to be able to use the roku service.
    This is an unacceptable business practice and we are owed a refund and the right to continue the programming!

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roku unauthorized charges

My husband phone Roku customer service today, 20 Sep 2019, after several attempts a gentleman answered. My husband explained the charges on our bank statement of $92.23 paid July 15th, and
for a $64.19 we thought must be calculating for a year service. Nope, monthly $5.34 continued. The customer rep instructed my husband to screen shot the bank statement portions with those two over charges and that he will email my husband as to where to send it. As of 12 hours later we have not received the email.. We have canceled our Roku subscription and removed our debit card info. Would really like to talk to a live person to help understand these over charges when the service is supposed to be $5.34 a month?


I bought one of your smart TV's and tried to Activate it online but couldn't do it without having to call. And when I called your Activation number they insisted I had to pay a one time Activation fee of $100 American. And I repeatedly said to the operator that on the TV screen it says that there is no charge for Activation fee or support service but your operator insisted otherwise. So I feel like this is a huge scam and I'm going to take this to the media and news.



roku billing / unauthorized charges

To whom it may concern,

Today September 9th, 2018 I initiated a call to Roku Support in an effort to find out why the Credit Card associated with my account had been charged for services I had not requested/subscribed to/accessed.

The charge was for $1.00 from Roku Channel Store. I questioned this charge and was told the charge had nothing to do with ROKU, this was an issue with my Bank.

I initiated the call to ROKU at approximately 9:00am PST on todays date (Sept 9, 2019). Each and every time I requested why these charges were incurring I was told time and time again, Call HULU, Call Sling, "Call your Bank".

This exchange went back and forth for over a period of 6+ hours of non-stop interaction with brief periods when I left the call to call my bank at the direction of ROKU, knowing full well this had nothing to do with my bank.

I requested to speak with a ROKU Supervisor and was told they (a Supervisor) will tell me the same thing.

I was then told by Aiki (ROKU Cust. SRVC.) that I should call HULU and Sling as it was their issue. I again asked for a supervisor. I was told to conference call my Bank with ROKU at which point I was hung up on.

I called again and was told no Supervisors were available and I was put on a call back list. A short time later I received a call from Tracy (Supervisor Roku?)

Tracy said the issue was not ROKU's, it was mine and I had subscriptions and free trials active.

I activated my ROKU Account in December of 2018. I have never ordered a subscription service through ROKU, have never signed up for HULU, Sling or any other service. Period.

At that point I called my Bank on my cell Phone and had my wife call ROKU on our home phone.

While on the phone with both ROKU and my bank Tracy told me she knew what the problem was and assured me (as I already knew) this had nothing to do with my bank and I was able to terminate the call to my bank that was conferenced in.

Tracy had me turn on my ROKU, navigate to System "ABOUT"', asked for the Serial # and put me on hold. Again.

Keep in mind I have now been on the phone virtually non-stop for over 6 hours between ROKU and my Bank.

During this 6+ hours on the phone I checked my Bank as I had received a text alert from them informing me a charge had just been initiated.

The charge was once again from ROKU and happened during the period on was on the phone with ROKU.

At this point I had a total of 12 line items on my bank account all from ROKU in less than 24hrs with (4)four charges coming during the time I was on the phone with ROKU.

Tracy came back on the line and informed me I would need to call back to ROKU once the billing came through for the subscriptions I never had and ask for credits as well as calling my Bank back and disputing the charges.

This was totally unacceptable and as I pushed her for answers she divulged to me there was and is a "Known System Issue with ROKU/HULU/SLING" and they knew this the entire time I was on the phone.

She informed me HULU/SLING/ROKU were overcharging or charging without authorization.

So for 6+ hours everything I was told was a fabrication/lie to cover up the fact ROKU/HULU/SLING were and are having system issues.

The actions taken by ROKU, the time I was on the phone, the calls to the Bank at the direction of ROKU, being told all of these issues with my account had nothing to do with ROKU until I was finally told the truth that this issue has been ongoing for quite sometime.

This is all Unacceptable and any trust I had with ROKU is gone completely. To spend hours on the phone trying to cover the fact that you (ROKU) are having known problems and putting a Customer through this type of stress is beyond comprehension.

Tracy (ROKU) told me if I was unhappy to send an email to corporate. She would not provide me with a name of someone I could talk to, a phone number and I would receive an email documenting the call with a reference # and transcript.

As of this writing I have received nothing.

I have attached a screenshot showing the charges that continue to show up on my account without authorization.

I have had to put a "Fraud Hold" on my account as I have no idea what the HULU/SLING/ROKU issue is. (System Glitch, Hack, ??)

I will expect a response from ROKU within the next business day to discuss and resolve this issue at the contact information provided at the head of this e-mail.

