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Tribute Credit Cardoverpayment

I need to find the correct agency or persons in charge of credit card company that is stealing my money month to month and even causing overdrafts and charging late fees for a debt that was paid to My Imagine Credit Card before they switched over to Tribute. Upon speaking with someone in that organization when this happened how many years ago, to keep my credit from getting worse i keep paying and I can't understand why this can continue to go on paying and paying for an account that was paid for in full. How do I find out who is in charge of the credit card companies and where do I send my paperwork which includes the cancelled check in full to My Imagine Credit card and get all my money back fees, late charges, every single dime i paid them and did not owe them.

  • Ti
    tink4848 Dec 25, 2009

    Tribute cancelled my credit card, no reason, never late. Started charging me 19.00 month for maintence.

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  • Ki
    kim lasley kelley Jan 13, 2010

    charged me a large set up fee I used the card for afew months then they canceled ny credit card they just took my money

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  • Le
    lesliejm Mar 04, 2010
    link to a story about a class action lawsuit against tribute.

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Tribute Credit CardUnfair cancellation and constant monthly billing

I want to know since the company cancelled my credit card and I called to inquire about it no one could give me a reason but yet each month I amd getting charged ad $10.00 monthly maintence fee. I was never late with any of my payments so how can I restore my credit when this company cancelled the card for no reason, my payments were made on time because I always made them online and they continue to charge me services as if I am still utilizing the card?

If there is a class action lawsuit against this company where would I find the information because this seems to constitute as unfair practices.

  • Ma
    mary fair Feb 05, 2011

    On October 5, 2009 Tribute closed my account after they increased my line of credit without my permission .And every time I call to have this problem resolved .All I get is someone in a person in some foreign country who can barely speak English.And this matter has not been resolved .It's been one year and four months .

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Tribute Credit CardCancellation-Maintenance Fees

My original account was with Imagine credit card. Imagine sold my account to Tribute, who in turn proceeded to close it. They continue to add ridiculous maintenace fees to this account, which is closed, therefore, why maintenance fees?? This company, I've noticed has done this to many others.
My account with Imagine was active for 4 or 5 years, and I had been late, MAYBE, two or three times in those years. I don't understand how they continue to get away with this. I thought my account was in pretty good standing. When I review my credit report, there is no negative feedback from this account. I don't get it!

  • Le
    lesliejm Mar 04, 2010

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Tribute Credit CardAccount Closure

This is ridiculous - I have always over paid my account and have NEVER been late - but they closed my account as a "Management Decision". This stinks, I have been working hard to bring up my scores and then they do this. Not only did they close my account without notice but they closed my account just 4 days after charging me a $100.00 annual fee. Oh, they did credit back $25.00 for the cancellation. Well, that is not satisfactory to me - they need to credit back the whole amount. I don't even know if I should pay my remaining balance. Anyone know of a class action law suit or what we can do about this?

  • Jo
    joyevers Nov 03, 2009

    There should be a class action suit filed. They did the same thing to me, and are continuing to charge a $10 monthly maintenance fee, all at a 19.50% APR with no accural of credit! This stinks.

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  • Da
    David Man Jan 01, 2010

    They canceled me as well with no reason I was never late. They still charge me a maintenance fee and before they closed me they charged an annual fee of $60.00.
    This company is a fraudulent in their practices. They need to go to jail for deceiving others especially in this time of economic disaster. Call the police somebody.

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Tribute Credit Cardunfair charges

I had the misfortune of receiving a tribute credit card I cant understand how they can cancel out my card and still be charging me a monthly account maintenance fee of 9.95.Also they are the ones that cancelled the card I guess that was a good thing for me .I had the misfortune of being in the hospital and was late making my payment I have been socked with late fees and they upped my interest rate so high I dont know how im going to be able to afford this.What really upsets me is I had disability insurance in this card and was cancelled when they cancelled card I am going to be out of work for indefinite period.What a scam this card company is and the cIIalls are nonstop with them.Thak god they are no longer in business.Is anyone looking into the practices of this card if not who can I get in touch with.

  • Ni
    nivek Oct 16, 2009

    I had this card for almost 2 years never late all the sudden they tell me my account is closed, and tribute is billing me 10.00 a month maintiance fee, plus another annual maintiance fee of $100.00, that is just stealing!

    I say we all get together and start a class action lawsuit against these thieves !

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  • Cg
    C.G. Dec 15, 2009

    I agree! We need a class action lawsuit against Tribute! My IMAGINE CREDIT CARD was transferred to a TRIBUTE CREDIT CARD and then they closed my account. I never even used the TRIBUTE CARD. I have never paid the IMAGINE account late, and usually paid over the minimum due. I called TRIBUTE and was told the Monthly Maintenance Fee was initiated as soon as the first transaction was made. Since I never made a transaction using the TRIBUTE card, I told the Supervisor (Joseph) that it was unlawful to charge me the Monthly Maintenance Fee, by their own admission! He said it didn't matter that my contractual agreement was with IMAGINE and not TRIBUTE because the same rules applied, even though it was a different card, different billing address and different account number! They didn't care that I never signed an agreement with TRIBUTE and he just kept repeating his 'script' in a language I had a difficult time understanding.
    When will there be an agency where we can complain about the unlawful dealings of credit card companies! They don't have to answer to anyone and can do whatever they want to steal from us!
    I am writing my State Attorney General anyway. I need some satisfaction!

