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I paid for a 3-day real estate training seminar (10/3/08 – 10/5/08) and what I got was a 3 day sales pitch on additional seminars. When the “instructor” was asked several times when we would be receiving training he stated that “you didn’t expect to receive detailed information on real estate in 3 days did you?”

A large chunk of the seminar was about success stories of people who used the additional training. The instructor talked a lot about the deals he has done. During a small chunk of the seminar he talked about his personal life, family, his weight loss success, etc. He talked a lot about the Cash Flow 101 game; also for sale. And attendants played the game several times during the “training”.

Bottom-line, this seminar is a sales pitch disguised as an education seminar. Don't waste your money.

I have contacted Whitney Education today and left a message for Rachelle Stokes; I have also faxed them a request for refund. No one ever called me back.


  • Bo
    BornHawaiian Mar 19, 2009

    I wish I knew then, what i know now. I completely agree that this is a complete scam. I just attended the 3-day training seminar in Hawaii. I'm a local girl who thought I could trust a local boy. Wrong. I'm disappointed to say the least. In addition to being a sales pitch disguised as an education seminar, it was a 3-day psycho manipulation class that fed participants ego and fears which is why half the class signed up to pay for additional training at the cost of $10, 000 - $65, 000 "on-site" (travel expenses to out-of-state classes not included). I asked for a refund at the beginning of day-3 and I'm waiting for a response.

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  • Ke
    Ken Apr 19, 2009

    Did you go through all of the books and tapes that came with training? How many offers did you make with the contracts given in those materials? If you have read Robert's books and believe in his philosophy, imagine the time and energy you can spend making offers to make thousands of dollars rather trying to get a few hundred dollars of a refund or whatever you spent.

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  • Il
    ILL TAKE YOUR CASH Jul 02, 2009


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  • Sa
    sallykercher Sep 14, 2009

    super duper scam and sad, lots and lots of success stories but little if any substance into the material and lots of "attend our advance courses", etc. which range from $5, 000 to $63, 000.

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  • Am
    Amberrow Nov 16, 2009

    I also attended a $495 seminar last weekend (11/13-11/15 ), i can't believe what professional scam artist they are! They spent the whole time advertising for Trigent Training, which is NOT Cashflow inc., anyways complete waste of time, DO NOT attend, you will be wasting your time .

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  • Ma
    Mark Levy Nov 17, 2009

    First, we believe in the Rich Dad Poor Dad books that Robert Kiyosaki wrote. We have followed his teachings - taking a duplex, 7 years ago, into a 256 unit portfolio of 3 large apartment complexes. Thank you - Robert.
    Now the truth about these so-called Rich Dad seminars where Robert is not in attendance. We the faithful signed up for this seminar .. paid our $495 for the class. On the first day they pass out a workbook..."Its blank" they tell you they want you to take note to learn more? OK? but from their there they continue the “car sales” approach to making money. You are than "EST" to death and told more than 3 hundred times to take more classes ... and if you sign up during the 3 day event you receive a huge discount. So the cost of the full blown education including a mentor is .. are you ready $40, 000.00. WHAT a bargain!
    I have to tell you honestly .. you would be much better off buying the books and sitting down and reading for 3 days. Yes - you will have to buy your own lunch. But that’s a good thing since the first day of the seminar they did not provide lunch until close to 2:00. All in an effort to break you down. Robert needs to get back in the game .. clearly the goal is no longer to help people but to sell .. sell.. sell product. Please, please don't fall for these so-called seminars. Get the books read them and get rich.. O" and tell Robert to get back to his roots.

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  • Br
    BrooklynGator Nov 20, 2009

    I just took the first day of the training. I am disappointed that Robert Kiyosaki would attach his name to this "seminar", otherwise I would not have signed up. I am taking the "Launch Your Business Basic Training." It's pretty much a joke. I should have sticked to the books as other people said. The instructor is an expert on foreclosures. The foreclosure training they offer costs $3300 (this is at a steep "discount) so I asked the instructor if there were any books on foreclosures she would recommend. She couldn't name a single one and then proceeded to brow beat me into signing up for their training. She asked why I couldn't afford the $3300 course and basically said if I had a credit card with available credit I should be signing up for the class. The class is a giant infomercial for specialized training and I wish that I could get my money back. STAY away from TIGRENT Education.

