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watching the lifetime channel

I am attempting to watch the series YOU on lifetime channel through my Roku device. Unfortunately after...

scam artist

This company is a [censored]ing scam artist. Every hour there is some kind of bullhorn error message stating that...

roku stick

My Roku has stopped working. I am getting a notice, "no internet connection was found." I followed the step...

having to buy a security program on my computer before stick would be activated

I bought a ruko stick for my other tv and it stated there were no charge for installing but when I went to install may 12 2018 was told by assioate I have to buy a security for my online before installing was told the stick would not be installed unless I payed 79.00 no choice pay the money or not install my stick payed 50.00 on my credit card and was told they would call me in a week for finel payment I think I was scamed his name was paul this does not sound right calling for payment if this is a scam I would like my money returned

roku ultra remote & customer service

I purchased the Roku Ultra about a week ago and I really like it. However, right away I discovered the remote's back button doesn't work. My first step was to contact Deal Time from whom I purchased it from via Amazon. They were no help. They suggested I contact the manufacturer. So I then contacted Amazon, who also was of no help, and Roku. All I wanted was a new remote.

It has been 4 days since I've contacted Roku and I have not heard a word from them. I'm very disappointed and not happy at all with their lack of customer service. Like I said, all I want is a new, fully working remote.

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    Paul L. Grimala Apr 07, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a Roku streaming stick+ with utube TV app. I love it. However the remote is a piece of garbage, it loses its pairing over and over again. It works fine one minute then the pairing is lost. Sometimes it's easy to re-pair other times it may take 15 minutes. I have followed "all" of the suggested methods to get it to work consistently. How can you allow your company to sell such a POS? I know I'm not the only person having this problem. Please advise,

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movies on roku channelthe

I went to the Classics movies and tried to watch an old black and white movie titled Penny Serenade. Every time it came to the commercial, after the commercial, it would go back to the beginning of the movie. I couldn't get passed it so I tried another movie Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon and it did the exact same thing. It went back to the opening credits and started from the beginning no matter what I did. I hope you can fix this as I really enjoy the old movies.

Lisa Holdge

roku business relationship with customers

1) I am a roku lover... I have 2 roku 4's, 1 roku 3 and 1 roku 2.
2) never had any issue with them until the 2 roku 4 units seemed to have failed.
3) as a recap (as per the 3 request tickets #1378967, 1392691 and 1402172), the issue started as follows:
A) roku 4 in living room was frozen on menu screen.
B) tried to restart with screen... Frozen.
C) pulled out the "plug" from the roku 4 and it started up with the roku screen looping.
D) tried to reset by holding the "button" at the bottom for 30 seconds or more... Still looping.
E) went to the bedroom where the other roku 4 is and verified that it is working ok.
F) decided to swap the bedroom unit with the living room unit and the bedroom unit is now looping.
G) swapped the bedroom unit and the living room unit back and the bedroom unit is now looping.
H) called roku customer support and went through all the roku testing... Same result.
I) roku customer support recommended buying a new power unit... I did... Same result.
J) roku customer support concluded that both units are defected and the only solution is to buy 2 more units since my warranty is over.
4) is there anything that the roku company can do for me => I asked roku customer support.

Roku response:
Hi robert,

Your request # (1402172) has been marked as resolved.
To add additional comments to this ticket, reply to this email.
Issue : re: stuck on roku logo

Ash, feb 21, 14:53 pst:
Hi robert,
Thank you for writing to us, while checking your account in the email address ([protected], I see the both the roku 4 devices are out of warranty. Unfortunately, we can't replace the device for you. I request you to select the link given below and select the products option in the top to check about the new roku models available in market.
Link :

Take care and have a good day.

This is my warning to all roku owners:

1) despite the fact that I am a satisfied, happy roku owner and a roku lover with 4 roku devices, I would have thought that roku would have given me a discount on a purchase of a new roku unit... At least.
2) I would have thought roku would have wanted their original power unit back and the old roku's (roku 4's) back for analysis.
3) my assumptions are:
A) roku did some update that made the 2 rok4's useless???
B) the power unit somehow "fried" the roku 4 and then when I swapped it out
For my other roku 4 that was working.. It "fried" this too.

What can I say? I guess this is their business practice??? Sad

return authorization

I have been waiting and waiting for the authorization from roku which I have both submitted online and...

roku streamer

I just cancelled my acorn account. I explained to the rep that in the 2 years i've had the streamer i've...

the roku streaming device

I purchased a roku streaming device for my living room television around the middle of october 2017, because it is an older model television and because roku makes a device for them. After purchasing it, I realized thathte shows that I wanted to watch, I couldn't, unless I already a subscription to them through my cable company. If I would have know that from the beginning, I would not have purchased it.
Because, when you see the commercials on t.V., it does not state that t hat you need to have any kind of subscriptions to get the free streaming channels.

The channels that are being streamed free are only 3 - 5 minutes long or have been streaming for over a month of so. Bud their advertisements and commercials states that the "new shows" are being streamed for free every week, and that is an blatant out right lie.

Roku needs to stop showing false advertisement commercials and tell the consumers the truth.

