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Terrence Brejla, Terry BrejlaLiar, Scam artist, theft, writes bad checks

I am the latest victim of Terrence Brejla, lies, deceit, manipulation, fraud, theft (writing a check out of my checking account without my knowledge), and all of the other behaviors mentioned in these complaints. I was lied to, written emails (crafted by him) and sent to me from a couple of different people he was impersonating and the list goes on. We had an agreement that I had signed and notarized by Myself and Mr. Brejla in April 20, 2012 of which he has failed to all the agreements outlined and agreed upon. Even checks written to myself and others as part of the arrangement/settlement bounced. He has now retained an attorney (with what $$?) according to an email I received (who knows who wrote the email) and when I went to check out someone with the same name and practice area, there are several posts about this allegid attorney that are less than stellar and the CA Bar Association has 2 charges pending against this person. I have asked him to verify his Bar # but so far have not heard back. Terrence claims to be some sort of PR/Marketing Exec for the last couple of years (yes, stupid me, I fell for way too many scams) and helped to craft several offer letters for him and then mysteriously the employment never materializes nor a copy of the executed document produced. He also claimed to have recently sold a large family estate producing several million dollars and wasted several real estate brokers time (and periodically mine) showing him property that he had no $$ to afford. When I found out that the house was actually sold in the 80's for a few thousand dollars. He still admitted that he had received/had a vast savings but when caught in the home sale lie, he said that he actually ghost wrote a book for someone . Beware that whatever he says need to be independently verified in before you take him at his word. He has gone so low as commit large sums of $$ to non-profits, a church and one very large university. He may try and disparage me, but if you check out my background vs. his, it is clean. Beware of this man and if you have any questions or concerns you can write me back via this email.

I thought I was fairly smart but he took advantage of me and has been controlling and manipulating my life for the past 2+ years... thank goodness he has gone. I understand has left his current residence in Sausalito but if anyone needs contact information, go onto LinkedIn and look up his profile Terrence Brejla. Men and women who he wants to befriend, do editing work for, write or to be hired, this is one person who does not know right from wrong and is a master manipulator, a liar and a thief. The current "excuse" for his wrong doings is some sort of brain seisures or tumor or whatever, and thus he doesn't know why he does these things, but I have no independent verification that it is true so beware.

Sadly, he has conned another woman into his life and I pray that she reads this and reaches out to me so that she can get out before getting sucked in and then the "crazymaking", the manipulation and keeping her isolated begins.

  • Jg
    jg26 Mar 08, 2009

    FilmFan469 is his new alias on, where he claims to be a widower and former senior advisor to Obama. This man is seriously sicko. Men and women, beware!

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  • An
    Anonymous_32 Nov 05, 2009

    I got a call from this guy today that sounded too good to be true. Now I know why. What a great service this is. I did check with the cops, and he is wanted under this name, but who knows what others he's using.

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  • Yo
    YouKnowWhoIamTerry Aug 18, 2012

    for more facts about Brejla's history, see
    There are court records documenting his scams going back DECADES.

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Terrence Brejla, Terry Brejla — FRAUD

Please refer to information on Complaints Board for Terry Brejla as this known con artist uses both names and several others.