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  • Mi
    mike9254 Nov 21, 2009

    I see these complaints from people who just like to complain. I have learned how to invest properly in Real Estate after trying to teach myself. I see these cpmplaints coming from people who think it should be easy to be successful and create wealth. Also, they have an entitlement attitude that it should be cheap or even free. Keep doing what your doing and you'll get what you got. Obviuosly they are searching for something else, they just want it free or cheap. Try working a little harder.

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  • Schizy Dec 08, 2018

    @mike9254 "Try working a little harder". You mean try pissing away even more money? That's what's offered.

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  • Br
    BrooklynGator Nov 21, 2009

    I made a mistake on my previous comments. A single course with no mentoring will set you back $8000, not $3300. The $3300 was what It would have "saved" by signing up this weekend. If you take it for full price it's $11K. Also the instructor was able to help me find some books on foreclosures today. She did some research on her own time for me which I appreciated. I just felt that she should have been able to give me a few titles off the top of her head. She is a very savvy investor and a great speaker. I just wasn't expecting the weekend to be an infomerical for their advanced training and for them to make you the jump to "franchising" your concept right off the bat. I thought we were going to be taught how to "launch" a business and that's why I forked over $500 of my hard earned dollars. We've discussed some broad business concepts but we've spent an inordinate time discussing sophisticated investing techniques and selling their training. It's not what I thought I was signing up for. I am sorry if this means that I suffer from an "entitlement mindset." I just figured I was "entitled" to get what I signed up for.

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  • Ga
    gabeten Nov 25, 2009

    We had the same experience. We were pitched in a free seminar and spent $500 for the three day class which promised to teach us how to do cover calls and that it would be easy. Instead, we received a 3 day "infomercial" on strategies which cost a minimum of $10, 000 all the way up to $40, 000 and never learned the promised strategy which could have made us back the $500 hopefully plus. It turns out that Kiyosaki's name is on the course, but there is another educational organization that really runs it out of Utah. They probably only purchased the name. Some of the things said no doubt go against Kiyosaki's own principles. They were telling people how to try and get more credit and borrow the money, do whatever, just to pay for the Mentoring. Run from them. Then a follow-up call tried to convince me that I wasn't paying attention. What he was saying was something I already knew.
    The class was run with round dinner tables, no internet connection for our own laptops and we had to squint to see small print on a screen to follow what he was doing --- showing us a bunch of advanced strategies and warning us not to try to do it at home! (at least that last portion was good advice).

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  • Ni
    Nick_ontario Jan 10, 2010

    honestly, i am in property investment for last 5 years and without the education i have tons of property already- worldwide. However i must agree that the presenter did bring new ideas and motivation in investing in more properties. so its not all bad...just watch out what you want from this type of education. The Advanced courses are for people that are "0" in property and need someone to guide them from step one. But if you already know this surely wasting a lots of money...Nick- Ontario

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  • Dz
    dzz Jan 18, 2010

    I just attended the 3 day seminar and found a lot of knowledge. But I also read a lot and both my parents were teachers. All the information can be found in books and no additional money should be needed. Go to the library or buy books on

    I felt taken when I paid the $495 and wondered why they wanted additional monies
    for future classes. Most of the students in the class signed up. Only a few like myself
    did not go further because of the cost $6, 000 or more for more education.

    Be smart use the money to invest in your own education buy the books not the classes.


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  • Se
    sethman Jan 28, 2010

    If these people that signed up for the advanced training had the $6-10k to invest in the training, why didn't they invest it rather in their businesses or properties? I understand the people that are trying to learn on a shoestring can't afford the advanced training and that is ok. Take what you can from what you can afford but I agree with other responses. Spend your money on books and read them. Much cheaper. If you don't like reading and prefer to be told (higher % of people respond better to spoken word) buy the audio books of highly respected mentors and leaders.

