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Union Bank of Indiaamount deposit to account is not reflecting.

I, Niraj Agarwal wants to inform you that or wants to complaints in respect of it that I have transferred the amount of Rs. 1500.00 to Anmol pandey account which is [protected] in the date of 3rd August 2017 and which Ifsc code was UBIN0539686 through payment wallet and it was showing successful transfered and the amount was not showing in his bank pass book which is being updated from bank. And after query from payment side they has confirmed of amount is success transferred but union bank of India has not confirmed. Now what to do get my amount back. The imps number is [protected]

Niraj Agarwal,

amount deposit to account is not reflecting.
amount deposit to account is not reflecting.
amount deposit to account is not reflecting.

Union Bank of Indiaunauthorized tds on scss - 2004 fd

My senior citizen saving scheme-2004 account no. Is scss 106 at uprh, gomti nagar branch, lucknow, ifsc code ubin0552135. I had submitted form 15h in the branch on 3rd april' 2017, even though tds rs. 698/- has been deducted on my deposit while paying quarterly interest ending 30th june' 17. I atonce approached branch for it's refund but they told it is not possible on their part being it's control with bank's govt. Business branch. However, they made necessary correction for no tds in future.
Sir, there is no lacking on my part but on part of the bank, then, why should I be suffer. Please look into the matter for refund of rs. 698/- of unauthorized tds. My saving account no. Is [protected].

  • Updated by Preeti Agarwal · Jul 05, 2017

    My Senior Citizen Saving Scheme-2004 account no. is SCSS 106 at UPRH, Gomti Nagar branch, Lucknow, IFSC code UBIN0552135. I had submitted form 15H in the branch on 3rd April' 2017, even though TDS Rs. 698/- has been deducted on my deposit while paying quarterly interest ending 30th June' 17. I atonce approached branch for it's refund but they told it is not possible on their part being it's control with Bank's Govt. Business Branch. However, they made necessary correction for no TDS in future.
    Sir, there is no lacking on my part but on part of the bank, then, why should I be suffer. Please look into the matter for refund of Rs. 698/- of unauthorized TDS. My saving account no. is 521302010000493.

Union Bank of IndiaMalpractices regarding issue of confirmation letters at ubi nro kolkata

The chief vigilance officer
Union bank of india,
Central office
Mumbai – 400021.

Malpractices regarding issue of confirmation letters

Respected sir,

We seek to draw your kind attention to the plight of recently recruited staff members posted at branches and offices of kolkata region of the bank. These newly recruited officers and award staff are denied of their due confirmation orders even after successfully completing their respective probation periods.

It is sad to mention that this confirmation exercise has become a source of illicit practices at the bank’s kolkata regional office. Individuals like sri manoranjan das, posted at the concerned department of nro kolkata, are bargaining with newly recruited officers and staff and their families for handover of confirmation orders/memorandum. Repeatedly raising the issue to the present regional head, shri chittaranjan patra has been of no respite. Perhaps concern for recently recruited staff members is farthest in the mind of the present regional head at kolkata, even though he is the competent authority for release of confirmation orders.

Such is the deplorable condition, that even officials and staff posted in regional office itself, have not received their due confirmation orders/memorandum!! Now fate of branch functionaries are can be easily presumed.

As a cover up for all these malpractices and under pressure from bank’s central office at mumbai, sri manoranjan das has very cleverly marked “confirmed” for these staff-members, at bank’s hr portal union parivaar. But without physical confirmation letter/memorandum in hand these staff are put to various inconveniences both inside and outside the bank. For e. G. They cannot avail any personal loan or other advances from any other financial institutions. Also they are not able to avail bank’s various facilities upon transfer to other regions from kolkata. So justification behind this deceiving strategy taken by nro kolkata is not amply clear.

Can you please enquire why union bank of india’s regional office at kolkata is unable and reluctant to issue simple confirmation letters to its own employees, which are given by all other banks with ease and efficiency in a timely manner? If this is the plight of bank’s own employees what can customers expect from this bank? Is this not a vital reason why bank’s customers at kolkata have diverted huge funds from union bank of india to other public sector banks? If these deficiencies of services continue how can the bank expect to retain good employees and customers?

