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I was having trouble with a channel on roku's site. First I tried chatting, but the customer service rep, steve, took more than 2 minutes on every response. So I called. I was told to contact the channel directly. As usual, no help from roku. I was also told for any further phone calls, roku would charge me $9.99! Charging for customer service! Is this even legal? And the probably turned out to be not with the channel, but with roku. I was having trouble with my retro flix, with movies constantly reloading after 30 seconds of play. It turned out not to happen on my laptop, only with the roku. So it is their problem but they, as usual, passed the buck. So don't count on receiving any customer service from roku.

stick device

We bought a roku "stick"for streaming tv and it doesn't work. We followed the instructions to the letter and the tv screen only shows a message that the device cannot connect to the internet. Our internet service works perfectly with everything but the brand new roku! Online customer complaint forums indicate that others have the same problem with their rokus. Roku's so-called customer service is in india and the reps do not understand simple english. My wife spent an hour and a half on the phone with indians telling her to remove the batteries from the remote and do other simple things that didn't work. They did not understand when she would respond that she had just done what they suggested. It was very clear that the reps did not understand much english. My wife ended up in tears. Plus the indians didn't understand that we wanted our money back for a defective product! Roku has the worst customer service we've ever experienced.

unresponsive customer service

I bought a defective roku streaming device from roku, inc. And immediately contacted customer service...


Purchased device mostly for miracast as I already have a smart tv. Device connected, found network, checked network, performed updates provided me an activation code to create an account online. That's where the frustration started. Would never activate. Tech support is a scam that tries to sell you virus checkers and windows services that already exist in windows. One guy wanted me to give him the admin user name and pw to my cable modem gui. This thing is a scam, beware!!!


I ordered 30 rokus
20 x roku streaming stick hdmi version
10 x roku 3 digital hd 1080p streaming media player

The provider with out asking sent me 100 more rokus and forced me to pay all the total...
I accepted pay the balanced but he hold on the shippment until I made the payment. I made all the payment but wester union block it because of possible fruad, I didnt paid the total because I tought was fruad, he got mad and I didnt recived the order and I lost my money.

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update sucks

Roku did a irreversible interface update on their { my } equipment and now it doesn't play my family movie...

posting full credit

Bought a roku player. Returned it within a week. It took almost six weeks and three phone calls to get my...

machine doesn't work

I made the mistake of buying a roku video streaming machine (to view netflix movies) and it has not worked<...

Resolved rip off

My wife purchased a roku player for me for christmas. She wasn't certain that i'd love it, so she took comfort in the adverstised claim that roku would take the unit back, postage paid, if for any reason we wanted to return it within 30 days. We'll I had no interest in the product and contacted roku by email that I would like return instructions. They promptly responded and said they would send me a rma and postage paid label. That was the easy part. After nearly a dozen emails and phone calls, and a dispute of the charge with my credit card company they finally, after five weeks emailed a rma and return label. Now when I email them requesting when I can expect to see the credit on my credit card, they only respond back with the standard canned response of someone will get back with me, which they never do with an acceptable resolution. I feel this company is unethical and I am so glad I didn't keep the roku and ever need support.

Resolved no refund on returned item

I have have similiar difficutlties as previous customers... No refund. It has been over a month, I call weekly, and each time I am promised that I will be refunded for a retuned roku player. I have not yet received a refund. I notified my credit card company to take action and have also complained to I hope that either of these will satisfy my request.

  • Ri
    Rickysan Mar 19, 2010

    Caveat Emptor Roku:
    My experience is the same. I have been promised a return of my money twice now but nothing happens. Roku received my unit March 1, 2010 and signed for by C. Morrison.
    Today is the 19th. I have spoken to India twice by phone and a couple of times by email. There is no phone number readily available to speak with their corporate offices. I am assuming that I will have to go to my credit card company to get a return. Before you buy be certain that this is what you want to do because solving problems appears to be extremely difficult with this company.
    Unhappy Rick

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Resolved customer service

Roku inc sells a device that connects to both tv and computer by wireless or ethernet connection in order to...

Resolved customer service

Free return shipping my #!!! I have talked to 5 different roku "customer service" respresentatives trying to get them to email me a return shipping label. Every 2-3 days I get a new email from a different representative saying they recommend I wait 2-3 days before receiving the shipping label. I don't know why I have to wait 2-3 days for an email. But that was over a week ago. I've spoken to 2-3 people on the phone-they were no help at all. And two randoms have emailed me suggesting I wait. They advertise a 30 day money back guarantee but they won't give you a shipping label within the 30 days. What a #in joke. Do not buy this player-a ps3 or computer can stream netflix movies. Don't waste your time or money on this "roku" player.
Oh and the best part is, I could have written "return to sender" and it could have been returned however when I called for to request a return shipping label they needed the "serial number' of my player so I had to open the box to get that information. Sneaky roku, sneaky. I hope no one buys your worthless player.
Merry christmas

Resolved customer service is a joke!

Stay away from this company! (unless you have money to throw away, then by all means) I ordered one of these units as a birthday present for my mother, two weeks early. I'm a student, and don't have much money, so I could barley afford this unit, so the "free shipping" was my incentive for buying it.

The roku website says 9 days for delivery, I had plenty of time... Or so I thought. Each time I track my package, I get a new, later date, (and the shipment is only a direct line, from california to nevada!) if I had known it actually take more than two weeks from california to nevada, I would never have ordered this thing. How long from california to ny? Three months??

Roku customer service: "bob jones", with an illegible indian accent, clearly could care less, an suggested that I buy a new one, and send that one back after it arrives the day after my mother's birthday! (then I can have two units that don't arrive on time!) thanks bob, you're a bloody genius!!

Why even bother with these fake "customer service departments?"it's not just with this company, it's now with everything. People, we need to take our country back!! It's either late, never, or just plain junk if we get it!

I just want companies to tell the truth on their web-sites. That's all. Don't pretend to be an american company, steal my money, then have "bob jones" laugh at me from some boiler room in bangladesh!

Just add this company to your christmas list of "shady" companies to deal with! Sadly, like everything else in our country now, this is a scam!

  • Co
    Commander Prime Jul 04, 2011

    U might have had issues with the player service or with its delivery missy but that does not mean everyone has issues. Many love the player. The attitude that you show reflects back. Hope u have better attitude towards other customer support that you face. That might as well help!

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  • Ma
    Mark-Patty Krautsack Mar 02, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree the customer service is horrible. They were impossible to understand and totally ignorant of the product line. They were completely clueless, untrained and offered absolutely no assistance in solving my issue what so ever. The lady I spoke with kept insisting the Roku express has a reset button on the unit and after a 7 min hold she gets back to me with another # to call. I manager to finally figure out the solution myself.

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Resolved bad service

Ordered the roku player to play netflix movies via the internet as a christmas gift in late november (21...