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I have been a tenant at brittany place in topeka ks 11 months. My lease will be up september 31, 2018.
I have had issues with a leaking toilet as well as a shower leaking all in the same bathroom.
I went to the office to fill out a work order and discuss my renew of my lease.
Heather was extremely rude to me, she wouldn't allow me to finish a sentence and when I became upset another woman with short hair and glasses came into the room and she was even ruder. I expressed he toilet issue and the shower leaking that caused the carpet in my sons room to be wet and it ruined his dresser because it soaked up all the water. I told her I was worried about mold.
A maintenance man came out and he put up splash guards and he did fix the toilet so that same day I went to the office and told her that I was confused about the splash guards because the leak was coming from somewhere else.
A maintenance man came to my trailer and he took the trap door off he wall to see the pipes leading to the shower. He then asked me to turn the water in the back room on, he said that yes it was leaking and he tightened the place where it was leaking. I asked him about mold because you can smell dampness. He said I would need to talk to the leasing office because he can't do anything without a work order.
So the next day I went into the office and expressed my concern for mold. Before I could finish my sentence the woman with the glasses put her hand up and said stop right there. She told me that there was no water now that since I wasn't re-signing a lease that my issue wasn't a concern. I told her that the sheet rock was crumbling all around the area and the smell of dampness. She also told me that not signing a lease doesn't bother her because there are lots of people wanting to live here. Wow. I was shocked that a customer service person would answer in such a rude, belittling manner.
She wouldn't even let me finish voicing my concern or even come look at the damage. She told me no before she even saw he damage.
She said she would send a maintenance man out the following day.
That same day she gave me a non compliance form because my bushes needed to be trimmed and that I had toys right by my trailer. I asked her what the policy was for what items I could have in my yard, and tre leasing agent heather said she didn't know what the policy was but she would get back to me. I received no response. Also I don't have bushes anywhere near my lot.
I moved the toys to the back deck and called the leasing office about the damaged sheet rock and the policy for what I can keep upfront. Heather was very rude to me and said she would call me back with an answer.
She called back and said that upper management told her they wouldn't fix it because I caused the damage. I hung up the phone and went into the office.

I went I to the office to be bullied by both women. I have never been treated so badly by a leasing company before.
They started telling me that I caused the damage and that the sheet rock wasn't wet and I kept trying to convey that the sheet rock was crumbling in the closet and she cut me off. Heather then processed to tell me that she was recording and documenting every time I came into the office because I was cussing and rude to her. I never cussed at her once.
So heather is on the computer glaring at me while typing and the woman with the glasses is telling me that I caused all the damage and that I will be responsible for it and they will not be fixing anything. She told me that I caused my toilet to leak as well.
I began to cry because i've had 3 work orders about my toilet and it was even documented on my move in checklist.
Another woman came around the corner and was able to calm the situation down and I feel like she was the only one who respected what I was saying and actually listened to me.

My concern now is again the mold and the dampness I smell. I live with 3 children and 2 dogs and mold is a scary thing.
At this point I feel bullied, I feel singled out by the non compliant letter because they gave that to me right after I voiced my issues with the leaking faucet and the mold.
Today I went in to pay my rent and heather said that they don't give recipients.
I feel like I need proof that I paid because of the unprofessional behavior the leasing staff.
I'm a good tenant and pay my rent every month on the first and because of the lack of customer service and the way they talked to me is why I will not be signing another lease.
Both heather and the other woman with the glasses belittles me they talked down to me they interrupted me they put their hand up and would not allow me to finish what I was saying.
I have expressed my concern with the mold and smell and they only pointed the finger at me so I will be contacting the healthy homes for an outside inspection of my home.
Also every time they do a work order I have to leave my house unlocked because the office said they lost my key (this was the prior management.) so there is only one key for my trailer. I told this to the woman with the glasses and all she did was stare at me with no response. I don't feel comfortable number one leaving my house unlocked and number 2 not knowing where the other key is and if someone else has it. I'm a single mom who lives by myself with 3 children and I feel unsafe and I also want my locks changed but i'm to aftraid to ask the office for anything after the trauma they have caused me!!
All I want is a safe home for me and my children. I pay almost $700 and I pay my rent on time and I deserve to be happy and feel safe in my home.
My contact info

Heather thurber
Also every time I call the office at [protected] number heather calls me back on a
[protected] number and I asked her what number is the main office number when I talked to her face to face and she answered that the 234 number won't record her.
I was shocked and stunned.
Anyway this is my long complaint


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      Oct 06, 2018

    The main office number is [protected]. Ross Henry Partrich(RHP) is the owner of the company. I assure you you won't get much help THERE either. The owner is quite apathetic and you WILL NOT be allowed to speak to him or the Vice President Joel Brown(also Ross's Brther-In-Law) at all. If you think this Heather person was rude, I can assure you that the people at the main office are even more rude and heartless. Not all of them. But the ones at the top definitely could care less about anything but MONEY. They don't give a damn about their tenants or about their LEAST FAVORITE employees.

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