We would request you to kindly contact the said regional office and guide and train the concerned personnel with required support so that this harassment of newly recruited staff-members stops forth with. Transparency in the recruitment and confirmation process is sought after.

Please instruct the concerned regional office accordingly so that newly recruited staff-members are not harassed for so many months for receipt of their due confirmation memorandum/order.

With regards,
S. Biswas
Union bank of india
East zone, kolkata

Dt: 19-sept-2016

Copy to:-

1. The governor, reserve bank of india
2. The secretary, central vigilance commission, new delhi
3. The joint secretary, ministry of finance, govt. Of india
4. The chairman & md, union bank of india

Union Bank of India — misbehaviour by BM

Misbehaviour by one of BM in hatua market branch varanasi. Due to some resion i could not diposited 2 mont EMI against loan taken 22 lacs, when i reached at branch, i diposited...

Union Bank of IndiaMisbehaviour and insult by the Lady Branch Manager

Now this on a very serious note and need to be taken care as soon as possible. My name is Swati Solomon and this complain is against the so called Manner-less Branch Manager (not sure of her name), Guy called Aditya and another girl sitting at the front desk.
The whole Scenario is like this, on July-18-2014 my dad sent the amount of Rs.81000/- from Kanpur for the admission of my Sister in NIFT, Hauz Khas, New Delhi. I went to the bank with the UTR NO but Aditya was telling that he can't do anything for the money as it was not reflecting on their systems, Ok I was already very tense as the addmission was suppose to be closed by 5p.m that very day. Suddenly Lady sitting in one corner started talking very rudely that if the Cash will get re-bounce they won't take the responsibility and all. The way she was explaining this to Me was very Arrogant and Rude. I am really surprised how can Union Bank such a big name can keep such a rude faces in their banks and they don't even realise that they are actually representing some good name. (WHAT A SHAME) When i said to the lady that i want to speak to your Manager she started on me i am the manager talk to me etc, etc, blah! blah! blah!! I said talk properly and you should know how to talk to your Customers, We our the main part of your income generation how the hell can the people working in a bank insult a customer like this.
I said i am working in Hospitality industry since last 8 years. I have worked in London, Northern Ireland and India in last 8 years and the Staff of the Union Bank was telling me what are the policies of Hospitality Industry and how does hospitality people work. I said ok cummon first tell me the procedures educate me on hospitality and then we will talk further. The another lady sitting next to Aditya said to me if i am from hospitality industry i am not a good listener and started smiling in a very insulting gesture. If they are sitting as the faces of some company they do not know how to handle their customer with Courtesy. If they are so frustated with the customers and can't handle the burden of work at the main time of admissions then what the hell are they doing there. Then i came out of the branch never wanted to see their faces again. And Aditya has complained to the teacher of the Nift, Hauz Khas we fought with him, and they did our work later on like they are doing a very very big favour on us. The other teacher was also saying ( Un logo ke hath pair jod ke kaam karana Pada) What the hell. Thats Bloody our money, the branch manager and aditya or the other girl didn't pay it from their pockets.
I need some serious action to be taken for this and the manager should take some etiquettes and courtsy classes from some good college. How these kind of people can actually get these kind of jobs. Shame for Union Bank. My email address is [protected] Need some serious action to be taken.


I am M.Veeran aged 57 belongs to Dalit community, Working as Senior Manager in Union Bank of India & wrongful dismissal by upper class officers of the management. My charges are as follows
But management fails to give the loan documents which was sanctioned by me.Inquiry officer also says NOT PROVED
I requested the details through RTI Act 2005 management simply says NO RECORDS ARE AVAILABLE IN OUR OFFICE
I requested through RTI Act 2005 Branch Manager says ALL THE A/CS ARE CLOSED.
in Madurai Region 40 branches engaged outsider for the past 5 years including Regional Office Madurai.