    Unfortunately we all still live in hope that others are truthful to their intentions. If these "trainers" were worth the money they charge they would not need "used carsalesman" tactics to have you follow them. They would give their knowledge for a bargain price and fill your mind with intelligent processes that you can put to work. Then, and only then, would you feel they are worth your attention to purchase further training.

    So many mentors, so many bookstores. If you enjoy Robert's message go buy his books. I did. They are great. But I recommend the first book that anyone in this mess should go invest in is "Think and Grow Rich" Napoleon Hill. Beyond that, Stephen Covey's 7 habits, Join Stephen Covey's website community for free. Start building your goals. Then go out and search for specialized advanced books and training. Build your educational foundation first and then proceed to gain from advanced training.

    But that is just one opinion. (funny what sites you can stumble upon. I was googling rich dad blog when I stumbled across this)

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  • Se
    Sensible Feb 03, 2010

    I'm glad I read these posts before going back for another 3-day freebie at Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Californa. I attended one a few days ago hosted by a woman named Jesse Hector, who said she was on the first season of "The Apprentice". She talked a great deal about how she started out with nothing and began to invest in small rental properties throughout the Midwest. When she began to pitch the 3-day workshop I started to get suspicious. She started out saying it would cost $995 but "do you know what Robert is going to do for you today?" You can have it for $495. The infomercial was starting even in the 1.5 hr freebie seminar. If you committed to the 3 day workshop that day, you could go home with a goodie bag full of Robert Kiyosaki's entire CD library and books for free.

    Granted, the first little seminar is free so you had to know they would pitch something else. And some of the information was useful. I took 3 pages of notes. But I agree most of this info can be found in books. When the guys at the back of the room showed everyone the goodie bags nearly a quarter of the people got up and signed up for the 3 day course. I was tempted but decided not to. I even wondered if any people in the audience were "plants" people hired by the company to fill seats. The room was standing room only-packed.

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  • La
    Latjie Mar 22, 2010

    Be careful, this company is not as SUPPORTIVE as the speakers appear it to be. My husband had a stroke. I was desprite for a change in direction, can STUPIDLY ate all the yummy sweet nonsense for truth. It looked so real, so supportive, so amazing. Previous students showed off their success and I thought if only I can do this as well.

    I paid thousands of $ to learn how to buy a house BMV.
    I paid thousand of $ to have a MENTOR come a drink tea at my house, instead of being in the field to learn HOW TO get that BMV. When I complained about the below par mentorship the team ignored my emails. Nov2009-Mar2010 and I am still chasing for a reply.

    Be care of this company, but don't give up!

    I did find a BMV flat, with a cashflow and all I needed to do was to find a good, honest honourable company.
    What did I do. I spoke with the clients first rather than the sellers.
    I was not asked to commit thousands of $ upfront. In fact my training is for free!

    Don't give up the property dream. Just be careful. This company is trouble and not to be trusted. Their education is fun and social but just so-so.

    Be careful of the Whitney or TRIGENT illusion

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  • Ba
    bananaleaf Mar 28, 2010

    I took the class "Launch Your Business" and was also disappointed. In the free 2-hour seminar to promote the 3-day class, there were a number of promises made of the things we would do in the class to help our small business. For example, it was promised we would receive research done on where to place things on your business website for maximum effect. No such thing was even talked about in the class. We were told we would work in groups to develop our own business and business plan, then present those to the entire class, which would give good practice for presenting to investors. We did part 1 of that, but not part 2.

    I was mostly disappointed, though, because I felt the class did not live up to its name. Rather than being something to help you launch your business, it was a more of a 3-day sales pitch for their $48, 000 training program. I did learn a lot in regard to the kinds of ways there are to make money--things I had previously never heard of--so it wasn't a total waste of time. But I just felt the class had been misrepresented in the free seminar, and I did not get what I had gone there for. Had I known it was going to be what it was, I would not have paid the $495.

    Also, there is great pressure to sign up for their full training program on the spot, with the pressure being that you get the special, nearly half-the-usual price only if you sign up that weekend.