I have reached out to roku so many times requesting answers to my questions and no one has every gotten back to me. And when you try calling the 800 number, sometimes it just ring or other times, a recording will come on and telling you to go their website for answers to your questions; which I have already done so; and there isn't anything there to answer my questions.

roku ultra streaming device

I have a failed products, and called Roku customer service to get help. The rep kept me on the phone for 1.5 hours going through all sort of troubleshooting that did not solve the problem. Up to one point I told him I had enough and he needed to give a decision as it was getting to 11:30PM EST. He still wanted me to go through other troubleshooting steps that were just repeats of what I did earlier. I asked to speak to a supervisor who did even more troubleshooting without resolving the case. After another 15 minutes I asked for a resolution as it is a failed products. She did not even issue an RMA, but chose instead to escalate the issue further and told me that they would get back to me ... in how long, I was not sure.

It appears the reps did not believe I had a problem with my Roku, so they made me going through steps to catch if I was lying ... for over an hour. Great way to treat their customer! They forgot I bought the Roku device so I could watch TV. Keeping me that long on the phone while the Cotton Bowl was going on was such a torture. I told both reps. They acknowledged my pains, just as they were trained, but showed no understanding that I needed to wrap up the call...

Will be glad to replace all 4 Roku device with another brand. This time I will research for quality of customer care!

a support technician

Early this evening, I had problems with my Roku remote when it was not pairing with the system. On explain what I was going through, he made me to type On accessing my computers system, he reset Roku and as soon as he exited my computer, I started experiencing viruses on my computer. When I called back, the other technician said they could fix the problem but have to pay $100.00 for life time virus protection. I refused. My wife and I then came to realize it was done to fraudulently extract a $100 from us. I then told the gentleman that we preferred paying that amount to other technician and not ROUKU technician.
It happen today, 9/8/2017 between the hours 7p and 8pm


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    Wendy McCray Mar 26, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a Roku 3 off Ebay, after have had one for my bedroom for a couple years. Went thru tech support at least a dozen times. It would not activate, so I allowed them to remotely take my computer over to activate, then out of the blue, they told me I had virus's on my computer (when that day I had none), they showed me a goole screen, not google to prove to me it was infected, then went into control panel and they did some stuff. I went on google just fine thereafter...? Then they wanted to charge me $149 to fix my computer, that hadn't any virus's on it before hand. Of course I am not giving them all that money and my computer ran a virus scan that morning. So then they sent me to to use this other number that didn't work. YES, Roku is scamming and causing issues on people's computer so you can't activate your device without giving them $149. I am so pissed off!!!

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roku lt

My device is a little over 2 years old. When I contacted roku by phone, which by the way, was very difficult to search out, I got a recording stating that no customer service is available for devices purchased before 2015. Mine was purchased in Dec 2014. It stated online help is avialable only. That was an incorrect statement, there is no customer service online either. There are lists of problems that you may or may not be having but the problem I have: subscribing to a paid channel that will not load, is not one of the topics they address. So, no customer service. I spent 3 days trying to find an answer to my issue to no avail. It is not listed in their so called online customer support. I would not recommend this company to anyone. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen.

directtv. now

If you purchase 2 months of of they will send you a free Roku streaming box, but when you go to...

unauthorized credit card charges

Placed an order on the Roku website on 7/7/2017. When order was submitted, I got a message that it could not be processed, "try again". Tried again to submit it. Got the same message. The charge is now appearing twice on my credit card. And there is no way to contact Roku Customer Support to resolve it. No email addresses. No phone numbers. Not even any assistance thru their FB page. So I'm out over $100.

unauthorized company posing as roku

As you requested, we are notifying you of an online, phone or mail order charge. A charge of ($usd) 69.99 wa...

free trial cancellation / cannot get access to my roku account

I could not cancel the free trial subscription cause I could not access my roku acct.

When I asked to change my password - roku sent the link to my emaik account,... Obviously I am registered.

After submitting new password,... Could not log in and was messaged that the email or password were invalid.

This has gone on for days.

You cannot get a link to lodge a complaint with a human being.

The only thing that does work is my bank account in which roku has no problem communicating with.

customer service

June 14, 2017: when my husband and I signed up for sling tv, they made us sign up through our roku account...


Rokuactivationcode website people are created with a website like information and they do activation service...

customer service lies

I own a first generation roku, which I have been happy with. My boyfriend and I recently moved away from our hometown in the dc metro area and he didn't want to miss his redskins games. So we purchased an nfl game pass subscription. But he hated having to watch the game on our desktop computer so when I read online that roku added an nfl channel that also allowed you to use your game pass subscription, I was excited. I couldn't find the nfl channel on our older roku and assumed I would have to upgrade to a newer player, but I called customer service to make sure that the player I wanted to order would support game pass. I was told that all the newer players would, and that because I owned a first generation player I qualified for a 20 percent discount for upgrading. So the next morning I went onto roku' s website to place my order and discovered that the discount did not apply automatically so I called customer service back to ask if there was a coupon code that I needed. I was told by the customer service representative that the discount was no longer available and that I was told that in error. I asked the representative and bis supervisor if they would honor what the first representative told me less than 12 hours earlier, and although they never denied that I was offered the discount, they refused to honor it. They either all need to get on the same page and train their representatives properly or honor their representative' s mistakes. I never asked for a discount... It was offered to me, but when a company tells you something, you should be able to count on it. I was originally going to purchase a less expensive player, but I told my boyfriend last night that because of the discount I would buy the best player so he could use it with the new hd 4k ultra tv he just purchased and watch his games on it. Now, because I am a person of my word, I am stuck paying more money than I intended because roku lies to their customers and feels no need to apologize about it. Amazon has much better service. I have owned three kindle fires and have had great customer service. I suggest going with fire tv over roku.