Union Bank of Indiadebited amount in my account

union bank of india
On 06-04-2013 i had transfered an amount of 2300 to friend account of axis bank by IMPS option. i got the result as " could not be processed pls try later" but the amount has been debited in my account and not credited to the friend account also. i had called all the customer care nos. which is prevailing but nobody is attending the phone. simply it says all are busy, whenever i call it says the same.
more over website complining form is also not working. it passeed 8 days, but till now i have not received the amount.


We the customer of union bank of india chandil branch under ranchi region, since the branch was established there, and we are reputed customer of the bank.We dont have any difficulty before these days and now a day your chandil branch manager mr.Pramood kumar satpathy has doing some misbehaving with customer as well as staff also and generally he is absent in the branch and when he is present he said I have just come you all are come later.We have seen the embarrassing situation of customer and staff both in front of everyone.Mr.Satpathy making difficulties with tribes for given loan and services to ourselves.He is taking money for given loan to farmers and other villagers with the help of his middle man and agents.Every customer is dissatisfy with your chandil branch manager, simply said that I cant do your any favour in any circumstances.He always want give and take solution.As your are our most trust-able brand and you are have a good image in chandil also, so, we dont want to spoil your brand name overhere.Why you take a risk for this kind of manager, he will ashamed you.So, we are requesting you to kindly take any serious action as soon as possible unless we are approaching to rbi, print media and DC office for harassing the customer and now we are moving to another brand for this reason only.kindly see this matter urgently as we have intimated many times to concerned regional office but we did not receive any response so, kindlylook into this matter seriously for sake of our area and locallity.we hope your cordial response into this matter.

  • Pr
    pradip prakash chaturvedi May 21, 2014

    Dear, sir my A/C no. 353802010905284- Pradip prakash chaturvedi & Monica chaturvedi, sir A/C is freeze - & KYC doc.submited in Ballia main branch UP. sir my A/C is no work & branch manager to content & no positive response & others staffs.
    sir please help me.

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Union Bank of IndiaNon clearing of cheque deposit

Non clearing of cheque deposit

Company information:

I was deposited a cheaque in my S.B. account no [protected] the branch of Union Bank of india khetasarai jaunpur U.P. of Rs 30, 000/- cheq no157814 issued from Life Insurance corporation of india doner bank Axis bank of India.

After that I compunction with the bank 29.06.2011 with response of the amount should be credited in my account within 10 days, but there are the above cheque not credited in my account till the date.

It will be requested to you please take suitable action immediately for the credit of above amount in my account.

Dr.Jubair ahmad
s/o dr ashfaq ahamad
at & po-khetasarai
distt-jaunpur up

(M) [protected]
Email- rajeshpandey.[protected]

  • Di
    DILEEPKUMARGUPTA81 Mar 22, 2011

    I am deposit a cheque of Rs 2, 000/- issued from Bank of India Post office Road Etah.U.P.

    After that I compunction with the bank 08.02.2011 with response of the amount should be credited in my account within 10 days, but there are the above cheque not credited in my account till the date.

    It will be requested to you please take suitable action immediately for the credit of above amount in my account.

    Dileep Kumar Gupta
    7/176, AVC-3 Ambedkarpuram
    Kalyanpur Kanpur

    (M) 09580716832
    Email- [email protected]

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  • Be
    belalgudd Aug 08, 2015

    i sent some money to my relative account from abudhabi to union bank of india kheta sarai branch its been deliverd according to my exchange branch
    in india but it could not be received by my benefeicery and i m trying to contact by the given number but could not reach

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Union Bank of IndiaATM not dispense but debited my acc.

sir, i have ATM debit card no.[protected] issued by your A.D.A. branch Agra against our account no.[protected].I tried to withdraw money from your ATM at jeewan jyoti, dayalbagh, agra on dated 07.07.2010 but ATM unable to dispense money and unfortunately my account debited two times for Rs. 10000/-each. I therefore request you to please credit my account for Rs.20000/ as early as possible Thanks.

for vijay enterprises

vijay saxena
(prop.) [protected] email id. vij.[protected]