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  • Pe
    Peoria Apr 06, 2010

    I am glad I came across this blog. I registered for the free seminar this evening in my home town, Peoria IL. I shreded the entry ticket to this free seminar that I printed from my email. I was suspicious since the beginning because I beleive strongly in "There is no such thing as free lunch". Also Robert reminded us in his first book about Mc Donalds real estate business inside a ham burgers business. These educational programs reflected exactly the same message to my mind. Thanks for the people who posted here and helped me save my precious 2 hour evening time.

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  • Mi
    Minne May 03, 2010

    No kidding! There is no such thing as a free lunch. Why should a company give you information for free? There is an irony here - 'I didn't go to a free event and learn something because there was selling there?' You certainly showed them!

    We did the training and leant an amazing amount. The number of people who look for an easy route to success and don't understand that they have to put in some leg work as well.

    The mentor we had was exellent. We slogged round the strets for three days, putting in offers and seeing all kinds of pe0ple - we were totally exhausted at the end of it. Why did the guy drink tea at your house? Was it because you didn't know what you wanted him to do so he spent all his time trying to help you work it out?

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  • Bu
    bummer007 May 14, 2010

    hmmmm ... Minne - are you someone from the crew trying to make the company look good??

    Why would Robert or anyone want you to be rich or help you to be rich????? Robert's books have meaning and they are pretty close to motivational books, but he is a smart guy. He knows what most people want in their lives - being Rich.. but most of us do not know how to get there... DING!!! right there he got an amazing idea of publishing a book and then seminarss...blah blah...
    Why do you think he would invest so much money on people who call us for interviews? he is no dumb...

    These books have some reality in it but thats where Robert is pushing buttons.. Get smart, learn from other people's mistake,
    and find your way - find successful people around you and get them to mentor you or learn from their actions/daily lives...

    One of Robert's folks called me and asked me to invest with my credit card and not with the cash I have in bank... DUH??????

    America is plagued with lots of scams and people fall into it.. Goodl uck to all those who still prefer to go to those seminars... and well let others know if you ever get Richer with all those teacihngs ...

    and others who already learnt- smart move!! Good luck with your future endeveour. Keep believing, you will def get there.. May be write a book to overbeat Robert :)

    BTW-- they did mention on the phone that only few folks are selected for this seminar...LOL... Looks like we are all Geniuses who meet their acceptance criteria

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  • St
    Steve McGee Jun 08, 2010

    If Kiyosaki's wisdom and teaching were effective, why do his testimonials of success have the disclaimer of "unique experience" on them? Seems there are far more people who felt scammed than felt they got their money's worth.

    I think Mr Kiyosaki learned all to well from the Amway scammers. You make more money selling training than you do selling a product.

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  • Ki
    KillYouFast Oct 07, 2010

    BrooklynGator is an idiot or a troll. People are looking for training, not attending a 3 day sales pitch. Suck my big fat one your loser.

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  • Re
    Red1969 Nov 23, 2010

    I am glad I ran across this before I signed my husband up for the $995/3 day seminar. Thank goodness for the internet...I hate scams and scammers...

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  • Gg
    GG76 May 25, 2011

    My business partner and I went to the free seminar today and we were so disappointed in the sales pitch for the 3-day training. Granted, they had a "special" of $199 for two people...a huge discount from their regular price of $995 (and apparently something that is worth about $4000). I sat in disgust listening to the crap and all the kumbaya success stories. Gotta tell you though, the guy was so good that by the end of the free seminar I really was itching to sign up for the 3-day one. But my partner and I decided to sleep on it and discuss it tomorrow...well, after I read the comments here, there ain't gonna be much to discuss except for "Hell NO! we ain't going!" I am in no mood for dumb ### sales pitches and little if any valuable info. I probably will buy some more books though and just focus on those and other research I can do on my own. Like Red1969 said, THANK GOODNESS FOR THE INTERNET!!! AMEN TO THAT!

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  • Kp
    kpl Jun 14, 2011

    I hope Kiosaki is forced to pay millions to all the poor people who got scammed on this garbage. I too went to this 3 day seminar only to be pitched the majority of the time for the 60k mentor program. All the while, the speaker was suggesting to max out our credit cards and even had the nerve to suggest our homework for the first evening was to call our credit cards and ask for increases to pay for the classes. I have sent a letter to my congressman and even notified our local police department. For those fortunate enough to read this prior to attending this scam, consider yourself lucky. For those who have already been ripped off I suggest you keep a copy of your receipt, credit card statements and a short journal of your experience as a class action lawsuit is already forming. Stay tuned.

