Reward Zone USAa $1000 walmart gift card

F Dec 12, 2018 Review updated:

I completed all necessary incentives on October 15th 2018. And I have yet to receive a card. I had to complete 10 different offers in order to qualify for this card. I signed up for coffee, books, Magazine, movie club, online games, and several other things I can not remember. These offers are costing me money each month, because once you sign up you have to complete the agreement no matter what. Most of these offers I didn't need or want but I signed up with the understanding that I would receive this card. I don't know if this is a scam or what but it cost me money and I want to know how do I get my card I've tried on many occasions to get in contact with Reward Zone, but have been unable to do so. Can you help


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    Seleita Williams May 26, 2019

    I too have repeatedly tried to contact the company with no success! They have discontinued taking calls from the listed phone number! You are directed to the the email address. At that point, you are still unable to submit your request. This makes me think this really is a scam!

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