Poor customer service is one thing, Lying to Customers about known issues is another.


roku billing / unauthorized charges


over charge attempt

New Roku device, during activation following the directions on the paper enclosed I put in the code it gave me, it then popped up a screen saying the code didn't work and that I had to call an 889 phone number (during your directions) I screen shoted this to call the FBI and scam report. I tried twice with the code you sent, no success. I called the 888 number YOU proviced with the code was rejected. Evidently you are involved in this scam! They said the activation was free but I had to pay $79 for the Roku Channel, I said NO I don't and they said then you won't have it then. They had already selected my channels, and got my phone number and email address. Why is this number popping up during the installation/activation process of your instructions???!!! I hung up and found out they have me locked out of the Roku Channel, and I cannot add ANY channels. I had to reset to start over, then this time it is demanding that I put in a credit card number and asking for my birth date, AGAIN, during YOUR installation process. I know you say to watch out for scams asking for this info, but YOU are the ones that have it popping up during activation!! NOW I have scammers with my info comming through my email with my personal info!! I hold YOU accoutable for this!
Earlene CAves ...I am forwarding this to the FBI and BBBB, and scam report


Roku is horrible. Worst electronic maker ever!!! The television quality is trash. It signs me out of my apps constantly. Sometimes it cuts off. Will also tell you that you don't have internet connection when every other valuable device is connected. I hate I wasted my money on this crap and the manufacturers should be arrested for fraud. People should stop being cheap and buy better products. The name Roku should have told me that this product was full of crap. Roku should be shut down and they should have to pay back money for all they have stole with these crappy ass products they make!!

customer service/support

After a big problem while watching Roku, I called customer service after trying to connect to their live chat and was given the run around.. 2 1/2 hours of promises of 21, 41, 51 minute wait times I was forced to give my phone number and promised they would call. After 2 1/ 2 hours and 3 calls and leaving my number I got a text message saying to call back. I did with the same bs. I tried live chat again and was told technical support would connect and solve my problem. That too was a lie. Is there actually any customer service or support? I'm fairly certain now that there isn't. After 3 Roku devices and over $150 spent on them I am one angry, unhappy customer.

  • Updated by Chimane Helder · Aug 10, 2019

    The WORST customer service, SCAM, there is none..

  • Updated by Chimane Helder · Aug 10, 2019

    Customer service is a lie, joke

customer service unsatisfactory

Customer Service Manager Jennifer was rude and very unprofessional when I asked them to refund my fathers $100 charge for fixing an error on the initial install that tech support was needed to resolve. I was asked to never call them again after several minutes of her talking over me and saying my father should not be calling if he is hard of hearing

roku device

I called Roku since my remote was not working. They sent me another remote and that still did not work. Roku told me to have my Internet Service Provider come out since they said the device was not receiving the signals from the router. My ISP came out and the signal was perfect. It was the whole device. Roku then said the device was out of warranty but would not give me the date I purchased it or how the long the warranty was for. I tried to look it up on my account but the information was conveniently missing. Roku then said they would replace the device and send me email instructions on how to send it back. Now they reversed and said they would send me another remote but not a new device. Shame on them!


I am about sick and tired of companies pushing agendas. I do not want to see another commercial showing anyone on the toilet. You can remove the me undies commercial, people can sell underwear without showing someone on the toilet, or someone with underwear up their ass. We have small children that watch ROKU and they have no business seeing that, feel free to leave that to the internet, I know that you people think that children should be exposed to everything, but they shouldn't, just by seeing the latest commercials, I can see where this is going, feel free to get out of the political arena, people watch ROKU (any programming) for entertainment, not companies pushing agendas, keep it up and we will take all ROKU devices out of the house.

  • De
    Debra Gorney Nov 13, 2019

    I can't stand it. The volumn on commercials screech, wails, screams jumps twice as loud as the program. It's unacceptable. Can it be fixed?

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espn subscription

I canceled the ESPN subscription through ROKU 2 months ago. Today, the subscription turned itself back on, and i had to unsubscribe again. I request a refund please. I do not want ESPN. Im also quite annoyed that ROKUs website had been extremely deliberate about making it impossible to find a way to contact them... every form of possible contact should be the first thing i see when i open the contact us page

ruko streaming stick +

I have a Roku streaming stick+ with utube TV app. I love it. However the remote is a piece of garbage, it loses its pairing over and over again. It works fine one minute then the pairing is lost. Sometimes it's easy to re-pair other times it may take 15 minutes. I have followed "all" of the suggested methods to get it to work consistently. How can you allow your company to sell such a POS? I know I'm not the only person having this problem. Please advise,


This person from Roku supposedly working at Roku his name was James he charged my credit card $84.99 for 100 channel & also the number is [protected] he said that on my credit card statement name would appear as AlCOTT. I don't think this is right or fair to people that are trying to set up there Roku to be getting scammed by the own employees I am not happy with this service at all that I have gotten.

watching the lifetime channel

I am attempting to watch the series YOU on lifetime channel through my Roku device. Unfortunately after...

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