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Thin TabsCollection Agency billing for canceled shipment!

On Nov 6, 2006, I ordered a sample of Thin Tabs. After reading their Terms and Conditions, I immediately submitted a customer support ticket to cancel the trial (and any subsequent) shipments. The terms and conditions said shipments could be canceled prior to credit card billing. Even though the ticket to cancel was submitted on Nov 6, 2006, they shipped the diet pills anyway and charged my credit card $149.95 on Nov 21, 2006. I returned them since the shipment should have been canceled (even though their terms say no returns ). I have proof of receipt. I disputed the charge with with my credit card company and they obtained a credit from the billing company for Thin Tabs (IP SUPREMESALES) for $149.95. Thin Tabs turned this over to a collection agency in Moon Township, PA where they do not speak English (and don't seem to comprehend it either). I provided proof of all the information (and the charge to my account) and they say that Thin Tabs provided proof of the debt. This has affected my credit rating - it's showing as a seriously overdue bill - which was never overdue. Thin Tabs terms and conditions say do not call them - go to their customer support website. The only time I actually got through the extension I was given was assigned to a vacant desk. I am seeing numerous complaints similar to mine under Bad Business How do I ever clear this up - calls to the collection agency are useless.

Thin TabsWhatever you do - don't try this product!

Someone in my household ordered a trial of these stupid pills, and after that, THEY JUST KEPT COMING!!! At the price of $149.95 !!!

I repeatedly contacted the company to cancel --to no avail. They just keep sending the stuff and billing me. I have actually had to cancel my cards and have new ones issued to stop them. And STILL have to repeatedly monitor my accounts and fill out paperwork for my bank showing where the stuff was not ordered and had been requested to cancel.

Whatever you do - don't try this product!

Thin TabsTurned into collection agency when I refused to pay for product never received

Took advantage of "free" samples and told representative that I did not want to continue in the program as I only took 2 capsules and had a very negative reaction. I was sent an email telling me that product was being shipped to me at which time I called their customer service and told them I did not want their product and I was told they would credit my account and cancel my "membership." I had been billed for the product and then a credit was issued the same day I contacted their customer service. I was then notified by the Post Office that I had a package from them which I refused to pick up and asked them to return to company. Several weeks later I was contacted by a collection agency demanding payment.

Thin Tabs — Unauthorized debits from my account

We ordered the 14 day "free" trial and just had to pay shipping. Within 3-4 days they had already taken...