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  • Da
    Dave The Sucker Jun 18, 2011

    SUCKER DAVE I AM. Lost $32K. THE PUPPET MASTER Lee Escobar uses the fact ( I think) he's a chaplin in army to gain your trust., Kept using god-like phrases. You are here for a reason, You have the Devine Right to borrow money.

    May 2011: BBB "F" RATING
    I hope you all read this, cause they have to be stopped. Kiyosaki MUST be held accountable as he receives money and puts his name on it. I will continue to post as I gather my thoughts, lost dreams and self-esteem. Is there a group lawyer? I want to be added.
    - Forced us to say OhYa after everything he said.
    - Black list people if you don't sign up immediately. You CAN'T EVER ATTEND anything from them.
    - Help U set up CC, so it will pay for ADV Training.
    - FREE? I had to pay for $199 for the Free Seminar, so I could listen to the Upsell. Or else. THEY LIE!
    - only 1 bathroom break a day to keep you in your seat listening.
    - CANCELLATIONS: 3 DAYS OR ELSE YOU PAY!! Interesting that they have a cancel form ready, cause they KNOW a % with cancel and thats ok, cause the masses end up paying anyway.
    - Teacher put "L" in front of his forehead, SAVINGS & 401K plans are for LOSERS. Repeat After Me!
    - Lee Escobar WON'T ANSWERS your questions, saying you are disruptive and STARES AT YOU UNTIL YOU SHUT UP OR LEAVE.
    - Lee Escobar says hes a Chaplain and uses his preacher voice and claims he was sent here to help YOU!!
    - Actual Training over 3 days: 2 hours (NO QUESTIONS ALLOWED AT ALL)
    ...take the Cash flow game and copy the DEAL Cards and that's what they taught.
    - Actual UPSELLING over 3 days: 22 hours
    - Surveys ARE FIXED to make THEM LOOK GOOD!!
    Lee has a Mobile home park development in a binder. This binder was horrible, lacked content, was missing the plot location of the actual park, and ONLY showed you pictures of what a Mobile Home Looks like. JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE IN CANADA that went thru the 32 Million dollar SNOW-JOB. IF THIS GUY REALLY IS A MILLIONARE, these PROPOSALS would be Dynomite. A fifth grader did this as a class-room project. THERE WAS NO PLOT where it was going. HE MADE IT UP!
    John T Reeds detailed list of why Robert Kiyosaki is a phony Huge list here, about 30 pgs. Even shows where the marines gave him a great Review even after he bashed the Marines

    - If Robert Kiyosaki & Kim Kiyosaki were sitting there, it would be a TOTTALLY DIFFERENT Seminar. OR WOULD IT? PLS MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE, their names are on the game cash flow and supports this group by receiving Millions of dollars.
    When I go to Tony Robbins, I know I'm going for a motovational speach, here we are all Blind sided. We thought it was a Basic Training to Real Estate. LIARS!!
    - Warns against using Realtors for anything, DUH, caused most of its illegal.
    - did you know every teacher has experience is Motovational speaching to church masses.

    I may not be like LEE ESCOBAR (BENT-LEE), but atleast I have MY Morals.

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  • Ye
    Yelena Yelena Jun 22, 2011

    Check the video!

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  • Ki
    Kim Trells Jul 29, 2017

    @Yelena Yelena Page not found, no longer exists.

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  • Ye
    Yelena Yelena Jun 22, 2011

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  • Ww
    wwwwwww2 Jul 03, 2011

    All of you people are COMPLETE IDIOTS for buying into these "get rich quick" lines anyway. YOU ALL DESERVE TO BE TAKEN YOU IDIOTS!! HAHAHHAH

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  • Ki
    Kim Trells Jul 29, 2017

    Lee Escobar is now 'working' for Than Merril's Fortune Builders.
    Caveat Emptor!

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