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Tribute Credit Card — Cancellation

They cancelled my account without any notification. I have never even made a late payment They continue to...

Tribute Credit Cardcancelled Card

I am glad to know I am not the only one complaining about Tribute - I am filing an official complaint with the FCBA.

I pay my bill online at their website and go by the due dates. My card was cancelled due to $47.01 past due. I NEVER received a statement that there was a past due amount. Also, their website never indicated to me there was a past due amount. I have been paying mostly MORE than minimum payment due. They claimed that I had a closing date of 1/2/09. I printed my online statement. It states my closing date is 1/6/09 with a payment due date of 1/31/09. It also states there's a $47.01 past due amount something of which I was not made aware of and still can't figure out how they came up with that amount.

I have other credit cards in my wallet that are happy to have me the consumer. The bank is First Bank of Delaware that issues the Tribute Mastercard. If anyone else is having problems, you can send a letter to Card Services, P.O. BOX 105555, Atlanta, GA [protected]. By the way, when you call their call center you get someone from South Asia.

OBAMA - we need the outsourced jobs BACK IN AMERICA!! I could barely understand a word the 2 agents were saying and of course, they state that Tribute's complaint is valid.

11 days - they stated I was 11 days late when I was following all the dates on their website.

Tribute Credit Cardcanceled card

i am glad to know that i am not the only one who had their card cancelled. i signed up to have my payment taken out of my checking account. when i signed up, i left a number out of my account number by mistake. as soon as i realized what i had done, i tried to fix it, but it was too late. i paid the payment on line as soon as i knew that the bank was not going to catch the mistake and cover it. less than one week after the payment should have been received i paid it, paid the following month, and wrote to the company explaining why this happened via e-mail and through the mail. too bad! they say that i broke my contract with them by not paying the bill on time. well, i have several other credit cards in my wallet, and they don't mind that they no longer have to share my business with tribute!!

  • Ch
    chukp Jan 31, 2009

    I just got off the phone with Tribute. My card was also cancelled, after only being a couple days late one time back in a year back in December. After looking around the net... apparently they are going under and looking for any reason to slash accounts, as well as slash the credit limits of those accounts in good standing.

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  • Yl
    Ylonen Nov 09, 2009

    I too had my card cancelled and they have never taken off the anual fee which was just applied recently. I think that this is wrong because why should we pay the anual fee when we will not have the card for the year. They cancelled my card and said it was nothing that was my fault they are just getting rid of their credit department. The funny thing is that this is the one card that I paid every month on time. My problem is that the payments automatically come out of my account and I don't know how to cancel it.

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  • Ca
    Carolee88 Jan 16, 2010

    >>>>> Contact the Better Business Bureau for complaints! It works! >>>>>>>>>>>

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Tribute Credit CardUnauthorized charges

I received my tribute card about 8 months ago. I paid faithfully and always paid several hundred dollars more than what was due. My worked my credit limit up from $300.00 to $600.00 and was hoping to continue that trend. My made my payment this last month, amount due was $40.00 and I paid $405.00, however after five days they still had not posted the available credit to my account. I called them and learned that they had closed my account. When I asked why the account was closed, I was advised it was because I was over the limit. That is crazy because I have been over the limit once before and all they do is charge you a fee. All credit cards charge a fee for being over the limit. I asked why I was not advised in writing or via telephone that my account was closed and the person working for Tribute had no answer to that. I wanted to speak with someone else regarding this matter however I was advised to pay the card in full and reapply. No way!!! If I reapply, I will owe the 'start up' fees again and my credit limit will be minimal again.. There is no way that I will ever apply for tribute again. I had hoped to rebuild my credit after a divorce however I will not be doing it with the assistance of Tribute. I am not sure why the card was suddenly canceled but I hope that this is not a common practice with Tribute. Any one else have this same problem? Please let me know.

  • An
    angelsforever Jan 31, 2009

    i had the same problem they closed mine and said that i was over my limit. and they had to close the account. i was so mad. now salute did the same thing saying they don't offer the program without telling me i had to call so no credit witht hem ither.

