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UMG Buyers EdgeUnauthorized Credit Card Charge

1) Unauthorized charge of $1.95 on close-of-business Friday, (operators strategically not available on weekends) and transaction posted on the day after the end of the billing date cycle (credit card paper-copy of the statement not available for 1 month).

2) Illicit business that charged a membership fee without permission or knowledge of this transaction.

UMG Buyers Edgeunwanted orders charged to credit card

We order on internet at times and charge to our credit card. Well we was charged 14.95 from UMG buyersedge and permission interactive is the other site involved.

When I called about it neither site could give me the name or site we ordered from.

They said we opted for it for 30 days and never emailed them to cancel.

They or any other company sould be allowed to place these adds on the site unless they let you select to purchase instead of them automaticlly doing it and you not knowing this is happening.

This needs changed.

UMG Buyers EdgeBeware and stay away

I too am a victim of UMG Buyers Edge, an affiliate of United Marketing Group. They are withdrawing an unauthorized 14.95/mo from my credit card account; information apparently purchased from the good folks at AsSeenonTV when I purchased a Prayer Cross for my wife (not too happy with them either) Beware of both.

I called UMG Consumer Service and was told that they withdrew from my account using only the last four digits of my card number and couldn't do anything until I gave them the entire number. After sparring with them for several minutes they agreed to cancel the "contract" and credit the "purchases". I never could get them to understand that I never entered into a contract with them and made no purchases. Next stop, AG's Consumer Fraud division.

UMG Buyers EdgeUnauthorized charges on my debit card

I just looked at my debit card transactions and it listed $14.95 on yesterdays as UMG Services, I have not used my debit card for a few days, I don't know where they stole my card information, But it will be reported to the proper authorities as well. I will now be required to get a new card because the information on this card is no longer safe.
When I Googled UMG fraud there were tons of complaints about their unauthorized charges. How can a company get away with doing this for so long?

  • Ba
    barb May 09, 2009

    I just tonight found an unauthorized transaction on my account by UMG Buyers Edge, which I have NEVER heard of! My bank's automated services only go back to February, but they've been taking $14.95 out every single month since then, and probably before. I'm trying to work up the nerve to check out my statements which I never do, (I know, STOO-PID!, but i have emotional problems which make me get crazier trying to do them...believe me i've tried numerous times...but I always knew, I thought, how much I had in my account, and I didn't have to worry, I THOUGHT! that's what I get for account has been cleaned out but i've been too overwhelmed to figure out how! Well, now I know one of the sources...How can this be legal? I just read on [redacted] that these fraudulent creeps get our credit card, debit info, etc., from a third party, usually a legitimate company! Legitimate? hmmm

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UMG Buyers Edge — Fraud

UMG somehow got my credit card number and has been billing me $14.95 per month for 7 months. It usually...

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Resolved UMG Buyers EdgeFraudulent charge

Checked my bank account this morning and noticed 11.99 for something called UMG Buyers edge. Did a quick Google search and saw a lot of complaints for them. Got a phone number and was talk to someone as to where they got our information. I thought for sure it was stolen somewhere.

Well, apparently my wife had bought something online from a website called Personal Creations ( more than a year ago. So they did have our information for a credit card we had used. However we never authorized anything else.

The only good thing so far was that the person on the other end of the phone line said we would be refunded immediately and the charge would be taken off. However UMG has 50 different web based businesses, like Personal Creations, and I would suspect that all of those subsidiaries owned by UMG try to pull the same fraud hoping a small charge of $11.99 won't raise a flag.

I called this morning so we might not be refunded the charge, but at the very least they were not hostile on the phone (unlike myself!). The number I called was [protected]. If we don't receive a refund I will post something, although I think I am going to the bank to block any and all charges in the future for this company.

  • Je
    jeswog Nov 09, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Looking over bank statments found 6 months worth of 19. 95 monthly charges to my account from this umg buyersedge. My husband and i know nothing about these charges. Google search found several complaints. Thanks for all the info. Wish me luck.

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  • Na
    Nancy Fox Feb 18, 2009

    I purchased a virus protection and ended up getting unauthorized charges for reservations, shopper discounts and buyersedge. Not good. Am still fighting. Got one refund and they took out another.

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  • Ja
    jane purdy Jun 30, 2009

    I dont have any idea why im being charged or what for

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  • No
    nothingness Jul 19, 2011

    I have been charged $14.95 a month for the last 6 months wihtout my knowledgable consent. The Company UMG-Edge had no record of my account when I called them at (888) 326-7156 but found it by giving them my card number (figured they already have it, can't hurt). I only discovered the transaction by reviewing my transaction history and that's also where I found the phone number. The Company cancelled my account and said the payments would be credited to the card. I will let you know if this doesn't happen. I was polite the whole time, so let's see if nice guys finishd last. Also, I called my bank and put in a request to block payment to the recipient.

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Resolved UMG Buyers EdgeFinally cancelled

There real name is united marketing group phone number [protected]. I finally got a hold of someone and asked them to pull up my account. She cancelled my membership and credited back 2 months. We will see if it happens or not at least I now who I’m dealing with to cancel and how I got coned in to this nightmare. My insurance company offered this perfect home savings and they never send me info they just take out 11.99 a month from my checking each month. I called the bank and they can not stop it with out a letter stating I cancelled this contract with the company. Kind of hard to do if you can't find them. Thanks to this web site I found them. THANKS GUYS.