Union Bank of IndiaMisbehaving by Staff

I WOULD LIKE TO MENTION THAT I HAVE GIVEN A COMPLAINT FOR STAFF MISBEHAVING ON 23/07/2009 WITH HAINES ROAD BRANCH OF UNION BANK OF INDIA, COMPLAINT NO.: 493020. THE BANK TOOK 6 MONTHS TO REPLY TO MY COMPLAINT, I RECEIVED A REPLY ON 20/01/2010 QUOTING "we strive to give you better service. However if any staff is behaving rudely kindly bring the same to the notice of bm or higher authorities with full details to prevent such things, DGM / AGM / Chief Manager / Branch Manager.". But again on 11/05/2010, i was intending to open a current account for my firm "Agfa Computers", went to the Bank branch with all the relevant documents (Voter ID, Pan Card, Rental Agreement and VAT Certificate) and approached the concerned person, he verified the originals and said residence proof is required, i said him Voter ID is on my residence address, but he refused to accept it and asked me to bring telephone bill or gas bill. I read the application form and found that Bank Pass book will be accepted as residence proof. Once again i approached the bank authority with my SB A/C Pass Book, but this time, before listening to me he shouted on me and pointed finger on my face and said "How many times to tell you bring Telephone bill or else i will not open your account". Is this the way a bank employee behaves? I don't know why they behave like headmasters and think the bank customers as school children. If they are not intending to help the customers, why do they display board "May i help you". I'm really disappointed with the bank. And interestingly, i approached Corporation Bank with the same documents on the same day, that too without Bank Pass Book and they readily accepted the documents at hand and opened an current account with them vide No. CA - 000071, Frazer Town Branch, Bangalore. Do the rules changes Bank wise? or am i a target of bad banking staff?.

I'm mailing this to you because i don't want to wait another six months to get a reply from Union Bank of India, i'm fed up with their service and the banking staff they maintain. Please advice the concerned authorities to rectify the issues and make the banking system easy, and advice the staff to behave politely with the customers and help them with smile on their faces.

I don't know the name of the person i have interacted with but usually he sits next to the cashier counter and he is the one interacts with the customers.

Please take up the issue and advice the relevant authorities to up their standard of banking.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,


Union Bank of IndiaLoss of money

i loss money at date 30 jan, from my Account no. [protected]), when i scretch my ATM card in shopping moll, at that time payment was not received by my ATM i pay cash payment, but 408.59 RS. was deposited from my account.i complaned many time at coustmer care service .but my problem is not complent 350231.

  • Cu
    Customer Service Team UBI Apr 23, 2010

    Dear Sir

    The amount claimed Rs 408.59 has been credited to your account today. We regret the difficulty faced by you due to problem with swiping of Debit Card in POS terminal of the retailer

    Our Bank's web site has a facility for submitting Grievances Online. Please use this instead of public forums, for the safety and security of your account

    Customer Service Team
    Union Bank of India

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This is with reference to my complaint regarding 2 separate issues.

I have been banking with U.B.I, Tardeo branch since almost 20 ++ years. My whole family accounts like individuals savings, NRE, Current and also deposits have been with this bank for a long time.

To enhance my business, I have taken a current O/D account with a limit of Rs. 22 lacs. Due to a good relation with my bank and me being an esteemed customer for a very long time my small cheques would be cleared even though it was above my o/d limit. But I always used to get a confirmation call whether to clear the cheque and if yes, to make neccessary arrangements to avoid exceeding my o/d limit.

All of a sudden one day when I check my o/d balance, it is 27 ++ lac. When I check further details, I am informed that even though my balance being 22, 96, 000, a cheque for Rs. 3, 84, 000 has been cleared favouring Kotak Mahindra Bank. I have had a personal loan with Kotak Mahindra Bank and have been paying EMI's. Rather it was a top up on my existing loan which was given to me from Kotak. Due to some personal disputes, I did not let Kotak 3 months Emi's for Kotak clear. When I asked the Manager from U.B.I. I was given a reply that due to relationship and me being an esteemed customer the cheaue had been cleared. I tried my level best to convince them and get the payment reversed, but all in vain. Only thing I received a copy of the letter from U.B.I which was sent to Kotak asking them to return the whole amount as due to a bank error that amount was cleared.