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  • maria63 Jul 29, 2009

    i had the same problem as well, i dont understand how these credit card companies can just stand back and let these scammers get away with these purchases i dont need cardsafe to look out for my credit card at first they look for you not to pay attention they satrt charging you from 39 cents to two dollars to seven dollars to eleven dollars then they hit you with the big bucks so far they have stole 300.00 dollars from me my biggest hit was over sixty dollars from one order. this is jsut sad. but who do we turn to

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  • Ro
    rose winlock Sep 28, 2009

    the same happen to me. i was never late, never over the limit always paid more then was required. i feel sorry for people people who was away from home on vacation and needed their cards for food, hotel and transportation. the only answer i received was that the account was closed immediately for everyone. they closed it after they received that payment. now i just received notice that aspen is closing their accounts and i immediately cancel their payment let them feel what we are going through.

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Tribute Credit CardTerrible experience

Lots of Tribute cardholders are suddenly complaining that they are having their accounts canceled for bogus reasons. My own account was canceled today because they said I was 2 days late on my payment. I have never been late, never been over limit. My payment was mailed 10 days in advance of the due date.

There are TONS of people complaining about the same treatment all of a sudden on the web. There are also posts by insiders claiming that Tribute is going down the tubes and looking for any reason possible to close accounts.

If you have a Tribute account, be forewarned! It isn't going to be around long.

  • Bi
    billie jo williams Oct 31, 2008

    Your web billing tells me a certain amount is due and than if I call on the phone and talk to one of you, you tell me a different amount is due and than you make me go over my limit. You do it to me, Your just making money off of us by not giving the correct info. I would not recommend this card to anyone. I will be making the payments to get it payed off and I will not be using it in the future.

    Billie Jo williams

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  • Ab
    A. Brooks Nov 24, 2008

    I wouldnt doubt that they are doing this, especially since they just cancelled all of their Salute Visa lines of credit as of 11/04/2008.

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  • Su
    Susie Nov 29, 2008

    I too was taken by Tribute Master Card. I recieved a collection notice saying that my account had been closed for being 21 bucks over my limit. I have always paid on time 3 or 4X the minimun payment. They did not even give me the opportunity to make a payment (it is due 3 weeks from today) before they revoked my privelidges. This is fraud as they charge $150 plus a $30 activation fee to start the account. Once they get the money from you, they close your account and bill you for the membership fees etc. TRIBUTE IS A SCAM!!!

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  • Ha
    Harold Nov 29, 2008


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  • Kw
    kwhit Sep 15, 2009

    Well i join the club they close my account i got non english speaking person that read off a script.Thier is no way i am i am going pay them off out of my checking account money order folks that way to go here .It funny how after that new law went it to effect all these fly bye night credit card companies are closing accounts right and left

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Tribute Credit CardFraud and cheating

I purchased the "Cardsafe" disability insurance, and unfortunately had to use was in effect until the annual fee was due. Even though "CardSafe" is purchased to hold off those fees until I was released back to work... I had sent a Physician's claim form in on 8/20/08... received a letter on 8/28/08 stating that I was approved on 8/28/08, which stated " Your request has been approved! Your obligations to make minimum payments has been deferred for 1 month. Then it says: While your obligation to make minimum payments has been deferred, any applicable fees including "CardSafe Product fees, over limit fees, late fees, annual fees, or other account fees will continue to be charged and finance charges will accrue on your account during the activation period. What the heck does the purchased protection protect? Then on 9/20/08 I receive a notice from Tribute stating that because my card had gone over the limit by 79.00, the card has been terminated and the full balance is now due. (incidentally, I had sent two payments to Tribute in August, just to help reduce the balance).

I call and get a older Spanish lady who does not understand English very well, and every time I asked a question or informed her of anything, or actually just said anything... she responded "your balance on your account is 579.00... please send in payment!" If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it, as my credit is just about ironed out after an tough point in 2001 that caused some bad entries on my credit report.

  • Sm
    SM Sep 26, 2008

    the same thing happened to me recently it seems so extreme! I am shocked.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Oct 11, 2008

    I had the same thing happen to me. They had just increased my credit and lowered my annual fee because I was such a "good customer" I also had paid twice in Sept and when I called the woman just kept repeating her mantra, customer service, BS so I hung up on her. It really makes me mad, but I have heard a lot of similar stories. I think they are closing down.

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  • Mg
    mgeisdorf May 15, 2009

    Please stay away from Tribute Credit Cards!! I have NEVER been late with a payment or been OVER CREDIT LIMIT with them. However, a couple of months ago, I noticed that someone has bought out my card balance. Not only that...but, $200.00 more than I owed. I called this morning to find out what the deal was. I was told by a woman that can't speak english well, " Your charging ability has been suspended." When I asked why, she stated "You are over limit and have several late fees, you didn't uphold the agreement". Well, to say the least, I was livid. I tried to explain that I never went over the limit and that I did not have late fees. I asked her to let me speak with a supervisor and she refused. This company is BOGUS!!! STAY AWAY!!! THEY DO NOT HELP YOU TO RE-ESTABLISH YOUR CREDIT!!! THEY DESTROY YOUR CREDIT~~~~THEY FALSELY REPORT TO THE CREDIT BUREAU~~~THERE GOES ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!!

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