After few months, my son, who resides in the U.S had sent a cheque to my wife, which valued app. Rs. 4 lacs, INR. Now again U.B.I., wihtout any cheque or acknowledgement, transferred this amount from my son's NRE account to my wife's savings account. Again I tried my level best to have this issue resolved as well, but to no avail. I even offered a proposal that atleast half of the amount be credited to my business account so that I could continue regularly.

When again and again I was given the same response that I have to ignore the bank's mistakes and try my level best to get my account within my o/d limit, I had no other option but to start with a different bank adn stop my transactions with U.B.I.

Today after 6 months I receive a letter stating that my account is in N.P.A and if I do not clear my outstanding balance my co-lateral security, i.e., my flat, which is again worth Rs. 1 Crore ++ will be seized and I will have to bear the consequences.

Union Bank of IndiaExcess charges debited

Dear Sir,

I am one of the Corporate Salary a/c holders with your bank . I am holding this a/c for more than 30 years. I really don’t expect such kind of service with the one of Nationalised bank in this country. I am failed to understant how many reminder mails I need to send you for the same. At being a 30 years old customer of your bank you atleast have the courtsey to call the customer or reply to the mail.

I requested for a cheque book on 30th Oct, 2009 at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College Ext. Counter of Union Bank of India Kailash Colony, New Delhi

I received the cheque book and I am fail to understand that my Salary a/c no:- [protected] was debited twice for Rs. 50/- each on the 30th Oct, 2009 for the issuance of cheque book. One point is that no bank can debit the charges twice for issuance of one cheque book and second point is for corporate salary a/c the chequebook is absolutely free of cost.

I have not been informed by the bank’s personal about the charges for issuance of cheque book.

And moreover, no banks charges for the same. How the bank can debit any charges without informing the customer.

Another instance, which took place in Nov 2007, I gave a request for the stop payment of the cheque The bank stopped the cheque but the bank debited the charges thrice. A complaint was lodged but not reply has been sent till date.

I think the UBI has the habit of debiting the charges of the customer more than the number of requests given by the customer.


Bank takes these kind of charges from every customer and multiply the charges by 2 or by 3. This is absolutely ridiculous.

If necessary action will not be taken as soon as possible I will make sure that every employee working in SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH COLLEGE should shift there salary account to private bank or SBI.

Thanks & Regards
T K Nagpal

  • Sr
    sridha Jan 01, 2010

    my call letter for clrek exam coming on 10th jan 2010,
    ITs is returned back to ur address...
    ..i dont know wat to do ?
    so pls reply to my e-mail (i.e)[email protected] or pls contact my mobile
    no:9994283636, ...
    pls help me...
    thanking you...

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  • Sr
    sridha Jan 01, 2010

    thank u

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Union Bank of IndiaA/c. Debited but no cash withdrawal from ATM Union bank of India A/C # [protected]

A/c. Debited but no cash withdrawal from ATM Union bank of India A/C # [protected]

I have used my DEBIT Card / ATM Card No. [protected] of Union Bank of India, DARUKHANA Branch, at same branch ATM, on 24.10.2009 at 17:45 hrs to check my mini statement of my account.
When I went next day for cash withdrawal; it came to my notice that my account has been debited with Rs.10000/- as withdrawal on the previous day; which was not done by me.
I request you to trace the transaction and kindly credit the amount to my above mentioned A/c. urgently & oblige.

Yogendra warik

  • Cu
    Customer Service Team UBI Nov 27, 2010

    Dear Sir
    We have checked your account but do not find a debit of 10000/- around that period.
    May we request you to please check and confirm.
    Please also use the Online Grievances link on our website to lodge your complaint

    Customer Service Team
    Union Bank of India
    Central Office, Mumbai

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i have lost Rs. 1400 in union bank of inda's ATM (greekganj, sitapur, U.P., Pin: 261001)
my origiinal A/C no. is [protected] with state bank of india, sitapur. but my A/C is been debited with
Rs. 1400 wrongly.
Date of Operation : 19/09/2009
Time : 12:47 PM

Failed Transaction Record No. : 6106
Atm Id : WLUC04701111111

my contact details

Mob. No. [protected] / [protected]
Email Id : [protected]

Union Bank of IndiaAmount debited from account

Ti am tapan mondal on of the savings account holder of your bank( account no- [protected] / debit card no - [protected]) going to withdrawn the amount of  rs, 4900/- form hdfc bank atm counter, golpark branch (132a, megnath saha sarani, kolkata - 700029) on dated 22/07/2009 at arround 12.50 p.M. But after swipe my card and doing everthing there no response form that end no money nor any report was came. After that i contacted to hdfc branch personal and they said, please contact with your banker. After that i contact in union bank and came to know that my account is already debited by  rs. 4000/-. they asked to contact bombay office ph no [protected] and mr.Nathan on 21/08/09 told me that my amount will be credited in my account, but still today no response, so please take steps as this is a salary account of a staff.

Tapan mondal

Union Bank of Indiacomplain about i loss my money from atm of this bank

i have debit card of this bank, my account in jamnager branch . i loss 1200 rs. in s.b.i. in ahemdabad mitha kahlibranch befor 2 months.

  • De
    DEBITED AMOUNT Mar 15, 2010

    Balance Debited without Money
    Respected Sir/Mam,

    I am Mukesh Kumar account holder in (union Bank of India) branch Razabazar Motihari East Champaran (BIHAR),

    Account number 572302010002777

    I used dated (24 Nov, 2009 at 12:50pm) Union bank Atm machine at Razabazar Motihari East Champaran (BIHAR)

    In my A/C there was 3600/-
    When I gave the command for Rs. 2500/- & found Machine was in process on the time I found link problem also. Finally I received a debit receipt for the same amount without money transaction,

    Immediately when I check in the slip it was found (UNABLE TO PROCESS NOW).

    When I check my balance it was shockingly found the amount has been debited of Rs. 2500/- form my account.
    I have already sent a request with attachment on same day (24th Nov, ) from Union Bank branch razabazar motihari (Bihar) but till date there is no response.

    I request you to kindly credit of Rs. 2500/- in my Account as mentioned above & obliged.

    Any further clarification please contact on my cell no. 9852841428
    Thank you.

    With regards,

    Mukesh Kumar
    Mobile No- 9852841428

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Union Bank of India — complaint against vrindaban branch manager mamta varshney

To, The General Manager, Union bank of India Subject - Complaint against Vrindaban Bank Manager, Mamta Vashney I Dr. Ambrish Agarwal residence of Agra was threatened by...

Union Bank of IndiaNonactivation of ATM card

My ATM international debit card [protected] with PIN code 0739 is not activated in the ATM machine. I request you to activate the ATM card with the same PIN code or issue me a NEW ATM INTERNATIONAL DEBIT CARD FOR MY SB a/c [protected] with your KOZHIKDE MAIN BRANCH.

Adisubramanian C.K.
1967 Clarendon Ln.,
Aurora IL [protected]

Your reply is expected through email

  • Bh
    bhaskar choudhary Oct 14, 2009

    my name is bhaskar choudhary. my acc. no. is 574802010000832, no. on atm card is 4312 6857 4802 3978. i had taken this card on 12-10-2009 but still (on 14-10-2009) this is not valid .please actve it or advice me what i have to do for activation.
    bhaskar choudhary
    acc. no.574802010000832
    no on atm -4312 6857 4802 3978
    e . [email protected]
    branch name- u.b.i. chickmagalore

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  • Pk
    p.k.sunilkumar Oct 28, 2009

    i want re open my nre a/c no. 666662990000657

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  • Pk
    p.k.sunilkumar Oct 28, 2009

    my name is p.k.sunilkumar my acc. no. is 666662990000657, my atm card no. is 421368500701. i had taken this card on 08-2007 but sum reasons i can't operate my account. so please actve it or advice me what i have to do for activation.
    bhaskar choudhary
    acc. no.666662990000657

    e . [email protected]
    branch name- u.b.i. shertallai

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